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Ultimatum This edition is no longer available
  • Title: Ultimatum
  • Author: Gemma James
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 270
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • This edition is no longer available
    Ultimatum Definition of Ultimatum by Merriam Webster An ultimatum is usually issued by a stronger power to a weaker one, since it wouldn t carry much weight if the one giving the ultimatum couldn t back up its threat Near the end of World War II, the Allied powers issued an ultimatum to Japan surrender completely or face the consequences. Ultimatum Definition of Ultimatum at Dictionary A formal message delivered from one government to another threatening war if the receiving government fails to comply with conditions set forth in the message For example, after the assassination of the Archduke Francis Ferdinand in , the government of Austria sent an ultimatum to Serbia, which Austria held responsible for the assassination. Ultimatum definition of ultimatum by The Free Dictionary ultimatum alti meit m plural ulti matums noun a final demand made by one person, nation etc to another, with a threat to stop peaceful discussion and declare war etc if the demand is ignored An ultimatum has been issued to him to withdraw his troops from our territory. ULTIMATUM meaning in the Cambridge English Dictionary l.t me.t m plural ultimatums or ultimata a threat in which a person or group of people are warned that if they do not do a particular thing, something unpleasant will happen to them It is usually the last Ultimatum Ultimatum Sep , Directed by Alain Tasma With Gaspard Ulliel, Jasmine Trinca, Michel Boujenah, Anna Galiena A young French couple deals with ramifications of world events on their relationship as Saddam Hussein threatens to launch SCUD missiles on Israel. Ultimatum Synonyms, Ultimatum Antonyms Thesaurus Our ultimatum was despatched to Suna on the very day on which we received this sad news For the United States it is a record of honor for Europe it is an ultimatum The captain s parting remark was in the nature of an ultimatum Then she called her daughter to her and issued an ultimatum. Ultimatum comics Ultimatum Pixel Gun Wiki Fandom Ultimtum Wikipedie Ultimtum Ultimtum je po adavek, jeho spln n je po adovno v ur it dob a jeho nespln n je nsledovno sankcemi v i tomu, kdo m ultimtum splnit Stran , kter m po adavek splnit, bylo tzv dno ultimtum Ultimtum je obvykle kone nm po adavkem po ad dost.
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      270 Gemma James
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    1. Story GOODIntimacy Level DARK BDSM GOODEnjoyment GOODLength 716 kindleStyle BDSM EroticaSeries THE DEVIL S KISS 1WOW.okense and dark and a little surprising I ll even throw in the phrase a little disturbing I can honestly say, I thought this would be your typical watered down blackmail concept with a few sex scenes, as I was caught off guard on how dark and intense it got for a novella I do love my blackmail concept story lines like fine wine, and this was your typical story line Kayla took mone [...]

    2. This is the first novelette in The Devil s Kiss trilogy and tells the story of Kayla Sutton whose daughter is suffering from leukaemia and has stopped responding to conventional drugs and now needs a radical new and experimental treatment to stand any chance of survival It s very expensive and, in absolute desperation, Kayla embezzles the money from the accounts of the company she works for.She s caught red handed by her boss Gage Channing who gives her a choice a prison sentence or a BDSM contr [...]

    3. It was horrible, sick and disgusting I hated it The worst novella I ever read and I read some crappy shit over the years I feel like 1 star is too much for it If I could give it less I would.

    4. 3.5 stars, Kayla Sutton has been stealing money from work to pay for her 3 year old daughters treatment for leukemia Her boss Gage Channing has found out and is now giving her the option to either be turned in to the police for embezzlement or sign a contract to be his slave for 6 weeks She chooses to be his slaveWhat follows is actually quite good considering it s not even 40 pages long, if you have ever considered reading a story with dubious consent or BDSM then this will be a good read to te [...]

    5. It s a very short novella, so my comments will be likewise.Please take as read the usual stuff about profanity and adult content This book was recommended to me by a GR friend I knew it was dark erotica, and I imagined something like CiTD and SiTD only shorter Well it s not really like that at all, except it is, but then our Hero in this book is, so far, a total Anti hero read Asshole with no redeeming qualities at all.The fact that our Heroine, Kayla, has just had the most outstanding orgasm of [...]

