Breathless Promises

Breathless Promises

Josie Bordeaux Janice Baker / Sep 28, 2020
Breathless Promises Clark leaves heartache in his wake at every turn He s perfected the art of a well oiled one night stand Banging a girl in record time in the back room at his favorite bar has always been his M O Aubre
  • Title: Breathless Promises
  • Author: Josie Bordeaux Janice Baker
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  • Page: 194
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  • Clark leaves heartache in his wake at every turn He s perfected the art of a well oiled one night stand Banging a girl in record time in the back room at his favorite bar has always been his M.O.Aubrey should know this better than anyone After all, she was one of his one night stands Even though she has fond memories of that night, she adheres to her own set of rules wClark leaves heartache in his wake at every turn He s perfected the art of a well oiled one night stand Banging a girl in record time in the back room at his favorite bar has always been his M.O.Aubrey should know this better than anyone After all, she was one of his one night stands Even though she has fond memories of that night, she adheres to her own set of rules when it comes to using a guy One time only.But, when Aubrey willingly moves in with Clark, the most attractive, annoying womanizer she s ever met, their living situation forces the pair into an unlikely, and at times, unusual friendship and what develops from that is something they never could have predicted.The walls they both spent their lives trying to construct start to crumble beneath the power of friendship and lustful attraction When those walls come down, will either of them be able to handle what s happened to their hearts
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    1. Great story that keeps you turning pages.Though I ll admit there were times I want to beat a little since into both Clark and Aubrey.However, they both have their own issues to work through, both have things that have broken them.Together they re whole, if they can just accept what is growing between them.Aubrey has been through hell Total complete hell and no one believed her It made her do some crazy stuff and lead her down a self destructive path.The womanizer is the one who wants to be there [...]

    2. I simply loved this story This book is apart of a series I however read it as a stand alone I do not feel that I missed out of any of the plot or what lead up to it by reading as a stand alone The author did an amazing job making sure that all the important details where gracefully covered I loved the supporting characters so much that I do plan to go back and read the other books in hopes of getting a better insight to their lives as well I am not sure what I had in mind to be honest I had this [...]

    3. This book asks the question can two broken people come together to make a relationship that works Clark is the epitome of a male slut He enjoys his one night stands and doesn t believe in letting the women get the upper hand in the relationship He was brought up from an early edge believing that women aren t going to stick around, so it is better to leave them before they have a chance to leave you Aubrey has her own issues with relationships that stem from issues from her teen years She has bee [...]

    4. Wow I don t even know where to begin So when I read the synopsis I thought this book was going to be fluffy sexual tension This story had so much going on It tackles serious topics and it s done so real I really enjoyed that the main characters had to tackle major flaws and serious issues stemming from childhood It s not an easy road but what an amazing road to witness It allows both of them to grow and really find themselves before they can be together Although they definitely have work to do [...]

    5. This book touched me in a way that books rarely do I was consumed by the characters, and their stories Aubrey was lost in her pain with no true happiness And Clark was too afraid to take a chance It is a story of pain and fear Then finding freedom and love It just shows that life has a way of giving you exactly what you need, even if you don t realize it Their story gives hope to all the people in the world living in their own private darkness I love the message it sends You are not alone You ar [...]

    6. This was an amazing story Clark is such an amazing character I loved how he can be such an ass at times but has such a beautiful heart underneath Also, Aubrey s spiral and recover were so moving, I didn t want the story to end What a great continuation of the Allure series and I loved catching up with the rest of the Alllure gang Well done

    7. This is contemporary romance gold Two beautifully troubled characters running from their pasts find that sometimes moving on requires a little help from your friends For those of you that love, friends to lovers or roommates to lovers books, this is the book for you Clark may not want to be a sweet guy, but when it comes to Aubrey he really can t help himself He is totally swoonworthy.

    8. WowThis book touches on so many sensitive subjects at one time and it s has an easy way of grasping a reader and pulling them in All books in the Promises series has done this this far You will not regret this read or anything that Josie has written Thanks again Josie for hitting me where the heart and stomach is.

    9. I have to admit that it took me a bit to get into the story.There were many characters mentioned and I felt like I was missing something because I didn t know all of their stories I know this is the third book in a series, so I feel like the others should be read first.Clark and Aubrey are roommates and although they both carry on unconventional relationships , they swear they fell nothing for each other But living together day in and day out takes a toll and they find themselves in a situation [...]

