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Plague THE DEADLIEST DISEASE IN HISTORY A lethal pathogen appears on the Hawaiian island of Oahu Dr Samantha Bower of the Centers for Disease Control is handed the case and assigned to investigate its contai
  • Title: Plague
  • Author: Victor Methos
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  • Page: 166
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • THE DEADLIEST DISEASE IN HISTORY A lethal pathogen appears on the Hawaiian island of Oahu Dr Samantha Bower of the Centers for Disease Control is handed the case and assigned to investigate its containment and origins A MYSTERIOUS FIGURE WHO ISN T WHAT HE APPEARS TO BE Dr Bower finds a microorganism unlike any she has run across in her lifetime The symptomTHE DEADLIEST DISEASE IN HISTORY A lethal pathogen appears on the Hawaiian island of Oahu Dr Samantha Bower of the Centers for Disease Control is handed the case and assigned to investigate its containment and origins A MYSTERIOUS FIGURE WHO ISN T WHAT HE APPEARS TO BE Dr Bower finds a microorganism unlike any she has run across in her lifetime The symptomology points her to the most destructive disease in human history One man has offered her help A man with insight into the disease who reveals nothing about himself or his past THE WORLD ON THE EDGE OF A CLIFF Dr Bower discovers that there are forces at work she can t understand All applying pressure to use the chaos of an epidemic to their advantage But there is one thing she is certain of humanity may soon be an endangered species .
    Plague Definition of Plague by Merriam Webster Plague definition is a disastrous evil or affliction calamity How to use plague in a sentence Synonym Discussion of plague. Plague CDC Nov , Plague is a disease that affects humans and other mammals It is caused by the bacterium, Yersinia pestis.Humans usually get plague after being bitten by a rodent flea that is carrying the plague bacterium or by handling an animal infected with plague. plague Definition, Symptoms, History Britannica Plague, infectious disease caused by Yersinia pestis, a bacterium transmitted from rodents to humans by the bite of infected fleas Plague has caused some of the most devastating epidemics in history It was the disease behind the Black Death of the th century, when as Plague Definition of Plague at Dictionary Plague definition, an epidemic disease that causes high mortality pestilence See . Plague Symptoms and causes Mayo Clinic Plague Black Death Definition, Symptoms, Types Plague is a vector borne infectious disease caused by the bacteria known as Yersinia pestis Plague has a high fatality rate, and people have described outbreaks of the bacterial infection for centuries In the Middle Ages, plague was known as the Black Death It caused the death of % of the population of Europe during a pandemic an The Plague Types, Causes Symptoms The plague is a serious bacterial infection that can be deadly Sometimes referred to as the black plague, the disease is caused by a bacterial strain called Yersinia pestis.This bacterium Bubonic Plague Symptoms, Causes, Treatment, Prevention Bubonic plague This is the most common type It causes buboes, which are very swollen and painful lymph nodes under the arms, in the neck, or in the groin Without treatment, the bacteria can
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        Victor Methos knew he would be a lawyer at the age of 13, when his best friend was interrogated by the police for over eight hours and gave a confession to a crime he didn t commit From that time forward, criminal law was in Methos s sights After abandoning a doctorate in philosophy to pursue his childhood dream of becoming a defense lawyer, Methos graduated from the University of Utah School of Law After graduation, wanting to learn the true practice of law rather than what the law schools taught, he worked for a special kind of lawyer, the kind with neon signs up front that did anything and everything to win for their clients Afterward, he sharpened his teeth as a prosecutor for Salt Lake City before founding a law firm that would become the most successful criminal defense firm in Utah In ten years, Methos conducted over 100 trials, with only two losses under his belt in that time One particular case of a father who shot his daughter s rapists stuck with him, and he knew he had to write the story It became the basis for his first major bestseller, The Neon Lawyer Since that time, Methos has focused his work on legal thrillers and mysteries and produced two books per year He currently splits his time between Salt Lake City and Las Vegas, and continues to defend the poor and the weak against the strong and the powerful.


    1. I picked this up for free on my kindle as the title interested me, and well, it was free To be honest I wasn t expecting anything spectacular, I mean if the book is being given away for nothing its best not to have high expectations, but I was pleasantly surprised.Methos has a masterful way of building suspense and I found the themes explored in the book to be really interesting I love a good disaster story, but only if its done right and constructed in a believable way And this was I found myse [...]

    2. I found the story started off strong a tour guide in Peru falls prey to an unknown pathogen and then through the human interaction of modern society it reaches the United States Hawaii After the epidemic starts however things start getting a bit average and predictable, then the author starts mentioning God at random intervals and one point stating that humans naturally would all rape and kill without God Never mind the millions of people throughout history killed and or tortured in the name of [...]

