Scared to Live

Scared to Live

Stephen Booth / Feb 25, 2020
Scared to Live Detective Constable Ben Cooper and Detective Sergeant Diane Fry must uncover the secrets of two grim murder scenes in England s Peak District one inexplicabled the other unspeakable How do you investi
  • Title: Scared to Live
  • Author: Stephen Booth
  • ISBN: 9780007172108
  • Page: 125
  • Format: Paperback
  • Detective Constable Ben Cooper and Detective Sergeant Diane Fry must uncover the secrets of two grim murder scenes in England s Peak District one inexplicabled the other unspeakable.How do you investigate the murder of a woman without a life That is the challenge facing Cooper and Fry when a reclusive agoraphobic is found shot to death in her home by someone who tooDetective Constable Ben Cooper and Detective Sergeant Diane Fry must uncover the secrets of two grim murder scenes in England s Peak District one inexplicabled the other unspeakable.How do you investigate the murder of a woman without a life That is the challenge facing Cooper and Fry when a reclusive agoraphobic is found shot to death in her home by someone who took an exceptional amount of care in executing her murder With no friends, no family, and virtually no contact with the outside world, the dead woman may have simply been an unlucky victim of a random homicide Or was she hiding from a past that had finally come out of hiding to kill her At virtually the same time, a raging house fire claims the life of a young mother and two of her children But as the debris is cleared, troubling questions remain in the ashes Among them, how did the fire start, where was the husband at two a.m the day of the blaze, and was it really the fire that killed his family Now, as Cooper faces the reemergence of a dark secret he d hoped to forget, and Fry copes with problems both personal and professional, a horrific possibility begins to take shape what if the two investigations are somehow connected A killer is stalking the Peak District whose motives are a mystery and whose methods are unpredictable And his next victims could very well be the only two cops who can stop him.
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        A former newspaper journalist, British author Stephen Booth is the creator of two young Derbyshire police detectives, Ben Cooper and Diane Fry, who have appeared in 17 crime novels, all set in and around England s Peak District The Cooper Fry series has won awards on both sides of the Atlantic, and Detective Constable Cooper has been a finalist for the Sherlock Award for the Best Detective created by a British author In 2003 the Crime Writers Association presented Stephen with the Dagger in the Library Award for the author whose books have given readers most pleasure The novels are sold all around the world, with translations in 16 languages The most recent titles are SECRETS OF DEATH and DEAD IN THE DARK, with a new book FALL DOWN DEAD due for publication in August 2018.In recent years, Stephen has become a Library Champion in support of the UK s Love Libraries campaign He s represented British literature at the Helsinki Book Fair in Finland, appeared with Alexander McCall Smith at the Melbourne Writers Festival in Australia, filmed a documentary for 20th Century Fox on the French detective Vidocq, taken part in online chats for World Book Day, taught crime writing courses, and visited prisons to talk to prisoners about writing.


    1. Typical of this series the first 12 chapters introduce a plethora of characters to the extent that it is difficult to keep up with them and then the investigation proceeds with a number of obvious questions unanswered ie where did Rose Shepherd get an income, what is the provenance of the Bulgarian detective and others Sgt Fry is determined that the husband set the house fire and does not consider the evidence already given, very frustrating especially as the book the darts to an end again leavi [...]

    2. The main problem I had with this book was the payoff It was too far fetched and stretched credulity Normally, this would result in a one or two star rating, but I gave it three stars because I simply love DC Cooper.The story starts out with two separate crimes 1 a woman Rose Shepherd is found dead in her home, shot twice through her bedroom window by a sniper and 2 a mother Lindsay Mullen and her two children die in a house fire.DC Cooper is investigating the first one, DS Fry the second one Of [...]

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    4. After reading mysteries of varying quality by writers unknown to me, it was a pleasure a comforting, familiar pleasure to pick up where I had left off in Stephen Booth s Cooper and Fry series several months ago I devoured it.Then I lay back, somnolent from total satiation That can be the only reason I took so long to write this review, for the book is good In the previous books in this series, there had been much about Fry s or Cooper s personal stories woven throughout the mysteries, with angst [...]

    5. Although I enjoyed this latest in the Cooper and Fry series, and will be awaiting the next quite eagerly, I foundScared to Live a bit disappointing Perhaps it s because I figured out the Big Surprise at the end of the book several chapters in advance The book deals with the murder of a mysterious, reclusive woman, to which Cooper is assigned, and also with the arson death of a woman and two children, which Fry investigates Not surprisingly, the cases turn out to be related, and both have a conne [...]

