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Kraken Kraken A gothic erotic horror with tentacle non con When boyfriend Parker gives him an ultimatum Will never dreams his heart is about to be ripped out move to a remote off shore island with him or ca
  • Title: Kraken
  • Author: M. Caspian
  • ISBN: 9781311997357
  • Page: 131
  • Format: ebook
  • Kraken A gothic erotic horror with tentacle non con.When boyfriend Parker gives him an ultimatum Will never dreams his heart is about to be ripped out move to a remote off shore island with him, or call it quits But Will picks wrong, and now he s heading into the unknown to fix his mistake But why do the locals think they recognise him And why can t he seem to leave RKraken A gothic erotic horror with tentacle non con.When boyfriend Parker gives him an ultimatum Will never dreams his heart is about to be ripped out move to a remote off shore island with him, or call it quits But Will picks wrong, and now he s heading into the unknown to fix his mistake But why do the locals think they recognise him And why can t he seem to leave Reader advisory This work of fiction contains explicit sexual activities between men that may offend some people It also contains scenes of rape, extreme violence, tentacles, and reference to sexual abuse of children.63,000 wordsAvailable at for Kindle, and Smashwords in all formats.
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    1. Gothic Horror Monster Porn This is how it s done.Creepy setting check.Ghastly surprises check.Vaguely arousing scenes of appalling disregard for the limits of human biology, self determination, and or common decency Oh, yes.Check, check, check.This was a riot.Ignore minor proofing niggles it s worth your time.Mary Shelly wished she could make you horny, grossed out, and scared shitless all at once.We know this because she said so In her letters discussing what she wanted to do when she created F [...]

    2. EDITED TO ADD You guys, if you got the free copy at Smashwords ages ago, you probably spotted the typos Good news You can go and redownload the updated version Which I am totally going to do now, because I have so much love for this story I read it again last night and yes, I am afraid to go back in the water, thanks for asking Original review Oh FML I just wrote out a whole review and then deleted it by mistake I think these were the important points You guys, read this book It s proper horror [...]

    3. So basicallyI think it s safe to say that I ve never felt like of a deviant than when I read this book and my head was loaded with, Yeah, baby thoughts.

    4. If you re in a horror movie, you make poor decisions It s what you do No one proves this better than Will From the very beginning, he makes one bad choice after another.There are just some things that cannot be excused, though Like if you see some creepy guy s arms turn into tentacles you don t stay to ask questions YOU RUN THE FUCK AWAY No matter how hot you find noodle porn Yeah, I have no idea wtf that was either So anyway, I enjoyed this It was creepy and disturbing but also funny and campy [...]

    5. Having stared at those lovely suction cups on the cover for a while, I decided that I really, truly was in need of some answers So I googledTurns out tentacle porn likely got popular thanks to the Japanese don t act like this surprises you p Especially Toshio Maeda s manga, which featured tentacle rape, got the ball rolling According to Maeda, he started the practice in order to get around Japan s strict censorship laws, which forbade the depiction of a penis but did not forbid penetration by an [...]

    6. DO NOT BE FOOLED BY SEXY GINGER KRAKEN Kraken lures, entices and once the prey is within his web of deception, he tortures Kraken is not, I repeat NOT, a good guy Kraken kept me guessing the entire time WTF was uttered frequently There are so many pieces of the puzzle that, frankly, DON T MAKE ANY FUCKING SENSE I kept coming up with a theory and 10 pages later I m not touching the plot because you should experience it for yourself I will say The stones reminded me of a certain sexy dude who carr [...]

    7. No bait and switch here This story is exactly as advertised Creepy, freaky, awe inspiring as in terrifying spectacle This is a monster story in a classic gothic manner Read the warnings and if you re still good, READ the story Not going to say anything Less is definitely in terms of preparation.Good, old fashion horror story with explicit erotic overtones.

    8. Surprisingly, amazingly, I really liked it.Well, maybe you re not surprised or amazed, but I am I do not like horror I ve given drunken speeches at parties and sober speeches to friends on GR about how I don t like horror Horror as a genre actually pisses me off a little Here s why this is also known as my super sad story about what I like to call the Worst Halloween EVER, or, why I hate my ex and Sarah Michelle Gellar equally Because that fucker the ex made me spend money I didn t have I was un [...]

    9. Cannot be less than 5 Stars A beguiling dark erotica with strong plot and round characters.Starts with a bang, ends with a Super Bang Kraken ticks off just about all of my tentacle sex requirements It s almost like the author heard my lamentations on the lacking I found in most of of my tentacle erotica It scored so near to what I want that it is a tad uncanny in a way Like the power above decided to answer all my wishes in one fell swoop I want slick and slimy action, there it is Even gooey and [...]

    10. A perfectly horrible, shivers down the back of my neck scary story I love that the non con aspects are treated as such, and that rape isn t romanticized or excused The plot was strong, and I loved how things worked out More than just romance, or erotica this was a strong horror tale.

    11. I ve been reading so much holiday fluff lately, when I saw this cross my home page I was drawn in I get in the mood for horror sometimes horror movies, horror books I grew up on Stephen King but read mostly romance these days This book is, I would say, 85% horror and 15% romance But even the horror is, well , m m tentacle sex horror So there s that.This story reminded me of The Wicker Man, which I love An unsuspecting guy visits an island and gets caught up in a web that he doesn t understand an [...]

    12. Holy freaking sea creatures Is it a kraken Is it a toppy cephalopod Oh happy day for a great bad guy monster to sink your teeth into Finally, a baddie who is well made, not cartoonish seductive, luring and alluring And with the best submerged creep A nightmare of a monster.Our good guy, Will well, he s a bit of a mess isn t he He s the typical gothic horror MC enslaved by all those repressed emotions, not knowing quite what to do with them So naive, a bit tight laced, but so seducible, so mallea [...]

