The God File

The God File

Frank Turner Hollon / Jun 03, 2020
The God File Barnes Noble Discover Great New WritersFrank Turner Hollon s first novel is an unusual and affecting blend of storytelling and philosophy In this story of loss suffering and a peculiar strain of fai
  • Title: The God File
  • Author: Frank Turner Hollon
  • ISBN: 9781931561044
  • Page: 194
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Barnes Noble Discover Great New WritersFrank Turner Hollon s first novel is an unusual and affecting blend of storytelling and philosophy In this story of loss, suffering, and a peculiar strain of faith, readers are introduced to Gabriel Black, a man in prison for a murder he didn t commit but who is all too familiar with violence, crime, and desperation GabrielBarnes Noble Discover Great New WritersFrank Turner Hollon s first novel is an unusual and affecting blend of storytelling and philosophy In this story of loss, suffering, and a peculiar strain of faith, readers are introduced to Gabriel Black, a man in prison for a murder he didn t commit but who is all too familiar with violence, crime, and desperation Gabriel is no saint, but he s full of questions about the significance of his apparently purposeless life, and about the unjust punishment that has befallen him These perplexing questions convince Gabriel to begin assembling his God file, comprised of his notes on surviving in prison, his fellow inmates, childhood memories, letters received from the outside world, and letters never sent The goal, in Gabriel s words, is to collect the evidence to look for God in the tiny details, the corners of my days in this place, and to use what s accumulated to decide for himself whether or not meaning can be found in his painful and violent existence.The result is a fascinating set of linked short stories, character sketches, and essay like meditations by Gabriel on such diverse subjects as faith, Darwinism, predestination, and television weather ladies Through the twists and turns of his notes on God, readers get to know Gabriel s personable and unapologetic voice the voice of a man who knows well his own limitations, but cannot shake his belief that he has something to say to his creator.In Gabriel Black, Frank Turner Hollon has created a memorable and deeply thoughtful narrator, with stories to tell that both surprise and inspire Spring 2002 Selection
    The God File Hollon, Frank The God File is Gabriel s collection of stories written while in prison The file is intended to gather the evidence of God s existence I set out to put together a file, to look for God in the tiny details, the corners of my days in this place, to find out for myself. The God File by Frank Turner Hollon The God File book Read reviews from the world s largest community for readers In this dark and honest novel, Gabriel Black finds himself sentenced t What Is the God Mode Folder in Windows , and How Do I Jan , The God Mode folder offers an easier way to browse through of these tools and get to know them By the way, God Mode is just a popular name some people give this special folder You can name the folder anything you like including How To Geek Mode, for example Here are the categories of tools you ll find in God Mode Administrative Tools GOD File What is it and how do I open it What is a GOD file Every day thousands of users submit information to us about which programs they use to open specific types of files While we do not yet have a description of the GOD file format and what it is normally used for, we do know which programs are known to open these files See the list of programs recommended by our users below. GOD File Extension What is a.god file and how do I open it File used by God, a server monitoring framework written in Ruby and used for making sure that tasks and processes run well on the server specifies which processes to monitor, when to start them, and restart conditions GOD files are typically written and used by administrators of Linux systems. GOD File Extension What is it How to open a GOD file What is a GOD file The GOD file type is primarily associated with Payvision BV Gamelauncher by Payvision The Games on Demand architecture makes it possible to license and bill for complete or partial segments of the gaming software This file is an encrypted file container for games or software. Activate GodMode in Windows CNET Discuss Activate GodMode in Windows Sign in to comment Be respectful, keep it civil and stay on topic We delete comments that violate our policy, which we encourage you to read.Discussion God Friended Me TV Show News, Videos, Full Episodes and God Friended Me Series Finale Sneak Peek Shows the God Account in Serious Trouble Apr , PM EDT It looks like God Friended Me s mysterious God account is in serious trouble. The God that Failed The God that Failed is a collection of six essays by Louis Fischer, Andr Gide, Arthur Koestler, Ignazio Silone, Stephen Spender, and Richard Wright The common theme of the essays is the authors disillusionment with and abandonment of communism.
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        Frank Turner Hollon, a talented author, has works that vary from suspenseful novels, to short stories, to children s books Frank Hollon was born on July 24th, 1963 in Huntsville, Alabama Although born in Alabama, Hollon soon became a Louisiana native when he moved to Slidell, Louisiana, or as he says the ugliest town in America, when he was 5 years old Hollon attended Slidell High School and graduated in 1981 Hollon went to Louisiana Tech University, where he graduated Magna Cum Laude, which earned him a scholarship to Tulane Law School.Frank Turner Hollon began writing at an early age, usually composing short stories and poetry He wrote his first book, The Pains of April, in the 1980s, while still in law school Hollon never really wanted to be a lawyer, but he opted for law school when offered a scholarship, rather than having a full time job At the time, he worked at the St Charles Guesthouse on Prytania Street Always a free spirit, he even showed up at law school barefooted Hollon lived in Louisiana from the age of 5 until he graduated from law school when he was 24 The book, The Pains of April, was Frank Turner Hollon s first book to be published, and was written while he was in law school in New Orleans Only a few friends and family read his manuscript while the book sat under his bed for 12 years This book was published by an Alabama publisher, Sonny Brewer Another one of Hollon s books, Life is a Strange Place, is set in New Orleans This book is currently being made into a movie, called Barry Munday Hollon has said that Walker Percy, a prestigious Southern author and one of Hollon s favorite authors, has influenced and greatly affected his writings Hollon read Percy s books in New Orleans, and many Walker Percy quotes can be found throughout Hollon s novels Throughout his books, Hollon s style of writing is very unique, and his stories broadly range In the psychological suspense story, Blood and Circumstance, the novel is written in the form of a transcript of interviews Hollon says this is because, The art of conversation is dying amongst cell phones, e mails, and text messages Our minds and bodies are geared instinctively for face to face communication His second book, The God File, consisted of 47 brief chapters Throughout Hollon s collections of writings, each book is notably different than the last He has established a wide variety of readers, with dark, psychological suspenseful novels, to children s books, to short stories Each book seems to be a response to the previous one Hollon creates intriguing and dynamic characters From dysfunctional mercy killers to lawyers and psychiatrists, the book Blood and Circumstance challenges the reader to evaluate their own beliefs and keeps the reader interested Strong opinions are voiced in many of the books about subjects like religion and legal matters, but usually they are not Hollon s beliefs He says that he writes through the eyes of his characters, thus investigating opinions that are not really his own Hollon says, After drowning in a very serious subject or character, I sometimes seek the lightness of a funny novel or children s book Today, Frank Turner Hollon lives in Baldwin County, Alabama, with his wife and family He still practices law, yet manages to keep a successful writing career and continues to write books source facultyhrosary faculty wohl 20