    6. The thing I most liked about this book was the setting areas of Derbyshire that I know fairly well and which are well described The Police procedure was authentic as well, and overall the plot was well worked out.However, it fell down a bit on the details, especially in regard to the forensics It s perhaps because I know too much about the subject, but I m disappointed to find a crucial plot point hung on an unlikely forensic recovery I won t go into the details, not wishing to spoil it for anyo [...]

    7. This book was OK There was a good plot, but it was revealed in an incoherent way, I felt Why, for example, did we have a car exploded in the main street It seems to have been just a distraction I also found the detectives mannerisms a little intrusive Perhaps if I had read the previous books in the series, it might have helped with that, but as often happens, I jumped in to a series in the middle I also felt that the eventual killers were not totally plausible I don t see me reading the other bo [...]

    8. Two separate murder incidents occur within a week of one another in the quiet English Peak District backcountry Are they connected This is the second Booth police procedural I ve read and it s every bit as good as the first The characters are extremely well drawn, the setting vividly rendered, and the police appropriately fallable They go down many blind alleys before arriving at the solution This is a mystery to get lost in until the satisfying and surprising conclusion.

    9. This British police procedural has always been better than average, but this latest entry became a little tedious in the middle It needs better pacing.

    10. Originally posted here.You can start reading the series with this book, but I really think you should first get to know the characters through the first book, Black Dog Scared to Live is not really fast paced, but it is definitely thrilling There are twists and turns and unexpected outcomes, but they are not all there is The book is set in the fictional Peak District town of Edendale and are filled with picturesque descriptions of the countryside It revolves around the lives of two Derbyshire de [...]

    11. I read this book because I have a sore back and was in bed for a day yesterday I don t regret reading it but I think it is only fair to warn people that this was possibly the most unrealistic crime novel plot I have ever come across I say fair but that makes me sound altruistic the real reason is that I am still slightly sore and have nothing much to do so I did this review Otherwise I would have just put this aside as experience learned, sore back day over, forget that awful plot.And I do mean [...]

    12. After being slightly disappointed with the previous installment in the series, I liked this one better where The Dead Place was somewhat muddled and indecisive about where it wanted to go, Scared to Live is firmly focused on the mystery, with the personal life of Cooper and Fry taking place mostly in the novel s background Which, paradoxically, leads to time spend with some I think of all the seven novels so far, this one is the one with the least points of view, the narrative straying only ver [...]

    13. 7 Ben Cooper Diane Fry police procedural mystery set in the Peak District of the UK Two major cases are plaguing the local cop shop a house fire that killed a mother and her two children, determined later to be arson, and thus murder, and the professional style killing of a sixty ish reclusive woman in a small neighboring village No one really knew Rose Shepherd, as she d moved in just 10 months previously and kept herself to herself as they say Her history and paper trail was very brief, but Be [...]

    14. More like 3.5 starsStephen Booth s Cooper Fry mysteries are uneven some I ve liked a lot, some not so much I liked Scared to Live better than the last one I read, partly because Fry, always difficult, is less waspish and irascible in this one Cooper, as always, provides the calm and empathetic element, but he has some concerns of his own.The murder of Rose Shepherd, a recluse, and a house fire that kills a mother and two of her young children initially have no connection Eventually, however, the [...]

    15. The murder of a reclusive woman and the death of a mother and two children in a fire form the core of this seventh entry in this series.There were several turns they weren t abrupt enough or surprising enough to qualify as twists that kept the story interesting One of them I suspected at least in part before it appeared, one I didn t.I was a bit disappointed in this book While reading, I found myself asking, Why didn t you ask this question earlier on several occasions It seemed as if Cooper and [...]

    16. Superior crime novel with two detectives Ben Cooper from a farming family some issues with mental health in the family and the hard nosed Diane Fry Utter loaner Dont find out too much about either of them.The story is good, pace upbeat and unusually for a crime novel we are as much in the dark as the detectives investigating There is no back story just their on going work as they try to unravel the murder of a harmless, reclusive old lady sniper rifle and the death of three members of the same f [...]

    17. The Peak District discovers that crime is now international Two unrelated cases an arson killing a mother and two boys, and a shooting of a reclusive woman turn out to have common roots in Bulgaria First the local investigations have to be carried out, with a grief stricken husband coming under suspicion and a lonely woman s wanderings being retraced Detectives Fry and Cooper have less personal time than usual but they each meditate on change Ben Cooper sees the farmers being forced out of work [...]