    6. This one was really short, not dark, but definitely kinky I can t really judge how much I like it I think I will read the next one to find out .Kayla got blackmailed by her boss to become his sex slave In returned he will not turn her in and will even pay for her daughter medical expenses in full She did had a horrible past with her ex husband and she was still hung up on her ex boyfriend.Gage, the boss was definitely one kinky bastard He wanted to train Kayla to become his submissive I still ra [...]

    7. I m not normally of fan of short serial fiction with a few exceptions but this one is pretty good Really 3.5 stars but I rounded up In something this short I don t expect believable I mean it s fantasy really the whole blackmail thing IRL many people would just go to the cops but then you d have no story right So anyway Kayla wasn t too bad clearly there is history for her we aren t aware of Gage was suitably alpha and jerkish but there were moments you could totally see his desire and his nee [...]

    8. I didn t like Gage at all He was such an asshole There is punishment and then there is punishment Fifty smacks for talking back Not soft but hard Lets not forget the whip, or kneeing on freaking rice The lack of humanity for others bad situations was disgusting Her daughter is ill and maybe dying and he doesn t care What a selfish jerk I may not be able to finish this series he makes me so mad.

    9. DNF 19%I don t usually drop a book off the bat, but something from the first page didn t work for me I m used to fast love and quick reads, but this was like super fastd the story, kinda felt the same as something I just recently read Everything happened so quickly, in the 6% we saw his plan, his demand and her choice I may pick it back up later on, but I m putting it aside for now.

    10. I m giving this 4.5 stars Really well written, dark, dark, dark but count me in I ve definitely been left wanting Can t wait for the next installment Gemma, you only lost a half star because the book s too short

    11. Who the hell wants to read about sexual blackmail and a sadistic it s your choice baby, unless of course you want to go to prison Asshole I swear giving this 1 star feels like a damn betrayal of my self respect Christian Grey has nothing on Gage Channing He s a dominant as well but with far less sexual morals Yes Less sexual morals than Mr Grey Unfathomable right Well, just try reading this and you ll see what I mean Yes, Kayla stole money Ok, a lot of money In her position, with her daughters m [...]

    12. A disturbing BDSMDARK would be another way to describe it too This is only Part 1 of 3, it ended by Gage the master telling Kayla the slave to do all the things he had written down in a journal or else, before she left his house, making you want to move on to book 2 to find out what those things are At this stage though I am not sure if I will move on to the next book as I am having trouble dealing with Gage s attitude character In most cases, you know the main characters will end up together, h [...]

    13. maybe i need to read the second book as well this one didnt reach out and grab me I wonder if the Dom is as uncaring as He protrays Himself helping the slave in her situationleaves one to wonder

    14. I want your submission, he continued, absolute ownership of you and your body That s what I want I didn t think it possible, but it is I have finally found the ultimate anti hero, and his name is Gage Channing Ultimatum by Gemma James is a novelette that can easily be read on your lunch hour, not only because it is a novelette, but because you won t put it down I haven t read a book with this calibur of evil in a master sinceever Gage Channing is a successful businessman who has had his eye on h [...]

    15. The devil s voice is sweet to hear Stephen KingOr at least that is what you think until you are in his presencePart 1 in THE DEVIL S KISS is hot and scary.Gage Channing is the Devil, but he is charming and cruel, sexy and sadistic and totally hell bent on owning Kayla.Kayla Sutton is being forced to deal with any parent s worst nightmare a sick child I am not talking about a 24 hour stomach bug here, I am talking serious business, her life is on the line kind of illness How far would you go to s [...]

    16. Mild Spoilers Like Torrent , this book travels at breakneck speed, with little character and plot development I liked the idea of the story Kayla is caught stealing 10,000 from her boss to pay for her sick daughter s treatment, and he makes her work it off by being his sex slave at the weekends instead of having her arrested.Nice idea, but Gage was a complete dick with no redeeming qualities at all I saw not one modicum of compassion from this man He wouldn t even let Kayla call to check on her [...]

