Emotion Amplifiers

Emotion Amplifiers

Angela Ackerman Becca Puglisi / Apr 06, 2020
Emotion Amplifiers When writing fictional characters it s hugely important to convey their emotions effectively so readers will be drawn in and become invested in those characters The Emotion Thesaurus A Writer s Guide
  • Title: Emotion Amplifiers
  • Author: Angela Ackerman Becca Puglisi
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  • Page: 197
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • When writing fictional characters, it s hugely important to convey their emotions effectively so readers will be drawn in and become invested in those characters The Emotion Thesaurus A Writer s Guide to Character Expression was written to help writers convey the quality and depth of their characters feelings through their thoughts, body language, and visceral reactionsWhen writing fictional characters, it s hugely important to convey their emotions effectively so readers will be drawn in and become invested in those characters The Emotion Thesaurus A Writer s Guide to Character Expression was written to help writers convey the quality and depth of their characters feelings through their thoughts, body language, and visceral reactions But there are also ways to amplify what a character is feeling, thereby heightening their emotional responses In Emotion Amplifiers, a companion guide to The Emotion Thesaurus, we explore 15 common states that naturally galvanize emotion States like exhaustion, boredom, illness, pain, and extreme hunger can push characters to the limit, compromising their decision making abilities and decreasing the likelihood of them reaching their goals Emotion Amplifiers is a great tool for any writer wishing to tighten the screws on their characters and amp up the tension in their stories.
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    1. Nothing says NaNoWriMo is over quite like a hungry consumption of one million books on writing craft Whether it s a literal or figurative consumption depends entirely on how deeply the novel writing has unhinged us during November This is a companion guide to The Emotional Thesaurus and the Positive and Negative Emotion guides by the same pair of authors What I love about these rather encyclopedic guides is that they make us aware of emotions apart from hysteria, stress, hunger and desperation a [...]

    2. This is such a jolly little addition to the wonderful Emotion Thesaurus and I can t believe it s free In very much the same vein as the main book, it offers up emotional and physical states of being that amplify emotions It s a great tool for writers who are looking for catalysts to drive characters into severe emotional states It s true, as some reviewers say, that it s very short But it honestly doesn t need to be any longer It does its job as a great companion to the main book and, hey, it s [...]

    3. I haven t read The Emotions Thesaurus but found this book to be extremely helpful Though the first section was short, it was packed with useful information that helped me on the novel I m writing I skimmed through the latter half which gave lists of how to describe various emotions I ll likely return during edit time and am intrigued to purchase the thesaurus.

    4. This is a good companion book to The Emotion Thesaurus A Writer s Guide to Character Expression Fifteen emotion amplifiers are given, along with guidelines for using them for main and secondary characters Writers should find this useful, but, unlike The Emotion Thesaurus A Writer s Guide to Character Expression not absolutely essential.

    5. Not sure how I feel about thisI gave it a 3, because I m simply uncertain as to how to perceive th his book It is either ridiculous or sublime possibly it is both.The main component is lists of emotions, spelled out and spoon fed to you I was taught that writing comes from relating experiences, good writing comes from the practice of observation, and excellent writing combines both with a deliciously rich vocabulary There s much to it, of course However, it seems to me to be much that a list o [...]

    6. Wow, wow, wow Sure, some of these things are obvious, but some of them aren t so much More importantly, it s a collection that is easy to reach to if you have brain fog I have fibromyalgia and that comes with the territory So, this is wonderful when my brain is reaching for that one thing that has to do with boredom it may be common sense, it may not Even when my brain is cooperating, it s nice to have a list of things that keep you from drawing from your own bank over and over again Sometimes y [...]

    7. This is a great resource for writers Although I do wish it was longer It s kinda like a writers emotion dictionary thesaurus examples all in one It really helps understand your characters a little better and portray what their feeling without saying Kyle is distracted or Paula was feeling stressed I found it extremely helpful.I gave it 4 out of 5 stars simply because I wanted words It only gave me 15 lolbut then again I guess that s why I went ahead and ordered the other 3 that she has.