    3. Easy read of a medical thriller set primarily in South America and Hawaii, Plague was fairly straightforward and simple to follow, with no random side stories or confusing relationship issues to sort out The author writes well, in a clear just the facts style that is a nice change from many of the current crop of writers.What you see is what you get in this novel about a deadly virus that is killing patients with breakneck speed before the CDC has a prayer of getting a handle on it Sadly, becaus [...]

    4. okay so i got to 80% of this book before giving up a record since books that disinterest me usually get abandoned earlier but for all its flaws i wanted to keep skimming for the graphic descriptions of dead or sick people vomiting black gross bruises stuff like that then i couldn t get over the weird portrayal of asshole men not dislikable characters mind you i love those it just didn t seem to be written in a way that they were supposed to be disliked but three was 1 duncan, a man who keeps a w [...]

    5. This is a great trilogy about what happens when a new hot virus with no treatment or cure emerges from the forests of Peru and makes its way to Oahu, Hawaii and then the mainland Will humankind be eradicated

    6. I seem to really be enjoying medical thrillers at the moment this book was a real page turner Unlike most other medical thrillers I have read, it got going very quickly, with intriguing characters and a gripping plot from the first chapter The writer is very skilled in his craft He chose vocabulary that was easy to read, enabling you to speed through the pages, but without being overly simplistic, which would have made me enjoy the book less The threat itself was described in a way that made it [...]

    7. Terrifying, violent, and disgusting horrible choice on my part but not the book s fault Plus points for interesting premise, making me ponder ethical quandaries on a societal scale, and strong female lead Minus many points for terrible ending with loss of momentum, various plot points developed for seemingly no reason, and female lead being rescued by male characters on multiple occasions spoiler alert Including at the end of the book when she and her unnecessary love interest are seen getting o [...]

    8. This was a mediocre book 2.5 stars I expected it to be about a resurgence of the bubonic plague, but it wasn t That made me sad You have to understand that I m a huge fan of anything bubonic I know it sounds awful, but it s one of my favorite topics along with Erzsebet Bathory, and Architeuthis the giant squid So when I realized that this was really just a far fetched book with no bubonic plague and not even a giant squid that might have made the book interesting since much of it took place und [...]

    9. Predictable and flat I was drawn in by an interesting premise I have always been interested in epidemiology , but disappointed by a predictable plot, clunky writing that veered from overly specific product placement, use of medical terminology without any possible explanation for the layman reader, glaring plot holes and a large, two dimensional cast I don t mind authors using medical terms if they provide context or explanation, but throwing out there in a lame attempt to add veracity to the wo [...]

    10. I think this is a very well written account of a epidemic event I d have given it 5 stars if it wasn t for an ending that truly sucked Do I recommend this book to others Sure But be ready for an ending that just doesn t sew up the main plotline of the book, only the subplot.Despite this flaw, a fatal one in many books, Plague still has a lot to recommend it I really liked the way that Methos draws his characters and his descriptions of events comes across as quite vivid and plausible Even when t [...]

    11. I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book and struggled to put it down There was so much suspense that I didn t want to stop until I was finished reading it The ending did seem to be rushed and kind of left me wondering, what happens next Was the virus contained or is it still infecting people in South America, Hawaii, or even the United States However, it was something that made me think about life and how quickly it can change How one outbreak can spread like wildfire I would definitely recommend [...]

    12. What ifWhat if one man s exposure to a communicable disease exposed the whole world How would you stop it from spreading Complete madness This book was extremely thought provoking I liked it It was just insane enough to keep me flipping through the pages By madness and insane, I don t mean unrealistic I mean a very creative, well written story.

    13. Kindle freebie Easy read Pretty straight forward Had a decent build up then it ended like running into a brick wall No, not painful or strange, but rather a quick end If you have a kindle download it.

    14. DNF, stopped at Chapter 13 I love medical thrillers, even the cheesiest ones, but that was no thriller at all Exposition all along meant that there was no suspense, it s all she does this and he did that All the talks about the weather and other irrelevant stuff slowed things down and made it hard for me to dive into the story The MC is not interesting whatsoever, and you re pretty much told everything about her without really ever getting into her head The whole medical side of things isn t ver [...]

    15. An Unidentified Plague Threatens Civilization Wow This is, indeed, a thriller an awesome medical thriller It appears be be a new genre popular legal thriller author, Victor Methos, is expanding to Samantha Bower of the Centers for Disease Control is handed a case A lethal pathogen is found on the Hawaiian island of Oahu She determines the microorganism is the most destructive disease in human history the worst serial killer of all time first called Black Pox Humanity may soon be an endangered sp [...]

    16. Liked the beginning and thought it would be a good read The longer I read it, the less I thought I d even make it to the end I d already reserved the author s next 2 books from Kindle Unlimited It just wasn t believable Too much religion unnecessarily thrown in Definitely didn t understand that or why it was tossed in If this is the way our Government and the CDC work, I understand why it s a good idea to be a prepper The I read, the less I liked the characters as they were portrayed So unbelie [...]

