All a Heart Needs

All a Heart Needs

Barbara Freethy / Apr 06, 2020
All a Heart Needs In ALL A HEART NEEDS the fifth book in the Callaway Series New York Times Bestselling Author Barbara Freethy delivers an emotional heartwarming romance as well as a tantalizing mystery Sean Calla
  • Title: All a Heart Needs
  • Author: Barbara Freethy
  • ISBN: 9780991182749
  • Page: 460
  • Format: Paperback
  • In ALL A HEART NEEDS, the fifth book in the Callaway Series, 1 New York Times Bestselling Author Barbara Freethy delivers an emotional, heartwarming romance as well as a tantalizing mystery Sean Callaway is the black sheep of the Callaway clan, the sibling who refused to follow in the family tradition of firefighting Instead, he lives his life in music On the outside,In ALL A HEART NEEDS, the fifth book in the Callaway Series, 1 New York Times Bestselling Author Barbara Freethy delivers an emotional, heartwarming romance as well as a tantalizing mystery Sean Callaway is the black sheep of the Callaway clan, the sibling who refused to follow in the family tradition of firefighting Instead, he lives his life in music On the outside, he s a free spirited rock star, but on the inside, Sean is haunted by the death of a childhood friend, a tragedy no one knows he witnessed He s kept the secret for twenty years But nothing stays hidden forever Jessica Schilling, a young widow, moved to San Francisco to reunite her six year old stepson with his long lost identical twin brother, Brandon She rents a house just around the corner from the Callaways, and while cleaning out the garage for the previous owner Jessica stumbles upon a very old secret one that someone might just be willing to kill to keep.Suddenly, Sean is thrust back into the past He s forced to face his most disturbing memories, not only to solve the riddle of the tragedy that ripped his life apart, but also to save the woman he loves ALSO AVAILABLE in the CALLAWAY SERIES On A Night Like This 1 So This Is Love 2 Falling For A Stranger 3 Between Now And Forever 4 Nobody But You A Callaway Wedding Novella
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        Barbara s love of writing developed out of a love of reading Growing up in an all boy neighborhood, she spent quite a bit of time reading through her mother s large library, many of which were romantic novels After graduating from the University of California at Santa Barbara, she went into Public Relations, but soon discovered that writing was her true passion.Barbara was traditionally published for many years, then formed her own publishing company FOG CITY PUBLISHING in 2011 and has since sold over 7 million books She has published 62 novels ranging from contemporary romance to romantic suspense and women s fiction Her book SUMMER SECRETS was a 1 New York Times bestseller She is currently writing THE CALLAWAYS, a connected family series The Callaways are a family born to serve and protect and many of the characters are San Francisco firefighters She also just concluded the Lightning Strikes Trilogy all three books are now available Beautiful Storm, Lightning Lingers, and Summer Rain For sweet romance fans, she is writing a 7 book series Bachelors Bridesmaids about 7 female friends who start out as bridesmaids and end up as brides The first six books in the series are available.When Barbara isn t writing or publishing, which isn t very often these days, she is playing tennis, hanging out with friends and family in beautiful Lake Tahoe or reading books


    1. Rating 3.5It was good, but the series itself is starting to be a little redundant Also the problem, Sean s guilt over a past event and the investigation of the event wasn t all that gripping I think it s actually quite hard to make a musician fully involved in a book, to much is left to the imagination Usually when it s done well you get involved in the backstage life, in this book it barely made an appearance.But the Calloway family itself is great, so it s hard to let go I ll probably be readi [...]

    2. After finishing book four in The Callaways series, I wanted to keep reading to find out what would happen with Sean and Jessica, who met and became friends during Between Now and Forever I found Jessica to be a strong, sympathetic character, and being the romantic at heart that I am, really wanted her to get her happily ever after Some back story from the previous book Jessica didn t have the most stable life growing up With a mother who was a professional dancer, they moved around frequently ch [...]

    3. All a Heart Needs is another book by Barbara Freethy It is book 5 in the Calloway sagas Once , Barbara takes us into the lives of the Calloway family Sean is the sixth in line of the Calloway children He is different from the others The others are firemen, smoke jumpers, teachers, doctors, arson investigators and he is a musician He and his father have been at odds since he was about eight Sean continually disappoints his father and Sean has quit trying to fix things Unfortunately, he is living [...]

