Merry Men

Merry Men

Carolyn Chute / Jun 01, 2020
Merry Men New York Newsday called Chute s third book about Egypt Maine a passionate and gorgeously written homage to americanca s poor With Lloyd Barrington a modern day Robin Hood at the head of the huge c
  • Title: Merry Men
  • Author: Carolyn Chute
  • ISBN: 9780156001915
  • Page: 271
  • Format: Paperback
  • New York Newsday called Chute s third book about Egypt, Maine, a passionate and gorgeously written homage to americanca s poor With Lloyd Barrington, a modern day Robin Hood, at the head of the huge cast of characters, this is a big, ambitious, satisfying novelat should solidify Ms Chute s place as one of the unique voices of her generation Dallas Morning News New York Newsday called Chute s third book about Egypt, Maine, a passionate and gorgeously written homage to americanca s poor With Lloyd Barrington, a modern day Robin Hood, at the head of the huge cast of characters, this is a big, ambitious, satisfying novelat should solidify Ms Chute s place as one of the unique voices of her generation Dallas Morning News Named a New York Times Notable Book of the Year.
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        Chute s first, and best known, novel, The Beans of Egypt, Maine, was published in 1985 and made into a 1994 film of the same name, directed by Jennifer Warren Chute s next two books, Letourneau s Used Auto Parts 1988 and Merry Men 1994 , are also set in the town of Egypt, Maine.Chute also speaks out publicly about class issues in America and publishes The Fringe, a monthly collection of in depth political journalism, short stories, and intellectual commentary on current events She once ran a satiric campaign for governor of Maine.Her job career has included waitress, chicken factory worker, hospital floor scrubber, shoe factory worker, potato farm worker, tutor, canvasser, teacher, social worker, and school bus driver, 1970s 1980s part time suburban correspondent, Portland Evening Express, Portland, Maine, 1976 81 instructor in creative writing, University of Southern Maine, Portland, 1985.She now lives in Parsonsfield, Maine, near the New Hampshire border, in a home with no telephone, no computer, and no fax machine, and an outhouse in lieu of a working bathroom She is married to Michael Chute, a local handyman who never learned to read they have a daughter, Joannah, and several grandchildren from


    1. This is a haunting book At first, it seems like it s going to be the stories of a motherless son, Lloyd Barrington, and a fatherless daughter, Gwen Curry, growing up in little rural Egypt, Maine in the 1960 s, and the ways that their surviving, larger than life parents expectations about what it means to be a man or a woman misshape their lives Soon, however relatively speaking, in a 650 page book , we meet lots of other characters, most of whose lives intertwine with all of the others and all o [...]

    2. Happily, I came late to Carolyn Chute s Merry Men I had read three of her previous novels The Beans of Egypt Maine, Letourneau s Used Auto Parts, and The School on Heart s Content Road, but had put off reading this one because of its size and the time commitment required Coming back to Egypt, Maine, a compelling world in Chute s other books, was a great satisfaction delving headlong into the lives of these new characters and at such length brought the kind of pleasure that reading was made for, [...]

    3. an incredible countr usa novel like joyce carol oates or marleybone marble company whos radical precher VISITS maine and tells them about a better , older way of living, the only anecdote to captialism is to be local and like the best novel of 2010 agaat , place is 110% of us humans existence, like all the sounds, trees roaring, local geography, local food, lloyd the fox and gwen and alleka and just fill in your friends name, are trying to live in this world we have made and its a fucked up worl [...]

    4. I read The Beans of Egypt, Maine decades ago, and Letourneau s Used Auto Parts when it came out, so this is my third Carolyn Chute book She definitely has a unique voice and an effective, efficient writing style even though this book is about 700 pages She also has a tiny little piece of the world that she focuses on, and characters from all three books wander in and out of each others stories in a lovely way that i find reassuring Continuity and all that She tells stories from the lives of the [...]

    5. A wonderfully well written, emotionally powerful tour de force Every time I cracked this book open I was instantly transported to Egypt, Maine it has been a long time since I have so completely forgotten my surroundings that I stopped reading in a daze, disoriented and needing to place myself again, every single time I became immersed in this novel Which was hard to put down, so pretty much the entire time my computer was out of commission and I was home, I found excuses to curl up, reading this [...]

    6. Spoiler Alert Some key plot elements may be revealed below.Chute s 700 page epic brings the notorious Bean family back to at least peripheral focus as she reveals that an entire multi faceted community is, indeed, her main character Toward the end of this book, we learn that Earlene has made peace with Ruben Bean and continues to bear him many babies In fact, the Beans take on a golden glow of lumpen working class virtue and closeness to nature in contrast to the apparent cruelty of central char [...]

    7. I did not like the ending To be honest Lloyd Barrington really pisses me off I understand that he s making these grand statements I also understand where Gwen Doyle went wrong She entered his world, but not all the way She didn t jump in wholeheartedly She was still holding back I also think that he was too tempted by her Too tempted to leave the existence he had behind and enter into the world he was fighting against I guess considering all the options it was the only ending that made sense Sti [...]

    8. Carolyn Chute s sentences are like hand made furniture with carefully chiseled dove tail joints This thick book packs in plenty of colorful whimsy but essentially it ends like a loud howl of agony Written in the 90 s, the message is similar to that of the Occupy Wall Street group concerning how people are being squashed like bugs by corporate greed and a failed health care system It puts faces and personalities characters that you grow to care about after over 700 pages onto some bad situations [...]

    9. Um, I read this one because of reading the Bean s of Egypt book It is huged still of the same time of characters I really liked some of the story lines that ran through it but it didn t have the resolution that I was looking for It was such a long book and it just endedI remember that I holed myself in my room for nearly a week reading it though I was hoping for some redemption or a happy ending for at least one of the characters but.

    10. This book, to me, was the richest, most perfect embodiment of what writing and storytelling and reading mean to me than anything I ve ever read since reading The God Of Small Things Read this book Especially you, cousin Jeci

    11. I think I have to read it again soon I hadn t thought about it for a long time until Maine came up in a trivia night recently Then I remembered that before A Fine Balance this was one of the most powerful novels i ve read.

    12. the third of her Egypt Maine trilogy A long book with a huge cast of characters Characters that make you feel, see, taste what poverty feels like to her people She is a champion of the poor The opposite of Ann Rand in every way.

    13. It s been some years since I read this The characters stayed with me for a long while, but now the details are fuzzy I do remember loving Chute s style This is the third in a trilogy of sorts.

    14. Carolyn s best by far.raw and real and terrifying and lovely just as you would expect, but better reeling in a good way can t wait to teach this.

    15. I really tried to like this book but it left me cold in fact chilled maybe someone else will have a different reaction I took it back to the library unloved.

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