    17. Fascinating thrillerThis story combines the best and the worst of mankind as we identify and battle a terrible new virus What is worse, the disease or our government s reaction to it Can you trust those around you This is a fascinating medical thriller.

    18. Samantha, a biogenetist with CDC, goes to Hawaii when she hears there is an u known pathogen with slightly different symptoms than any previous one vomiting blood, bleeding from any openings, blistering, extremely contagious As she tries to learn about the pathogen we learn what happens to a community when there are no controls.Interesting, scary, story of what might happen.

    19. This is a review from All The Things Inbetween Blog.I have had a yen for some time for a good medical thriller I love Richard Preston and Michael Crichton, both names have a reputation that is hard to measure up to Plague was a very good choice though Victor Methos has my number As is common in trilogies and series the main character has a Scooby Gang and they are pitted against the world Dr Sam Bower and her sidekick Duncan Adams, a doctor who d prefer you stick with calling him a microbiologis [...]

    20. Title PlagueAuthor Victor MethosAvailble Kindle ebook only, , 2.99Synopsis from THE DEADLIEST DISEASE IN HISTORY .A lethal pathogen appears on the Hawaiian island of Oahu Dr Samantha Bower of the Centers for Disease Control is handed the case and assigned to investigate its containment and origins.A MYSTERIOUS FIGURE WHO ISN T WHAT HE APPEARS TO BE .Dr Bower finds a microorganism unlike any she has run across in her lifetime The symptomology points her to the most destructive disease in human h [...]

    21. What if something new creeped out of the jungle, or hitch hiked along with an eco tourist, and the world had no idea what it was or how to handle it.Dr Samantha Bower of the CDC, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in Atlanta, received such a call She was sent to Oahu, the largest of the Hawaiian Islands, to identify and contain an outbreak of a previously unidentified pathogen Also on site is Duncan Adams of USAMRID, United States Army Medical Research Institute of Infection Diseases He [...]

    22. Dustin Hoffman never showed up with an antidote for those people infected with the plague The plot was murky, the characters were not well defined, but otherwise the author s writing mechanics were good The reviews that I read were either high or low.The CDC and USAMRIID were called to Hawaii to identify a germ that was killing people very quickly Neither group could identify the germ so no antidote or vaccine could be administered The root, or index, could not be identified and containment was [...]

    23. Love this book Sam and Duncan are my favorite characters.I loved the suspense The author made it feel like it was really happening I can t wait to read the next book.

    24. PlagueFirst, I know that this is a trilogy I really enjoyed this book No, it wasn t a feel good book This book is definitely a medical mystery drama I loved the plot There is a strong female character It amazes me how a contagion could start in an jungle then end up in Hawaii and California I like the mystery of having to back track to find patient 0 It s scary to think how easily a virus can spread from 1 person to another True, nature will find away This book although fiction could easily beco [...]

    25. MAY CONTAIN SPOILERS 3.75 Stars Interesting One word to describe the book as a whole Confusing One word to describe the ending I don t know if I got confused because it was 3 00 in the morning as I was trying to finish the book or because it was genuinely confusing I didn t necessarily understand who did it I realize that it was the hitman or whoever from the beginning but why I don t think they ever really explained what motive he had for doing it Something was mentioned about how other nations [...]

    26. It was a great concept and warning People have said in other reviews that there was a similar book kind of like this but author wrote from the NOW time and it s not a huge leap to a real news story I am on same page as author, not many people trust our government any and outbreaks of diseases could happen The story was good but I would have liked to know the characters better Also would have liked to go in depth of the sickness The writing was okay but did not drag me into story so that I forge [...]

    27. Plague is about the spread of a new deadly virus for which there is no vaccine or treatment It spreads quickly until it becomes a real book of revelation epidemic This was a free ebook from book bub so I wasn t sure what to expect But it was good Story started strong and had several twists that held your interest I knew this was the first of a trilogy so I wasn t expecting a resolution to the ending It definitely leaves you wanting info But 3 books in the seriesCould get a little repetitive Wil [...]

    28. I enjoyed the suspense and my attention was definitely glued to the novel It was hard to put down for the most part However, the ending felt rushed and incomplete, leaving me wondering if the virus was actually contained and wanting details about how it was released.I disliked the author s portrayal of ian Indians as violent and sexist Also, the tendency of the author to start talking about God at odd times really annoyed me It kept mentioning that without God, we would be rioting and killing e [...]

    29. The depiction of the virus that was killing people was even worse than Ebola the blood coming from all orifices,sounds like a really terrifying way to die.Things got from bad to worse so fast that I honestly didn t think there would be any hope.Felt like the post apocalyptic days had just descended and everyone was going to die.Sam and Duncan are a good mix,though it was such a waste that all that effort to go find a cure was messed up by someone with their own twisted agenda.I think the plot wa [...]

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