    4. I won this as a giveaway Thanks Barbara I had not read any of the Callaway series or indeed any books by this author before It didn t matter I quickly picked up what was going on and was drawn into the lives of Jessica Schilling, a young widow and her young step son Kyle who has been re united with his long lost identical but also autistic twin Brandon She moves to Sand Francisco and rents a house so the brothers can live near other Sean Callaway, considered by his father to be the black sheep o [...]

    5. In ALL A HEART NEEDS, the fifth book in the Callaway Series, 1 New York Times Bestselling Author Barbara Freethy delivers an emotional, heartwarming romance as well as a tantalizing mystery Sean Callaway is the black sheep of the Callaway clan, the sibling who refused to follow in the family tradition of firefighting Instead, he lives his life in music On the outside, he s a free spirited rock star, but on the inside, Sean is haunted by the death of a childhood friend, a tragedy no one knows he [...]

    6. I loved this book Although it took me a little while to get used to these characters It took me time to warm up to them I felt that Jess and Sean were two very different characters and somehow their easy characters from Book 4 did not flow into Book 5 After reading about the Callaways in the earlier books, they seemed to be people who had a somewhat dreamy characteristic about them It felt fictional even though their problems felt real Given an Indian context, Jess seemed to hit too close to hom [...]

    7. I don t know if these books are getting worse, or if they weren t that great to begin with but this one was like a soap opera from start to finish It wasn t bad but jeez, my head was spinning by the end I do have to say I m getting used to these characters going from love to marriage really fast I wasn t so bothered by the end proposal in this book What I was bothered by however, was the lack of her son Kyle was basically only in like 6 scenes in this book, the rest he was at school or with Nico [...]

    8. i liked the characters and premise, but I know the author can do better with writing I ve read other stuff by her, and she can do better The mystery wasn t as engaging as I would have liked, but I liked that the villain was left in doubt as to who it was The romance was inconsistent for me, I thought the characterization wavered a few times and other parts were rushed I like this author but not the story really I didn t hate it but it was just kind of meh.

    9. Sean Callaway is the black sheep in the family becoming a rock and roll musician instead of following the other Callaway siblings and family legacy of heroes Sean loves his life with his music, on the road, away from the family Especially his father Jack who always lets him no of his disappointment Sean is home in between gigs and finds Jessica, the woman he met in Angel s Bay when his sister s son Brandon and Jessica s son Kyle were kidnapped He became very attracted to her and glad he was leav [...]

    10. One piece to the Callaway family puzzle You can read it in a day If you read than one of the Callaway series and have any interest at all, you have to finish them Unless you are the type of reader that can pitch a book after reading half of it But I am an all or nothing reader, so I use them as my reading sorbet to cleanse the mind after a particularly intense read The series serves that purpose well.

    11. Still my go to authorI love Barbara Freethy and I love The Calloway series Each one as good as the last She is always my go to author and never disappoints

    12. Fabulous bookEach book in this series seems to get better and better Sean and Jessica are awesome The mystery was intriguing All in all a fabulous book.

    13. The black sheep of the Callaway family finds himself reliving the biggest tragedy of his life when a young single mother moves into the home where his childhood friend died in a fire.Sean Callaway has broken from his family s tradition of service to the community through work as a fire fighter or something equally useful Instead, he s thrown himself into his band and is in the process of launching his own recording studio He s an easy going guy, but his friendly personality masks a deep guilt ov [...]

    14. Dancing about again in the Callaways, All a Heart Needs has a twist from the fire obsessed family, Sean is dancing to a different drummer, as he works to keep his own issues at bay Another fire investigation, this one of a twenty year duration is at play in this story as well, and Sean is most affected by the aftermath Jessica has moved to the area we first met her in the last book, her child Kyle is Brandon s identical twin She wants the two brothers to get to know one another, and the Callaway [...]

    15. Finally Sean Callaway, the so called black sheep of the family, gets a book all to himself He has made appearances here and there and had a chunk of a role in Between Now and Forever Callaways 4 , but I am happy to have him in the lead for this one.Sean Callaway is a musician who plays in a band He is a far cry from the rest of the community serving family and has a surprising relationship with Jack Callaway, his father As a musician, he travels a lot and has a way with the ladies But no one has [...]

    16. All a Heart Needs Callaways 5 Barbara Freethy3 StarsWe first meet Jessica in the previous book when her son, Kyle was kidnapped along with Nicole and Ryan s son Brandon It turned out the boys were identical twins so once they had been found safe and sound Jessica decided to move closer to Brandon so they could grow up together The house she moves into just happens to be the one where a fire broke out twenty years earlier killing a Seans best pal, and was the incident that caused Sean to not want [...]

