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Fracture Devastated by the loss of her friend and under constant threat from an unknown spy at Cimmeria Academy Allie Sheridan is finding it hard to cope In Fracture the third book in the Night School series
  • Title: Fracture
  • Author: C.J. Daugherty
  • ISBN: 9780349001715
  • Page: 346
  • Format: Paperback
  • Devastated by the loss of her friend and under constant threat from an unknown spy at Cimmeria Academy, Allie Sheridan is finding it hard to cope.In Fracture, the third book in the Night School series, she s not the only one losing it everything is falling apart And when Nathaniel begins to reveal his game plan, Isabelle starts to lose control.As the school slides intoDevastated by the loss of her friend and under constant threat from an unknown spy at Cimmeria Academy, Allie Sheridan is finding it hard to cope.In Fracture, the third book in the Night School series, she s not the only one losing it everything is falling apart And when Nathaniel begins to reveal his game plan, Isabelle starts to lose control.As the school slides into a deadly morass of paranoia and suspicion, everyone is guilty until proved innocent Anyone can be held without proof, and convicted without a trial No one is safe.This time Nathaniel doesn t need to hurt them This time they re hurting themselves.
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    1. Genre YA Mystery RomanceThe 3rd book in one of my all time fav series, and guess how it ended up A.DISAPPOINTMENT When 16 year old Allie Sheridan first arrived at Cimmeria Academy it was as a punishment, to teach her how to be a good respectful student and lady But now It s than that, than just a school, it s been a safe haven.But no longer.A nefarious group one that is frightingly tied with Allie s family is trying to destroy everything Cimmeria stands for Even worse, it s clear that somebody [...]

    2. 4.5 stars Such a brilliant world Seriously C.J Daugherty s Night School series is one of my favorites books to escape with I always look forward to the next installment, craving that heart pounding excitement, alluring mystery and charming romance that I ve come to expect from these books I simply adore Daugherty s writing She is a true master at pacing her stories in a way that plays with your mind and pulls at your heart The flow and tone is also pitch perfect, but what I love most about these [...]

    3. 4.5 starsAt the beginning of Fracture which is very appropriately titled, btw , we find Allie utterly broken angry, defiant, and underneath it all impossibly sad She feels that she can trust no one, not even her headmistress Isabelle, and her grieving heart can t make peace with everything that happened at the end of Legacy After a failed escape, Allie returns to Cimmeria with a renewed strength and a taste for revenge While she still has trust issues, she knows Cimmeria is the only place where [...]

    4. Review for fracture will be coming soon Book 2 review below for the time being.Wasn t much of a fan of legacy, it sort of enraged me actually, what with all the subliminal messages.In lights of the whole Allie and Sylvain issue that went down in the first book, i had a very tough time understanding why Allie is so forgiving towards him Fair enough, he apologised a couple of times, but he still pretty much forced himself on her Nothing drastic happened, but to me, that s enough I just don t trust [...]

    5. Honestly I can t wait for this but really actually want Allie to end up with Carter I genuinely think Jerry s gonna be the spy he seemed a little weird in the second book Still a really compelling read though and it ll be good to know why Christopher decided to join Nathaniel I m looking forward to this book but seriously do hope it s Carter she ends up with , I still haven t quite forgiven Sylvain for his prior misdemeanors I don t quite know how they re going to get out of this situation Not w [...]

    6. Iako je Eli, glavna junakinja, malo iritantna i par puta mi je do lo da je tresnem, pri a je takorazna Ne mogu da prestanem da itam.

    7. Fracture begins with an upset Allie, planning to leave Cimmeria After her failed escape, Allie struggles to come to terms with the events of Legacy, and the fact she still feels, even so than earlier, that she can t trust anyone at Cimmeria The romance in this novel, though subdued, is still there, and I ve got to say I definitely preferred Sylvain in this book than the previous books, though Carter is still my favourite of the two Carter did come across as a bit of a jackass in this book, whic [...]

    8. This is the best book in the series There s everything I mean EVERYTHING You have mystery,romance and every single thing you didn t know about Night school and Orion.I read it in less then three days.You just can t let it out your hands.One time I was arguing with my sister, because she wanted to go to sleep and I wanted to read.OK,it was midnight,we were alone, but it was the best part.At the end she left to sleep and I was reading in the other room.No blood.Almost.So,I don t know why,but this [...]

    9. In diesem Teil ging mir Allie leider extrem auf die Nerven Sie war ja schon immer ein wenig vorschnell und naiv, aber hier hat sie echt alles getoppt Ich glaube ich bin auch mittlerweile eher in dem Alter die Beweggr nde der Lehrer zu verstehen, als die von Allie Ich konnte mir einfach so oft nur die Hand vor den Kopf schlagen bei Allies Gedanken und Taten Irgendwie macht sie immer alles nur schlimmer, weil sie denkt sie w re der einzige Mensch auf der Welt und heult dann hinterher rum, weil all [...]

    10. El libro me ha encantado, se ha superado la autora con creces Me ha encantado la forma de escribir, en la que hace que entres de lleno en el libro, hace que te sientas nerviosa y emocionada al mismo tiempo y los misterios y secretos no hacen m s que complicar la trama Este ha sido mi libro favorito de los tres, decir que me ha encantado se queda corto y espero el cuarto con emoci n Nunca me cansar de recomendar esta saga porque de verdad si os gusta los misterios, los secretos, sentir emoci n, a [...]