    17. Ultimatum reviewUltimatum, for 12,000 words, is a novelette yet so big in bang I admit I went into it expecting whips and pain and erotic sex scene after scene with no story but stupid me didn t count on Gemma James planting a seed of a twisted, engrossing story that would take me through this trilogy.It was a few things that got me hooked in this book Mother, Kayla and terminally ill daughter, Eve are in a situation to make any person feel heavy and sad This then is in the forefront of your min [...]

    18. Just love boss employee stories that deal with blackmail they just hit all the right places I thought the writing was great and the sex was hot and I m wishing the second one is already out so I can see what happens next, I ll be watching for it Very curious how this is going to play out especially with Gage, he s been watching Kayla for awhile around the office but so far he seems kinda emotionality detached although a couple times you do see some emotion where she is concerned And of course th [...]

    19. I wished this book was longer but it s a novella and they always leave me wanting What I do like is that they jump right in with 2 feet It s starts pretty typical with a young hot millionaire where are they in real life anyways, hmm and a pretty young lady That s where typical ends and the roller coaster begins Gage is hot, young, rich but a sadistic bastard He wants Kayla so when he has the goods to blackmail her he jumps at the chance She can avoid going to jail if she submits to Gage in ever [...]

    20. It was hard to really get into this since it was so short I am not sure if Gage s character will win me over he was so harsh and since there was not time to show any compassion from him towards Kayla I just got a creepy vibe from him The idea of her being forced into a BDSM relationship for a period of time with her hot boss has some potential for an interesting story I know I will give the second part a chance to see if this can progress further, mostly just to get the whole rape y feeling to [...]

    21. I m not quite sure how I feel about this one While the sex was definitely steamy, there are A LOT of unresolved issues in Kayla s life that seem pretty darn big right now The biggest one being that her boss is kinda skeevy forcing her to accept all this when she s clearly been abused in the past I can only assume that book 2 allows for some resolution on that front Kelly Reading the ParanormalUltimatum was a free Kindle book I downloaded on 02 01 13 for the Why Buy the Cow reading challenge.

    22. Now I have read some BDSM books but this one whoa Gage well he is just an asshole but I think there is something underlining about him that I just hope redeems him He has wanted Kayla for a long time and now that he has her he is just seems to take it to the next level and I don t me in a good way I am hoping as the story goes on his shell will crack and he will show a softer side Lot s of hot steamy sex Cliff hanger ending so have book 2 Enslaved ready to go.Follow My Blog

    23. The concept of this is interesting Then I read the first book So, here s my problem This is a bdsm hostile book because of the way BDSM is portrayed in a romantic type story This crossing of the line doesn t do it for me Either be a non con or not But mixing it in this manner just leaves a bad taste in my mouth Gage is not a dominant He s an abusive beater Fucked up 2.5 stars Can t say I actually enjoyed it, but it was better than okay.

    24. O My God I not sure that i expect to read this not in million years I mean, i ve read erotic books, but this is crazy Crazy in the good way i think I m glad that is a short story, because i don t think that i could take it any It is a different story, that it s true And i have to say, if it is so manic this story i really like it Good Job Gemma, and wait to read the next one.

    25. Kayla did a bad thing to save her daughter, now it comes back to bite her in the ass, literally Her boss gives her the ultimatum of prison or six weeks as his slave Smutty smexin, quick read and a Dominating Boss laying down the law rawr

    26. Ooookay, I was like whaaa Good start, but I think this story s a bit overwhelming to me Gage s definitely love creating pain for Kayla I don t think I m gonna love this series, but I ll give it a try Can t wait to read the sequel.

    27. Well.I didn t think it was possible for anyone to be darker than Mr Christian Grey himself This wasting, I m not really into the whole BDSM thing But the storyline makes me curious to know what happened to Kayla Sutton and Ian And if Gage has secret true feelings for Kayla

    28. Really not my cup of tea read all three books in an hour to see if the other books improved The initial storyline sounded good but it just didnt capitalise for me.

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