Shadow Account

Shadow Account

Stephen W. Frey / Apr 06, 2020
Shadow Account His novels of big money and murder in the world of finance have earned New York Times bestselling author Stephen Frey a richly deserved reputation as a master of suspense who always delivers a high yi
  • Title: Shadow Account
  • Author: Stephen W. Frey
  • ISBN: 9780345457592
  • Page: 225
  • Format: Paperback
  • His novels of big money and murder in the world of finance have earned New York Times bestselling author Stephen Frey a richly deserved reputation as a master of suspense who always delivers a high yield Now he raises the stakes, and the risk factor, in a new thriller that pits a young Wall Street player against corporate conspiracy and White House intrigue in a dangerHis novels of big money and murder in the world of finance have earned New York Times bestselling author Stephen Frey a richly deserved reputation as a master of suspense who always delivers a high yield Now he raises the stakes, and the risk factor, in a new thriller that pits a young Wall Street player against corporate conspiracy and White House intrigue in a dangerous game of double crosses, dirty tricks, and deadly consequences An investment banker in the maverick firm Phenix Capital, Conner Ashby is doing all right for himself At twenty seven, he s practically the right hand man of the company s founder a wealthy old pro looking to make a big comeback on The Street while grooming Conner for a place at the top Between his career and his gorgeous girlfriend, it s a good life, with every indication of getting even better until a wayward E mail crosses Conner s computer, and plunges his near perfect world into a terrifying downward spiral The operation is way out of hand If we don t do something, it s going to detonate It s a communication not meant for Conner s eyes, between people he doesn t know, about a company he s never heard of a company that s engaged in corporate fraud on a massive scale With no way to trace the E mail, it s impossible for Conner to act on the volatile discovery But with millions of dollars at stake, high powered careers in the balance, and hell to pay if the truth comes out, whoever clicked the send button by mistake isn t about to take any chances And for Conner, the evening that began in the arms of a beautiful woman ends in a harrowing race for his life As he follows a twisting trail of misdeeds and misinformation that stretches nationwide, Conner slowly uncovers a shocking plot as undeniably real as the gunshot wound in his arm Now, surviving will mean struggling to expose the truth as relentlessly as his shadowy enemies seek to conceal it and fighting for his life as ruthlessly as those determined to end it At every unexpected turn, Shadow Account deftly reveals Stephen Frey s many and considerable gifts his genius for plotting, his mastery of suspense, and his unmatched insight into the dark territory where finance meets felony, money meets mortality, and profit and loss are matters of life and death.
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      • Stephen W. Frey

        For the last 15 years I ve been lucky enough to be a novelist Until recently the books were set in the worlds of Wall Street and Washington In addition to writing, I ve also had a career in finance with specialties including merger acquisition advisory and private equity at firms like J.P Morgan in New York City and Winston Partners just outside D.C in northern Virginia So, it seemed natural to write about those two worlds and, fortunately, the publishing industry agreed My first book was published in 1995, The Takeover about a secret group of men who were trying to destroy the U.S monetary system by engineering a massive corporate takeover I have followed The Takeover with 13 novels all set in high level finance and national politics.Recently, I decided to alter the theme The novels will still have a financial focus, but Wall Street won t be the backdrop We ll get out into the world And there will be a man versus nature element for the hero in every novel Hell s Gate, available August 2009, is set in Montana and involves forest fires and why many of them start I live in southwest Florida with my wife, Diana, and we have since 2004 after moving down here from northern Virginia Given the new direction of my books, it seems like a hurricane ought to make an appearance in a novel sometime soon.


    1. Conner Ashby, a young investment banker who is on his way to the top, finds himself in the middle of a huge financial fraud He soon discovers this fraud reaches to the President of the U.S The character of Jackie, an accountant friend of Conner s, explains, using simplified examples understandable to the reader, how companies pull off reporting false profits in order for the chief officers to bag big profits Enjoyed the book exciting action, but made me pessimistic about big businesses.

    2. Conner Ashby discovers what he thinks is happening in his personal life really isn t at all My biggest complain about the book is it goes much too deep in explaining how corporations juggle or keep two sets of books Those long explanations were not all that necessary to the story line I wanted an exciting book not a lesson in finance.

    3. I had never read financial thriller I really enjoyed this book It helped that I had an accountant friend explain what was real and fantasy The fantasy was just to keep the story going and I understand why authors need this The real taught me things that I didn t realize that people could or would do for money To me it was a facinating and interesting book.

    4. I have thoroughly enjoyed all Stephen Frey s earlier books I have chosen, over the last 4 5 years, to read them in order of publication even though each book is a standalone By doing so, I have seen the author s work mature in its content and increase in complexity of the plot and sub plots All his earlier books have the same basic format of a young, Wall St financier who ends up in the middle of financial corruption created by others but he ends up being made the fall guy He tries to find out w [...]

    5. There are moments when this book was just downright tedious reading for me but I was interested in the storyline so I kept on reading and it really wasn t worth it Very disappointed in this selection.In looking back on the list of books I ve read, I have read two 2 other novels by Stephen W Frey, The Successor and The Vulture Fund After reading The Successor I knew I would keep reading novels by this author But after reading The Vulture Fund , I had to add in my review that I think the dub of St [...]

    6. This book was published in 2005 and I assume it was written in the aftermath of the Enron and other scandals This might as well have been written after the 08 financial crash, because it deals with the same fraudulent behavior of bankers, accountants and corporate execs Credible financial thriller, although the main character, who s supposed to be an investment banker, does show some Jason Bourne behaviour that might seem a bit off Don t read the epilogue It will unravel the mystery step by step [...]

    7. I ve liked every other Frey book, but afraid I had to give up on this one, about a third of the way through I tried Really But going through page after page of pedantic, dull, one sided dialogue on accounting rules and so on just did me in.I appreciate that one could learn from this, but as someone said, I don t want a lesson in finance, at least not this poorly communicated in huge chunks.Not a winner.

    8. After reading just over 150 pages I just couldn t take it any Too much blah blah blah about stuff I don t care about At first I was interested in the mystery of Liz so I was willing to stick it out Sadly, the mind numbingly boring details got to me and now I couldn t care less about finding out what really happened.

    9. An excellent suspenseful Wall Street thriller The novel gives understanding about the murky financial dealings, corruption, manipulations illegal insider trading of a stock exchange People connected to financial work will find this an enjoyable read.

    10. I m a finance wonk, so I had to give this one a shot Some of the commentary by the characters seems overly populist to me, but the core of the financial crime is interesting I wish the female characters had , well, character Frey s taken the Madonna Magdalene concept a bit literally here.

    11. Conner Ashby receives an email not meant for his eyes ok, how is this possible This lets the reader in on something that Conner is slow to realize It does not tell us, however, the how and why, and here lies the fast paced story.

    12. Shadow Account delved deeply into how large corporations juggle their books so they look like they are doing better than they really are I would have liked to see of the character s personalities and much less of the narration It was a very slow read for me.

    13. It is rare that I can t actually finish a book but it happened This one was horrible Crappy formulaic dialogue Unrealistic subject matter and did I mention it was boring YAWN.

    14. This book was entertaining and educational I learned alot about the world of Wall St and insider trading It was a little predictable.

    15. Classic Stephen Frey suspense thriller Although I liked it and found it very entertaining, I personally feel like it wasn t his best work.

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