    11. I really liked this book Things aren t looking good, everyone is tense and there is no trust So why I liked this book Because in such times you get to know the real character of someone Finally, we learn secrets about Nathaniel and his motives but to be honest I thought that it was going to have a pernatural feeling but it is not the case here It is all about power and revenge but this is good too And as for the love triangle Allie Carter Sylvain Well, I am not fan of love triangles but there a [...]

    12. Menudo final el de Fracture, y no s lo el final, sino todo el libro Mientras que Legacy fue pura decepci n, ste me ha encantando de hecho, de los tres este es mi favorito Creo que esto es en parte porque no se centra tanto en el tri ngulo amoroso de Carter Allie Sylvain, sino en ella misma No puedo esperar a leer Resistance Pr ximamente rese a en elamanecerdelaficcion

    13. Die Buch Serie Night School fand ich bisher immer solide gut, spannend, und der Hauch von Romantik gefiel mir ebenso.Bei diesem Band jedoch war mir der Anfang viel zu langatmig Das Verhalten der Protagonisten Allie war einfach nur nervig und bertrieben Das Ende war dann aber sehr spannend.

    14. Immernoch eine sehr spannende Geschichte Teil drei ist allerdings leider nicht mehr ganz so stark wie die beiden Vorg nger.

    15. Okay,Well this book wasn t that exciting compared to the first and second book it had some perks but there wasn t many And I am extremely annoyed they haven t yet found out who the spy is in their school I thought C.J Daugherty would have reviled the spy to us in this book as she didn t revile it in the second you can t really prolong this bit of the story for long other wise it gets boring as we are waiting to find out who the spy really is so the story doesn t really move on This what happened [...]

    16. God dammit Why is Allie back to her old self during this book Impulsive Allie, stupid senseless moron Allie.Her friend is dead Of course she has the right to mourn But the way she deals with it is painful and she s fucking selfish It s always me me me with her, and she is fucking annoying I came to like her during book 2, and so I couldn t hate her in book 3 But I really wanted to because she was pathetic and being an idiot The book in itself was pretty slow and boring, and not as good as the fi [...]

    17. legacy wasnt that good to me either syvain , he didnt just force him self on her he attacked her i dont see that as being forgivable and carter was controlling in this book and showed no trust in her because of that unless theres a dramatic change in him i don t see them getting back togetherus the fact it has a subliminal message in the book that kinda pointed towards carter being the spy but that might just be misleading but i really hope she has a way of bring these books back to the stander [...]

    18. Super adictivo, me termine este libro en menos de 24 horas Aunque seguimos d ndole vueltas a las mismas cosas y aun nada tiene soluci n, esto puede llegar a ser demasiado tedioso Este libro tiene un poco mas de acci n que el anterior, te mantiene leyendo hasta conseguir respuestas pero aun sigo con las mismas preguntas del primer libro, supongo que seguire leyendolo pero ya mi paciencia se esta agotando.

    19. The end The end Is not fair how I going to sleep now HOW I love this book like the oders, so is not a surprise but in this one there is action and danger, yeees And yes I am team Sylvain and with proud hahaha Now we must wait to the next book and wait and wait aarrrgg Is still 17 of August

    20. Teil 3 der Reihe konnte mich leider nicht so mitrei en wie die Vorg nger Wahrscheinlich, weil es haupts chlich nur um das eine Thema ging und das typische Internatsleben sowie die Liebesgeschichte ziemlich in den Hintergrund ger ckt sind Aber gut war es nat rlich trotzdem

    21. 3 3 3 3 3Wie immer einfach toll Es ist mysthisch und aufregend, OHNE irgendwelche Kreaturen 3F r mich leider etwas wenig Carter Allie Sylvain Gepl nkel aber ansonsten guuuut 3

    22. Meiner Meinung nach ihm Vergleich zu den Vorg ngern sehr langweilig Man h tte die Handlung dieses Buchs auch auf weniger Seiten zusammenfassen k nnen und auch das spannende Finale konnte mich nicht berzeugen.Trotzdem m chte ich gerne weiterlesen und hoffe, dass Band 4 wieder an die ersten beiden B nde ankn pfen kann.

    23. Nachdem Band 2 etwas schw cher von mir bewertet wurde, hat der dritte Teil mich wieder vollends berzeugt Ich mag dei Charaktere unheimlich gerne und es wurde mal wieder richtig spannend Wir haben auch endlich wieder mehr Hintergr nde erfahren und das macht alles noch interessanter Ich freue mich schon mit Band 4 weiterzumachen, wenn ich die Vollendet Reihe vollendet habe

    24. Cette s rie ne me fait vraiment ni chaud ni froid Allie est sympathique mais terriblement aga ante avec son ternel questionnement amoureux ma petite assis toi trente secondes et prend une d cision, une bonne fois pour toute Et l intrigue principale m ennuie et ne m emballe pas plus que a Si je n avais pas d j toute la s rie dans ma PAL, je ne l aurais pas continu

    25. This is an absolutely brilliant book We could see the characters grow up, trying to be independent, and I could say, Allie you rock For a 16 years old, she seemed to have lots of problems and burdens, which she faced not without fear, and believe me, it s awesome for someone to admit her fear.And in Fracture, we could see Allie and the gang struggle to find the truth and to find someone they can trust.I m still speechless, blimey this is one of the books that will make you speechless

    26. Auch wieder ein spannendes Buch obwohl ich den ersten Band immernoch am st rksten finde Trotzdem bin ich wieder nur so durch das Buch geflogen 4 super gute Sterne f r das Buch ich freue mich wie immer auf den n chsten Band D

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