    8. This book is a fantastic resource for any writer Well laid out and filled with such great ideas However, this book is not available in paperback, which is not as good as it sounds When writing, you want a fast reference, and eBook just doesn t cut it That s why this book gets only 4 stars from me.

    9. I saw this was free on my kindle and got it While its helpful, I think its meant to compliment their full book on emotion, The Emotion Thesaurus But, this is definitely worth looking at I hope to get books by this author.

    10. Great addition to The Emotion Thesaurus I haven t used it yet but I checked it out from page 1 to the end and loved what I saw.

    11. 10 10 Ackerman does it againLove it Awesome just like everything I have read in this group of books Love them all 10 10 would recommend.

    12. Emotion Amplifiers by Angela Ackerman Becca Puglisi is really a reference book for authors to assist them with their writing It is a companion to The Emotional Thesaurus which I have not read at this time, but based on this companion, I am interested in getting myself a copy.The Bad Stuff I know this is only a companion, but the book is very short and there are only about 14 pages of narrative to guide the reader on the use of the contents The remainder of the book is reference material and I fe [...]

    13. I really enjoy the whole series of Emotion Theasurus titles, and Emotion Amplifiers is no exception These aren t necessarily the type of books you just pick up and read straight through, but rather the type you refer back to time and time again I find them the most helpful when I m doing final revisions on a new novel.

    14. Great ideasI give it a five star rating because it gives a great list of examples to describe each amplifier It is not very long, but does the job I definitely recommend this to any new writer who is not experienced with describing the emotions affecting their characters.

    15. This is a handy little guide for writers looking to amplify character emotions in their writing The book offers different ideas to emphasize stressors, sensations and responses of emotional states, helping to convey emotion by showing character s feelings.

    16. This was a great book to go alongside the Emotion Thesaurus Great investment and very well put together Love it.

    17. Another great companion for writersWriters always hear the words, show don t tell , and that is exactly where this series of books comes in handy Emotion Amplifiers takes the description of emotional moments to a whole new level With a wide range of physical symptoms, descriptors, and , you ll never find yourself hunting for a way to show the characters emotional state Instead of telling the reader how the character feels, they ll be reading the effects that emotional state is producing, and bui [...]

    18. As an addition to Emotion Amplifiers, I find this book useful as a helpful tool in my writing arsenal No book can elevate a writer to a whole new category of excellence, but this book is helpful when I just want to jar some fresh ideas loose Helps me get out of a stuck place when trying to imagine ways to describe characters without resorting to tired and worn out cliches Linda Berry is the author of Hidden Part One and Pretty Corpse.

    19. I never thought I had a need for this kind of reference until I was mulling over my own work in progress and became stuck on how to address my character s emotional state during a particularly high stress event Although the book is fairly short it did help to solidify what I needed to express and gave me a deeper sense of expression I recommend all of Angela Ackerman s reference books for writers of any caliber.

    20. A free Kindle writing resource from a very intriguing series A brainstorming tool to help writers identify and describe conditions that can cause and amplify problems for their characters I haven t made use of it when writing yet, so I can t say how useful it is in practice, but the theory seems helpful.

    21. I picked this up after searching for the other books in the series.I actually found the book translated into Japanese and it was amazing As a translator I often stumble over expressions of emotions and what is equivalent between English and Japanese.This is a very useful read and definitely makes me want to pick up all the other books in the series in both languages.

    22. Yes This book is so helpful It s going to be great for my WIP, since my characters undergo a lot of stress, malnutrition, abuse, etc and this made the research much simpler I can t wait until I get my hands on the thesauruses.

    23. Best writers resource and a good read for those who need to be inspired I recommend all of the books by Angela Ackerman and Becca Puglisi I have heard Ackerman and Puglisi speak at a workshop in Calgary and they were funny, informative, and inspiring.

    24. Good companion book This is a great book to accompany the Emotional Thesaurus Unfortunately the last 20 percent of the book contains ads for other books in the series.

    25. Same SameI ve read other books like this but on the other hand it could be used as a quick reference even though it didn t tell me anything new.

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