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Stephen W. Frey / Apr 06, 2020
The Insider New York Times bestselling author Stephen Frey writes thrillers of ruthless financial terror Chicago Tribune intricately plotted fast paced novels where Grisham meets Ludlum on Wall Street USA Toda
  • Title: The Insider
  • Author: Stephen W. Frey
  • ISBN: 9780345480361
  • Page: 151
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
  • New York Times bestselling author Stephen Frey writes thrillers of ruthless financial terror Chicago Tribune , intricately plotted, fast paced novels where Grisham meets Ludlum on Wall Street USA Today Now Frey has written his most exciting novel yet, taking us even deeper into the volatile world of raw ambition, million dollar deals, and wide eyed dreamers willingNew York Times bestselling author Stephen Frey writes thrillers of ruthless financial terror Chicago Tribune , intricately plotted, fast paced novels where Grisham meets Ludlum on Wall Street USA Today Now Frey has written his most exciting novel yet, taking us even deeper into the volatile world of raw ambition, million dollar deals, and wide eyed dreamers willing to risk everything for a profit.Hungry to leave his dead end banking job and to play in the big leagues, Jay West lands a coveted position with the powerful investment firm of Donovan Lloyd, working for the influential, charismatic Oliver Mason, a deal maker with the Midas touch, a fierce ally who handpicked Jay for the job With the incentive of a million dollar bonus at the end of the year, Jay strives to make his mark, unaware that he is stepping into an elaborate trap baited with the seductive promise of power and influence.Jay soon suspects that Oliver s stellar track record is than a result of hard work or good luck The man seems to have everything not just fast cars and a luxurious home in Connecticut, but a violent temper, a strained marriage, and a boundless hunger for money and prestige The stakes are raised when a trusted coworker is brutally murdered and the beautiful Sally Lane joins the team, a mysterious blonde with the ability to coax secrets out of others while seductively keeping her own.With a conspiracy of deceit and corruption beginning to close around him, Jay races to untangle the sordid lies that have quickly and too conveniently blackened his name Trusting no one and remaining one step ahead of both the law and his unknown adversaries, Jay must rely on his own cunning and wits to stay in the game and to stay alive.With breakneck pacing from the opening bell, The Insider is a multilayered, action packed thriller of wealth and the lust for it, heated passion and ruthless competition, survival and power no matter the cost.From the Hardcover edition.
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        For the last 15 years I ve been lucky enough to be a novelist Until recently the books were set in the worlds of Wall Street and Washington In addition to writing, I ve also had a career in finance with specialties including merger acquisition advisory and private equity at firms like J.P Morgan in New York City and Winston Partners just outside D.C in northern Virginia So, it seemed natural to write about those two worlds and, fortunately, the publishing industry agreed My first book was published in 1995, The Takeover about a secret group of men who were trying to destroy the U.S monetary system by engineering a massive corporate takeover I have followed The Takeover with 13 novels all set in high level finance and national politics.Recently, I decided to alter the theme The novels will still have a financial focus, but Wall Street won t be the backdrop We ll get out into the world And there will be a man versus nature element for the hero in every novel Hell s Gate, available August 2009, is set in Montana and involves forest fires and why many of them start I live in southwest Florida with my wife, Diana, and we have since 2004 after moving down here from northern Virginia Given the new direction of my books, it seems like a hurricane ought to make an appearance in a novel sometime soon.


    1. I was blown away This book is over 25 years old but except for the characters using PAY PHONES and the incongruity of Jay West having a home computer not connected to the internet it rings true as timeless The timeless theme of course, is that the LOVE of money is the root of all evil Not money, per se, since money can do so much good rather the LOVE of money The obsession with money.More timelessness is evident in the various back stories An economy recovering from A recent setback Politics bei [...]

    2. Can t say I liked this book Like the other Stephen Frey book I read, this too lacks credibility The insider trading scheme is believable enough and rather simple , but the rest of it pushes credibility The money trail, for instance, is sketchy, and it s lack of detail robs it of credibility.Once again, the author makes Wall Street look dark, and its people utterly immoral We are to believe that all bigwigs there are crooks And they make tons of money far too easily to be believable.Pulp fiction. [...]

    3. Another book by Frey that shows his expertise lies in finances but outside of that sphere, he stumbles badly and his plots lack depth and credibility

    4. This is an older book, first published in 1999 I vaguely remember reading a book or two by this author And I like to read books that have a business setting.Unfortunately, I did not care much for this book It was pretty dark and depresssing, with lots of hiding and chasing None of it seemed very credible, with the plot revolving around an insider trading scheme at a New York investment firm I have run into some crooked people in my business career, but nothing quite as rampant and widespread as [...]

    5. wow very exciting story of Nefarious activities in the investment banking world includes undercover agents foreign bad guys and one poor victim who manages to overcome and survive

    6. n sthis book took me a little while to read it was one that I started, put down, read another book picked back up it was somewhat confusing due to trader topics wording that I didn t really understand.

    7. Some days after finishing the book I can hardly remember what was it about Or better to say everything except for the main idea has gone this phase actually could sum up all my thoughts concerning the story Coming closer to the plot detective story set in backstage of finance or exactly big money world with Hollywood style happy ending I am not going to explore all the plot and details, as usully, there are good guy, hiding bad guy who looks like good, relatively bad and just characters Actuall [...]

    8. You might call this an investment company thriller I know a little about stocks and bonds, but nothing about artitrage Jay West is anxious to make the big bucks If he does what his bosses tell him to do, he is promised a bonus of a million dollars come January They, however, don t plan to pay up, and are in an illegal scheme to make money for themselves Can he keep from getting framed, or killed

    9. I have read all his previous books and scored 5 for all but one Always at the centre of the plot is a young financier who finds him or herself in the middle of some financial skullduggery by others Although the formula is the same the characters, plots and storylines are always intriguing and well developed Frey s writing style is smooth and never boring which lends itself to an always entertaining read.

    10. This is the first book by Stephen Frey that I have read and it was quite enjoyable, full of villians and suspense The main character Jay West was very likeable and was certainly set up very nicely by his new employers The plot was intriguing if somewhat predictable with only a few twists and turns to keep me guessing.

    11. Jay West is given many red flags as he is just about to begin his new job at McCarthy and Lloyd and he ignores them all view spoiler The plot is intricate, incorporating many players who are not involved in the day to day operations at the investment firm.Illegalities abound, Jay is being set up, and the feds are in on the corruption hide spoiler

    12. Not too much of a page turner, but an okay read Pretty predictable, I guessed from the beginning what Sally s true character was Not so sure I would read other books from this author, unless I am on a really long flight or something of the like.

    13. Frey delivers another very good novel His books are not literary masterpieces he builds suspense through good protagonists and even better antagonists.This one was a little predictable, especially if you know the Frey formula But still very good.

    14. Excellent descriptive writing I felt I could see what was happening, yet there were the twists and what I thought I saw was not what it was Edge of your seat mystery.

    15. this was just too dated to be interesting in 2014 I m sure it was quite interesting when it was new and the subject matter insider trading was current.

    16. A promising start, but fizzled with weak characters and a plot jammed together in the end Maybe the author just wanted to get it over with.

    17. I wish i could give this book 3.5 stars It was somewhat predictable but entertaining But it sure makes you think about where all our money is going Hmmmmm

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