    18. 7 in Stephen Booth s Cooper and Fry series set in the Peak District of England This is a wondrous series and I m catching up on the books I ve missed We read discussed the first in the series, Black Dog, many years back with the Mystery Book Group Fabulous beginning to the series.I m a bit than half way through and I m really enjoying it a lot This is a twisty plot with a lot of pieces in motion Of course Stephen has all of them under control so I m just enjoying the ride What a great series he [...]

    19. I have read the Ben Cooper Diane Fry books in order so far Some I really liked and some I liked The characters are interesting and well developed but seem either too slow moving on or incapable of getting out of a very old rut The two depend on each other almost for existence, and yet, their relationship is fraught with land minesually ones Diane has hidden and Ben trods on This story has almost too many twists and turns A reader of mysteries loves puzzles but sometimes there are just too many p [...]

    20. Another in the Fry Cooper police series set in the Peak District and it is just as interesting and complex as those that have gone before it A reclusive woman is shot dead through the window of her home and the police can t find anything of a personal nature about the victim except her namee talked to no one, she didn t leave the house, and she was a mystery to her neighbors No motive is apparent Meanwhile across town, a fire destroys a house and kills a young mother and two of her three childre [...]

    21. Scared to Live is the seventh in a series of crime novels by Steven Booth, following detectives Diane Fry and Ben Cooper This is my first time reading the series and I found Sergeant Fry and Cooper to be an enjoyable team to follow The story however falls flat with an overabundance of imagery, creating page after page of detail on something you don t even care about The story itself is far fetched, and with each page the story becomes absurd I wanted to like this book, the characters were inter [...]

    22. Booth is another of those British authors who have a series of books with the same police officers in them and his are always a treat to read I was sure that I had read than one of his books during my 2015 reading challenge but it appears that I have only read Dancing with the Virgins This is 7 in the Cooper and Fry series and it was great entertainment He has a way of telling a story that I really enjoy and the endings are never what you really would expect I am now on the hunt for as many oth [...]

    23. This is the first Cooper and Fry I have read and I hope it won t be the last It has a great sense of place I vaguely know the Cromford Matlock area The old Arkwright mill at the former which features in the book always struck me as a very gloomy place The opening premise of the recluse being shot dead and the police having no way of identifying her is interesting There is a second thread about a family killed in a suspicious house fire and the way these two threads slowly come together is very w [...]

    24. Three separate murders and a potentially suspicious death Add to that a baby adopted illegally from Bulgaria and what do you get A very well written book as usual but a host of red herrings that weren t all explained Throw in the role of the Bulgarian police office, the father of one of the murder victims and the coincidentally murderous neighbour and it was all a but much for me I would like to enjoy this series but I m flagging a bit After seven novels DS Diane Fry remains unlikeable and as f [...]

    25. I gave this a poor rating because it was far too long What started out as a very intriguing mystery became bogged down with too many elements Cooper and Fry are likeable, but without the standout qualities of intersting protagonists like Rankin s D.I Rebus or Robinson s Banks, or Grafton s P.i Millhone They are rather generic, one prickly, one soulful, not interesting enough to carry us when the plot falters There is not enough plot in this book for 600 pages and Mr Booth s editor would do well [...]

    26. The was the first Fry and Cooper novel that I ve actually read I listened to all the others The plotting is amazing as usual and I love the characters but it takes too long, there s too much stuff too wade through Some of it is interesting but a lot of it makes me want to fast forward to the good bits if you know what I mean If the narrative moved faster I would happily rate all Booths Fry and Cooper novels as four out of five It s a minor criticism really I really recommend Booth s crime fictio [...]

    27. The book is not the best DC Ben Cooper and DS Fry mystery I ve read but it is well worth reading The author weaves together several ongoing investigations that the team must juggle as they try to find the killer of Rose Shepard a harmless middle aged woman and the arsonist who killed a woman and two children in a house fire Other investigations interfere an investigator from Europe is sent to assist but distracts Fry s concentration from her job Stephen Booth always delivers a good story He neve [...]

    28. This is the first book in Stephen Booth s Cooper and Fry Series about two British Detectives and also the first Cooper and Fry mystery I had read The plot is a beautifully crafted who done it, with enough twists and turns to keep me totally engaged to the very end Both characters and plots are well developed which I am sure fans already are aware of I will definitely have the rest of this series on my too read list, as I am a true British Mystery fan thanks to PBS which introduced me to the fine [...]

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