    13. Free Tentlesex MM Who says it isn t a Christmas miracle And non con too Free x mas day smashwords books view

    14. Don t hold your breath, it won t to be a long review.Kraken is an interesting thrilling mixture out of a shifters story, an off shore island horror I think I have never read a Gothic erotic horror book before, haven t I and unusual sexual activities you need just to imagine what for nice crazy things a sex obsessed octopus shifter can do with his tentacles Even if he is bad tempered, it s still very stimulating It was a quick and addictive read that could have a lot of admirers.I have though som [...]

    15. Tentacle sex 1st half 5 Tentacle sex 2nd half 3 Writing Prose 4 SpaG 3 Worldbuilding 2 Horror 3 All together 3.33 Spoilers below This is a very solid I liked it , the story was amusing and bemusing, though some of the worldbuilding didn t work for me There was a bit too much mixed into it It wasn t as horrific to me as it was to some of the other readers either, mainly I think because I find myself a bit unforgiving about Will s initial state of being rather TSTL In the midsection I didn t much [...]

    16. Creepy, seductive, at times fiendishly erotic, until it becomes really, really disturbing and that s ME saying it so take note This just kept delivering one surprise after another, constantly shifting the ground out from under my feet It is also a masterpiece in subtle building and well written than tentacle sex has any right to be Bottom line unforgettable but definitely not for everyone.

    17. This was awesome Horror is so not my genre, but I loved this story.Deliciously creepyI started reading and the hair on the back of my neck stood up almost immediately The suspense almost did me in Several times, I had to take deep breaths in an attempt to calm my anxiety, but I couldn t put the book down I had to keep reading, to find out what was going to happen next It wasn t a hardship, either the writing flowed beautifully, with wonderful phrases and descriptions, natural sounding dialogue, [...]

    18. This was great Really interesting story with a great and thorough plot Consentacles, noncon tentacles, horror show sex, and everything in between, all cleverly wrapped in a story about an island.It s well paced, well written, and really quite exceptional for a novella sized story This one would have fit right in the All Wrapped Up anthology It left me wanting while leaving me fulfilled which is all you can really ask for Highly recommended for tentaclesex lovers Love your Cephalopods cause even [...]

    19. So, I still have not a concrete idea on how to rate or review this story It s just as squiggly a concept as those very appendages oh so treasured in this book Here is my attempt Please enjoy the snacks and drinks.The creepiness factor is there, times 1 jizzillion Yes Cy Creepy El creepOH.Creativity wins.Will as really the main character is a great voice from which to present a story like this All of his idiosyncrasies, his strength, his whining, his desires, his fear, his curiosity and his deter [...]

    20. baby s first monster porn If I m going to be totally honest, I was completely unprepared for Kraken When I purchased it from Smashwords, I mostly got it because it was free at the time, and also because a fairly large group of my friends were howling about how amazing it was I knew a few things going in, but I was not ready for how totally fucked up this book was Or how much I would like it.Our story starts with our protagonist, a young man named Will, arriving on a remote island in hopes of rec [...]

    21. So, this was my first read of Pulpo Fiction cough.Well, tentacles and sex, what can I sayThis book was very entertaining I went in with quite low expectations, since I had no idea how I feel about tentacles in THAT context, and was happily surprised I think I was also expecting that the obvious subject matter would take over, but this actually had an exciting story as well as the tentacles And the atmosphere, oh, the atmosphere It was like a mash up of Shutter Island and Sphere Muy bien I though [...]

    22. Hi readers I wrote this book, so obviously I m not going to review it Thank you for even considering spending your precious time reading my effort at tentaclesex When I originally released the story it was a Christmas freebie, one that I thought only a few people would read, let alone enjoy It was a lot popular than I expected There s 302 of you out there with the original free version Here s the thing The proofreading didn t so much suck, as was non existent There s about 30 typos and an egreg [...]

    23. After boyfriend Parker gives Will an ultimatum to join him on an island, Will decides to go to him after all He finds Parker and is shocked to find that he is shacked up with a.woman He runs off through the forest.Interestingly, he feels a deja vu as he wanders around and eventually finds himself at a cabin occupied by Cyrus who offers to let him stay overnight and then he ll catch the ferry back to the mainland the next day.The next day at the local store, Will is recognized as once living on t [...]

    24. I could not stand this book.I feel a little bad about that I try not to abandon books, and this was as gift, but I couldn t force myself to keep slogging through it.The writing was average I could sense that the author was really trying for some creepy vibes, but to me it was not accomplished The characters were flat, the dialog repetitive And the main character is constantly smoochin on dudes, and like the next paragraph he s wondering if said dudes think there s anything romantic going on Guy, [...]

    25. 4.5 starsThis book was kind of amazing It was creepy, suspenseful, and horrific, and I realized I actually really do like tentaclesex, okay I feel like everything I want to say about this book requires a spoiler tag, so if you haven t read it and you re a fan of scary movies, you should definitely go for it I would easily give it 5 stars if not for the numerous editing mistakes which got particularly distracting when a name mix up made me think for a moment that an unexpected guest had suddenly [...]

    26. This was not what I expected And that is delightfully refreshing, to say the least For starters never once was the word viscous used I fully expected to be kraken up at it left and right, but nope There was plenty of fluid action, but it was described in such vivid and colorful ways without the stale and staid usage of that word So awesome Then there s the story itself the pace, the mood, the stylization of it all So beautifully unexpected I thought this was going to a tentacled erotic M M romp [...]

    27. Not for the faint of heart Please read the blurb carefully view spoiler Yes, I want him slowly cooked in the pit Is that mean I m a monster too Child predator like who he is deserves it hide spoiler

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