Not Quite the Classics

Not Quite the Classics

Colin Mochrie / Jun 04, 2020
Not Quite the Classics Colin Mochrie a man known worldwide for working without a script has penned a collection of stories destined to make its own mark in the literary community Borrowing from a well known improve game
  • Title: Not Quite the Classics
  • Author: Colin Mochrie
  • ISBN: 9780670066575
  • Page: 170
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Colin Mochrie, a man known worldwide for working without a script, has penned a collection of stories destined to make its own mark in the literary community Borrowing from a well known improve game, Mochrie takes the first and last lines from familiar classics and reimagines everything in between With the same engaging humour he exhibits on stage, television, and film,Colin Mochrie, a man known worldwide for working without a script, has penned a collection of stories destined to make its own mark in the literary community Borrowing from a well known improve game, Mochrie takes the first and last lines from familiar classics and reimagines everything in between With the same engaging humour he exhibits on stage, television, and film, he takes the reader in bizarre and hilarious new directions, using the original writer s words as a launch and landing point Imagine A Tale of Two Cities in which Wile E Coyote gets his revenge on the Road Runner, Dr Seuss s The Cat in the Hat with zombies, or The Night Before Christmas with a time travelling twist Imagine Sherlock Holmes devising a foolproof method for eliciting laughter and then taking the stage at a Victorian comedy club in Old London.This inspired collection is comical, quirky, and clever classic Mochrie.
    Not QUITE The Classics When I first hear he was taking the Whose Line is it Anyway approach to a short story collection with Not Quite the Classics, I knew I was going to have to read it A Study in Ha Ha opens the collection with a Sherlock Holmes homage so absurd, so inconceivable, it works astoundingly well In it, Holmes decides to make a study of jokes, with the Not Quite Series book series Kindle Edition I first read the Not Quite Series in August and re read the entire series as each new book was released After purchasing the latest release Not Quite Crazy , I have reacquainted myself with the Morrisons and the Fairchilds a total of four times since I love them all Catherine Bybee is truly an exceptional author. The Not Quite States of America Dispatches from the The Not Quite States of America is an entertaining account of the territories place in the USA, and it raises fascinating questions about the nature of empire As Mack shows, the territories aren t mere footnotes to American history they are a crucial part of the story. Not quite Idioms by The Free Dictionary Not exactly A Are you promoting me B Not quite, but if you do well in this new position, I think you will get promoted in the future I m an A student, so of course I m not quite pleased to get an A Not quite the thing Idioms by The Free Dictionary not quite the thing Not considered socially acceptable, respectable, or appropriate Primarily heard in UK She found herself pregnant without being married, which was not quite the thing for a lady in Victorian England. Not Quite White White Trash and the Boundaries of Matt Wray s Not Quite White is a richly textured social history of how and why the nation has come to conceive, categorize, and routinely vilify that part of its population known as white trash Because this subject has rarely been the focus of systematic scholarly inquiry, that alone would be a
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        Colin Mochrie Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Not Quite the Classics book, this is one of the most wanted Colin Mochrie author readers around the world.


    1. If you re even a casual fan of Colin Mochrie, then you already know that he is a funny, funny man He has a peculiar sort of humor, blending Canadian stereotypical politeness with an often surprising edge, but he is as clever as he is frantic When I first hear he was taking the Whose Line is it Anyway approach to a short story collection with Not Quite the Classics, I knew I was going to have to read it.A Study in Ha Ha opens the collection with a Sherlock Holmes homage so absurd, so inconceivabl [...]

    2. Canadian author Colin Mochrie s reimaginings of classic fiction, from old nursery rhymes to 20th century picture books, are hilarious and very creative.

    3. If you are at all familiar with who Colin Mochrie is you won t be surprised to hear that the stories are funny, quirky, and sometimes just plain weird Mochrie is that joking Canadian who stars on Who s Line is it Anyways and is also a part of the This Hour Has 22 Minutes The Classic Canadian political satire show anyone , so he has the chops to make people laughbut, you ask, does his humour translate well onto the written page For the most part, yes And, to my surprise his overall writing skills [...]

    4. Colin Mochrie, famous for his improv, has put his talent into story format and written a book Not Quite the Classics is not quite literature but is full of a dozen rollicking good yarns Each story starts with the first sentence of a classic piece of literature and ends with its last sentence These are printed in bold so the reader knows when they start and stop In between those appropriated words are rambling pieces of comedic buffoonery that could only come from the mind of Colin Mochrie I read [...]