    1. Gabriel Black is a man who has been falsely accused of a crime and is serving time in jail for it It is here in the solitude of the prison cell he reflects on God As a Catholic man, he questions the nature of the church Of the way religion is preached The notions surrounding God The blasphemies and signs of piety He questions it all using bits of his life as a young boy to a grown man What he saw and experienced and why his life turned out the way it had He questions suicide and why it s seen as [...]

    2. Gabriel Black is in prison for life because he voluntarily took the rap for Janie, a woman he was infatuated with While there he reads a book by a man who felt the remission of his cancer proved the existence of God I thought it must be pretty fuckin easy to see signs of God s existence when you re a rich doctor, with a wonderful wife and children, cured of cancer, sitting around in your country house with your fat dog on the floor by your feet and writing stories about pretty visions I thought [...]

    3. A very unusual book, and terribly sad to me I don t know that I liked it, but I am definitely touched by it Gabriel Black is an complex flawed man, which makes for a very interesting character What frustrated me in the end but was in keeping with Gabriel Black s character was that he committed suicide Though he believed in God, he clearly didn t trust God completely and thus didn t understand the crux of faith , because he had to take the end of his life into his own hands Granted, he was in a h [...]

    4. An incredibly raw, gripping novel written from the perspective of Gabriel Black, a man trying to find meaning in a life lived in prison, serving a life sentence for one momentary, passionate decision not to kill another human being, but to take the blame for the person who did It is hard for me to say I enjoyed the novel, which was filled with so much despair But the author s ability to take the reader into the mind and the world of a man looking for some sign of God in the midst of his personal [...]

    5. It was raw and full of so much emotion, and very inspiring because I agree with the general idea of the book God is everywhere I wouldn t mind re reading this book A part in particular stuck with me There should be a way to bring all of our pieces back together at the very end God should allow us to see ourselves whole, just for a moment, when we ve gotten as far as we re going to go Basically, I loved it.

    6. listened to this one on Audio CD Another interesting turn from this very talented writer As always, the author has written a very thought provoking book that is very moving Take a trip with Gabriel Black in his spiritual quest to find proof of God s existence while incarcerated for a crime that he didn t commit This book will stay with you for a long time after you have read it.

    7. Very impressive I had thought this was going to be one of those convict gets religion in the pen stories, but it s much, much than that An interesting mixture of prison story close examination of how God appears in what do and don t do I plan on re reading this short book to add depth to my understanding.

    8. I started to read this book and after a few chapters decided that a friend with cancer needed it than I did What I did read was phenomenal and she has reported that it was great as well Quite an inspiration apparentlyw if only I could have it back

    9. I think this book is well thoughtful, emotional and inspirational based on one incarcerated for a crime that he did not commit and questioning of God s existence Overall God is everywhere If you will.

    10. started strong with a great premise, but i think it ultimately failed to deliver i guess maybe my expectations where too high I need to re read this book After some conversations with other folks, I must have missed some pretty critical elements of the book.

    11. An amazing little book So well written and thoughtful Where is God in the dark places of our lives.Lent immediately to my buddy Marcy

    12. I didn t get very far Not because the writing or story was necessarily bad I just couldn t take it If you want my copy, let me know.

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