    17. Sean Callaway is the black sheep of the Callaway clan The one who doesn t want to fight fires From a family of firefighters, he chose to be a musician A talented one But no matter how successful he is, it seems that in the eyes of his father that will never be enough Because music isn t the Callaway way Except Sean has a damn good reason to stay away from flames A lifetime of nightmares and guilt will do that to a man Not that anyone else knows Not until Jessica Schilling, a beautiful, brave, yo [...]

    18. All a Heart Needs by Barbara FreethyRocker Sean Callaway knows he has always been a great disappointment to his dad Jack He hasn t followed in his dad s footsteps as a firefighter like his brothers and he knows Jack looks down on his career choice.Single mom Jessica Schilling and her son Kyle are the newest members of the Callaway clan Jessica and Sean met briefly a few months before when strife and tragedy occurred uniting the two families The sparks were flying but the time wasn t right for an [...]

    19. I enjoyed All A Heart Needs I m new to the Callaway series and it was easy to follow along even though this is the fifth book in the series Jessica is a single mom after losing her husband She also used to be a dancer and now she firmly believes that she can t dance and be a good mom Sean is a musician and he deliberately keeps his distance from his family When Jessica moves into a house that holds painful memories for Sean, Sean is forced to face the past and the events that changed him As Sean [...]

    20. I received this book as a First Read All a Heart Needs is the 5th Book in Barbara Freethy s Calloway Family series The Calloway s are a large family and each book in the series focuses on a different member of the family I had read the 1st book in the series and had enjoyed it very much, so I was very happy to have received this book The great thing about these books is that you don t have to have read the all the previous books to enjoy the one you are reading Yes, you might have missed a good [...]

    21. Sean Callaway is the black sheep of the family He dislikes all things to do with fire and firefighting Which in the Callaway family is a big issue He is finally willing to step back into the family a little Jessica who we meet in Nicole and Ryan s story has recently moved to San Francisco and she is co parenting the twins Brandon and Kyle Only there are sparks between Sean and Jessica that they both know they can t do anything about but that s not the biggest problem The biggest problem is when [...]

    22. It s been quite a while since I read this book I usually enjoy Freethy s style of writing the way a story falls into the page for reading In the last book of Freethy s which I read That Summer Night 6 Callaways I began to lose interest in her writing because of the sexual content I don t think All a Heart Needs contained the explicit lengthy detail which 6 had I m sorry to see her writing take a steep dive into explicit content So, I guess Book 5 was the last one of Freethy s which I enjoyed for [...]

    23. AMAZING SERIES Meeting Jessica and Sean in Between Now and Forever, I was really glad to read their story However, they had so many obstacles First and foremost was Sean, who didn t do relationships Also when he finds out Jessica is moving into the house of where a childhood friend was killed in a fire that he witnessed However, Jessica has Kyle, her son, and worries about being distracted from parenting Plus she doesn t want to damage the relationship she has with Ryan and Nicole However, can t [...]

    24. Another great book in the Callaway series I the last book Jessica and Sean met and I knew right away they would end up together I always wondered why Sean didn t become a firefighter like the rest of his family members or something to do with fire, but it all comes out in this story Jessica s number one priority is her son and she wants to be the best mom she can be But Sean comes into her life when she moves into the neighborhood, the house that Sean never thought he would go into again because [...]

    25. I absolutely love the Callaways and this series Barbara Freethy s books bring love and mystery together in such a way you cannot put the book down This story is about Sean Callaway, the independent brother and Jessica Jessica and Sean were brought together when her son and Sean s nephew were kidnapped only to find they were twins separated at birth Since Sean s nephew has autisim and found his long lost brother, Jessica agress to move near the Callaways She moved into a house where 20 years earl [...]

    26. Another amazing Callaway Story from Barbara FreethyThis is the story of Sean and Jessica He is the blacksheep of the family, he decided not to follow in the Callaway mens footprints He is not a firefighter but is a sexy musician.Jessica was introduced to us in Ryan and Nicole s story She is a single mother, former Dancer who has been dealt a tough hand in life Sean is dealing struggling to deal with the past, a fire from his childhood Is the fire from his past the reason he took a different care [...]

    27. This was another great book in the Callaway series In this book Barbara takes us through the lives of Jessica and Sean.They had previously met during the last book Between Now and Forever and seemed to have formed a connection.I knew that wasn t going to be the last we heard from Jessica.The relationship that Jessica and Sean forms is one you ll want to read about We find out why Sean didn t become a firefighter like most of his family We also found out why his relationship with his father Jack [...]

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