    5. YAY I VE REACHED 500 BOOKS READ ON cue confetti and fireworks and explosions DAB Now, I ve been a fan of Colin Mochrie ever since I discovered Whose Line is it Anyway , and for those of you that don t know that show, first off, move out of that rock you re living in Anyway, WLiiA is a improv comedy show where four improv comics are given certain scenarios, objects or even impressions of famous people and make a quick scene with it Colin Mochrie OWNED every episode with his quick, witty, and some [...]

    6. Colin Mochrie is best known for being a master of improvisational comedy By his own admission he went into improv because he does not like to work One of the reasons I became an improvisor was so that my workload would be light I don t have to learn lines or go for wardrobe fittings I just need a stage and someone to work with When encouraged to write a book he balked after all how can you translate improv into the written word and it sounded like a lot of work Unrelenting, he was challenged to [...]

    7. That s it, I m now sure that there s nothing Colin Mochrie could do that I wouldn t love and laugh hysterically at Seriously, this man is absolutely brilliant I had to listen to this audiobook only at home, alone, so I wouldn t end up in a straightjacket, laughing by myself on the train There s no way to control yourself while listening to Colin himself read these stories This book is dangerous Be prepared to laugh like you ve never laughed before with a book

    8. I didn t read every story in this book, some were just too long or not funny The ones I liked were really good though, especially the Night Before Christmas one, lol Did I laugh out loud, not really, but I did giggle a few times This book wasn t what I was expecting but I m glad I gave it a go.

    9. I borrowed this book from my local book It was a good comedy fiction book of stories that were classic stories with his comedic twist on them I enjoyed reading it I also enjoyed when he stared in the improve show on TV called whose line is it anyway I liked that show.

    10. Some stories were better than others I liked the idea about using first and last lines of classic stories I enjoyed the Night before Christmas poem quite funny.

    11. I ordered this book once I found out that it was for sale I began watching Whose Line Is It Anyway before it was ABC when Colin Mochrie was on the BBC version The man is hilarious And so is this book I have only found his spin off on The Great Gatsby to be a little long and hard to follow, but I was half asleep when I read it Colin Mochrie did an amazing job of writing funny stories, just as he does an amazing job on Whose Line Is It Anyway I have been laughing ever since I bought this book, sta [...]

    12. A creative tour de force, with imaginative storytelling and a wit like no other, Colin Mochire makes for an amazing selection of short stories based off of classic literature that most anyone is sure to enjoy.

    13. Might have rated this as 1.5 stars if it were available Mochrie tried, so I give him credit, but where s the humor I never smiled once.

    14. Originally posted on JustALilLostPerhaps most well known for his improv on Whose Line Is It Anyway , Colin Mochrie tries his hand at some writing a book by taking the improv game of first line, last line and using that as a prompt to write his own versions of some classic tales Mochrie tackles the likes of Great Gatsby to Fahrenheit 451 to The Cat in the Hat.Colin Mochrie is an incredibly talented comedian, having watched him on both the U.K and U.S version of Whose Line Is It Anyway His zany hu [...]

    15. est Bits I m a huge fan of Whose Line is it Anyway so much so that my friends and I have definitely played their games during parties , so I already knew that I appreciated Mochrie s brand of humor I was pleasantly surprised by what I found written within each story Each begins and ends with a line from a classic story, some are written in prose, and each equally amazing A Tale of Two Critters will bring up some familiar characters, and while I was reading it I was freaking out to another friend [...]

    16. Colin Mochrie is a great Canadian, if you didn t know improv comedian, of course If you haven t seen his work, look up Whose Line Is It Anyway on YouTube And the idea of this book is great take the first and last lines of a famous book, and make up everything in between.And he does some clever things with the premise For example, he adds a comma to the first line of the famous American Classic important, but, in my opinion, long and boring you should read an abridged version or a summary instead [...]

    17. To see my full review bookvacations.wordpress 20I loved Colin Mochrie in Whose Line is it Anyway That was such a great show, and I had high hopes for this novel because of it I m not really a classics fan myself, so I was looking forward to this wild spin that Mochrie puts on them However, these tales didn t really do anything for me I didn t find them funny, as I d hoped to, and in the end, the entire compilation really just felt like a group of random short stories by one author My favorite of [...]