    10. Absolutely love, love love this book,This was the first book by Josie Bordeaux that I had read and what a great start Although this is the third in a series of books it can definitely be read as a stand alone and you don t ever feel that you are missing an explanation of previous events.The biggest thing I loved about this book was that the characters were normal people I know that might not sound great but when there are so many books that tell of extremely wealthy suitors and virginal maidens [...]

    11. This book took me on quite a journey I felt so many emotions throughout the story Clark was a sweet, sensitive guy hidden under the player with the ladies Aubrey was beautiful, loyal, deeply scarred and also all hidden under her dating ways They began as roommates, then friendsd slowly became such a deeply needed support system for each other At so many points in this story, I had no idea where these two would end up They have both been so hurt, so abandoned, your heart just broke for both of th [...]

    12. Wow Aubrey and Clark are two very damaged people stemming from events in their childhoods Clark has abandonment issues and refuses to get in a relationship with any woman because they are untrustworthy and will leave Aubrey has a rule about only having one night stands and yet she is so desperate to find love that she lets men use her This book deals with some very tough issues of abuse, addiction, and suicide, but also has humor, friendship, and love The author does so beautifully that the read [...]

    13. I was given this book for a fair and honest review.Its funny asks What did you think d all i could think of was WOW, that s what i think This is the story of Clark and Aubrey, two pretty screwed up people who lean on each other in some pretty tough times.The both of them are looking for something substantial in their lives even though Clark takes his time to realize that and follow down a path of self destruction Only when Aubrey ends up in the hospital, does he realize the depth that he feels f [...]

    14. Sometimes love and lust can be confused and it can take a huge change in life to understand that This is a story of love, loss and finding the one person who makes you whole Sometimes love is staring you in the face and all you have to do is grab on and never let go I loved this story line and all of the characters made their voices known I loved getting a look at all of the secondary characters too It rounds out the story and make it enjoyable I can t wait to read in this series but I have a [...]

    15. Wow, this book had everything A hot sexy couple, heartbreaking past secrets, a longing to be loved, yet a fear of what could happen if you do fall in love Don t let the fun and sexy beginning fool you There are some heavy, dark situations in the book, but they are handled so beautifully by the author you keep reading rooting for Aubrey and Clark to sort it all out and find some happiness together Great read

    16. Clark Aubrey s story is intense because of the baggage they both carry, and the sensitive issues that are addressed in this book It was tremendously touching, funny at times, while mixed with such an intensity that I had to take a break from it The only reason I did not give this 5 stars was because it was a little long to me, with a loop of bad behavior Still, a very good story Note I purchased this book as part of a boxed set, but wanted to review it individually.

    17. I loved this book It was the best of all three in the Alluring promises series The main characters Clark and Aubrey were just perfect for this Aubrey goes through some very tough situations and they are written about it delicately Clark is the perfect person for her to heal with I promise you, you won t be disappointed And as always, I love getting to read about the characters from the past two books, Promises, Promises and Romantic Promises.

    18. Though this book covers a host of heavy subjects such as sexual abuse,rape,sexual promiscuity,suicide,alcoholism,feelings of abandonment by a parent it never weighs you down as you journey with two broken individuals who eventually manage to salvage enough pieces along the way to create a whole world of happiness love.I believe this is largely due to their amazing supportive group of friends one man whore with a superman complex.

    19. Excellent This one has to be the best in the Alluring Promises Series Aubrey and Clark have so many very real and difficult issues to deal with, but good friends help to pull them through I think this one is my favourite because of the adversity their relationship had to face The low points had me impatient and doubtful of a HEA Definitely a tear jerker, but worth it.

    20. I LOVED this book There were definitely some parts that were tough and intense to get through, but there were quirky and sacrsactice aprts that made up up for the intensity There are some serious subjects in this book It isnt that inst love type book but it does

    21. This was an emotional roller coaster of a book and I couldn t put it down This book will rip your heart and put it back again, and Kleenex are a must for this book.

    22. This book was absolutely amazing Highly recommended You have Clark and Aubrey who both have troubled pasts, and looking for that special someone This story is very heartbreaking.

    23. I have to agree that while this book is part of a series, I did not feel as though I was missing out on anything by reading this one as a stand alone.I will be getting the others in this series

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