    18. I love Who s Line, I ve been a fan of all the varieties and flavors of the show I ve seen Colin perform live, and he s amazing So when I happened to, by sheer accident, see this book on netgalley I KNEW I had to grab a review copy, cause, you know, I love Colin.Now, I don t read humor books, heck I don t even read comic strips but I do love classics, and I do love Colin, so I thought I d LOVE this bookat being said, I didn t love this book.Like any other book of short stories, some are much much [...]

    19. I won this book through First Reads, and was definitely excited to get started on it.To start off, my largest complaint about this collection is that it was too short While the stories themselves were the right sizes for what was be told, there were not enough of them It only took me a day to read, and I really didn t want this book to end.With that being said, I really did enjoy this book Not only were all the stories clever, they were each uniquely written and played out completely different f [...]

    20. I m not usually a fan of books by stand up comedians I find the translation from stage to page just lacks something I m looking at you, Jerry Seinfeld s Letters From A Nut But Colin Mochrie has written a very funny book with Not Quite The Classics The premise is an improv riff on famous novels and stories Colin takes the first and last line from a famous book or story like Rebecca or Moby Dick and then fills in the rest The Cat In The Hat becomes a Seuss like rhyme about zombies There are storie [...]

    21. I received this book from a Giveaway 3.5 starsMochrie s bookNot Quite the Classics is a collection of short stories in which the first and last sentences of well known pieces of literature are taken and an entirely different story is created I thought this concept was intriguing and made for very humorous stories full of great characters and interesting plots I was expecting this book to be funny, which it was, but I did not think the author would be such an eloquent writer The writing style dif [...]

    22. WHY DIDN T I LOVE THIS BOOK I love the premise, I love Colin Mochrie, but it all was just blah for me I even listened to it on audiobook, thinking Mochrie s voice would really add to it, but that didn t help This book was kind of a chore to get through I m thinking that I m just not cut out for comedy literature, it never really hits home for me It also doesn t help that I prefer novels over short stories 99% of the time.Some of the stories were really clever and fun, and others were less so Mos [...]

    23. When I found out that Colin Mochrie had written a book based on the game First Line, Last Line using classic stories, I was sold What I love about collections of short stories is being able to read stories at your own pace without getting so engrossed, you feel the need to finish the novel despite not having the time This book was great because each story was able to bring a smile to your face Sure there were some stories that dragged wasn t fond of the Great Gatsby inspiration but other stories [...]

    24. I received a copy through first reads.When I first saw that Colin Mochrie had written a book I was so excited to read it because I was a huge fan of Whose Line is it Anyway It was one of the funniest shows On TV But I don t think improv talents really translate well into written form.The short stories were really creative and fun to read, but I was expecting to laugh and laugh while I was reading this The only time that I laughed out loud was when I got to the one based on Daphne Du Maurier s Re [...]

    25. 4.5 out of 5 starsColin Mochrie is a comedian and was on Whose Line Is It Anyway He is a hilarious person and I was so excited to read his book Colin uses the first and last lines of pieces of classic literature and fills in the blanks with his own imagination The stories go from reasonable to outrageous quickly I don t recommend reading this in a public place, as you will have to restrain yourself from laughing out loud I would recommend this book to anyone with a sense of humor, even those tha [...]

    26. I ve always been a huge fan of humor and the classics, and I m the biggest Whose Line fan you ever did see So when I found out that Colin was writing a book involving two of my favorite subjects, I was ecstatic And boy, did he deliver I was laughing all throughout this, though I was amazed to see that Colin can prove himself an amazingly poignant writer for some of the most zany of concepts I would absolutely recommend this book It s something I definitely see myself reading again.Favorite stori [...]

    27. I love Colin Mochrie He s hilarious And Canadian I really wanted to like this book Unfortunately, I don t Most of the stories were not funny And even at just a few pages long, they were hard to actually finish Out of the 12 stories, I enjoyed 5 But that type of enjoy that only lasts while reading the story knowing it will be the only time it s read.I think Richard Simmons praise, I love Colin I love his voice I love his lips I love his eyeballs His pecs And the rest of him I m going to Paris wit [...]

    28. This collection is a mixed bag As with improvisational comedy, sometimes you strike comedy gold, and other times you just get a chunk of pyrite.Going into this expecting pure comedy is likely to lead to a bit of disappointment not every story here is funny, nor do they seem meant to be unless I missed out on some of the jokes As for the humor, some of Colin Mochrie s comic genius appears here, but you also get some recycled bits already done on Whose Line and others that might have been best lef [...]

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