Fear is Louder Than Words

Fear is Louder Than Words

Linda S. Glaz / Feb 26, 2020
Fear is Louder Than Words Her stalker taught her fear Her suspicions taught her terror Rochelle Cassidy has the perfect life as a radio talk show host in the Detroit market but her celebrity status doesn t stop an angry liste
  • Title: Fear is Louder Than Words
  • Author: Linda S. Glaz
  • ISBN: 9781941103500
  • Page: 298
  • Format: Paperback
  • Her stalker taught her fear Her suspicions taught her terror Rochelle Cassidy has the perfect life as a radio talk show host in the Detroit market, but her celebrity status doesn t stop an angry listener from wanting her dead Ed McGrath s ideal life as a pro hockey player doesn t include a damsel in distress until the night he discovers Rochelle being attacked in aHer stalker taught her fear Her suspicions taught her terror Rochelle Cassidy has the perfect life as a radio talk show host in the Detroit market, but her celebrity status doesn t stop an angry listener from wanting her dead Ed McGrath s ideal life as a pro hockey player doesn t include a damsel in distress until the night he discovers Rochelle being attacked in a deserted parking structure Circumstances throw them together in ways than one when Rochelle s producer plays matchmaker A sick boy, a corrupt politician, and questionable medical practices put than merely Rochelle in danger, and still, her attacker shadows her every step Will Ed be able to break through her trust issues in order to protect her, or will she continue to see him as Detroit s bad boy athlete Her life AND his depend on it.
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        Linda, married with three grown children and three grandchildren, is a complete triple A personality How else would she find time to write as well as be an agent for Hartline Literary Agency She loves any and every thing about the written word and loves when families pass stories along through the generations as her mother did with her She was blessed to have served in the Air Force at a time when it wasn t the politically correct thing for a woman to do After teaching soccer nationally and women s self defense wherever the need arose, now, her greatest thrill is matching clients with publishing houses and hearing their voices when they get THE CALL She s an AWSA speaker and presents classes nationwide She connects with authors through seminars, blogs, and anywhere a group congregates and talks books She s always looking for fresh voices in fiction, especially in historic romance and suspense.


    1. Fear Is Louder Than Words by Linda S Glaz is an amazing nail biting Christian thriller I was literally on the edge of my seat for the whole read It was exciting It was heart breaking It was Horrifying It was faithful.Some books are really easy to review This book was really hard as it was all so fabulous It is difficult to know where to start The whole book is packed full of good, sound godly advice juxtaposed with breath taking action It is an unusual combination but it works really well and I [...]

    2. This story had twists, back trails, and turns than a politician s promises At times, it was like reading two separate stories, but they came together in a rush at the end Suspense, romance, and a solid underlying thread of faith and forgiveness gets it five full stars.Rochelle Cassidy has a radio talk show and she s been known to tick off a fan or two But when one fan becomes obsessed, she finds herself in very real danger Ed McGrath is a hockey player He s used to being the sports hero, but wh [...]

    3. Rochelle is a Christian radio announcer who d no nonsense views earn the contempt of many listeners in the liberal Motor City, some than others When she digs a little deeper into a few locals her world is turned upside down Hockey star Ed isn t looking for love, in fact, he s quite happy with the non committal groupies who surround him, until he finds a woman who has been attacked in a parking garage, instead of her life flashing before her eyes, his does This one woman turns his self centered [...]

    4. Fear is Louder Than Words is the chilling story of one woman s repeated encounters with evil As the target of a madman s hatred, Rochelle struggles to keep a grip on her sanity, continue doing her job for those counting on her as a voice of truth, and talk sense into her foolish heart The trouble is, the guy she s falling for makes her feel safe, and she can t need that If she can t get control of her fear, she can t give over her heart And what s worse, she s becoming so traumatized by ongoing [...]

    5. Linda Glaz kept me turning pages with this cautionary tale of stalking and fear When the heroine finds herself falling for a protector, she struggles with discerning between emotions of love and the need for protection The stalking stalker changes how she perceives herself and others and it affects her job If you love suspense with romance, this is a must read Loved it.

    6. Ooh I love a good suspense and this book didn t disappoint Just when I started thinking I knew what was coming BAM A twist All the way up to the end, I couldn t finish fast enough to see what was going to happen and how all the threads would weave together And boy did they.

    7. Definitely A Page Turner Rochelle Cassidy, radio talk show host, is known for her big mouth and conservative views, which sometimes brings out the worst in her listeners And on occasion she gets a threatening letter, or two or three Usually it s not a big deal until the words become actions and you find yourself face to face with a crazed killer in a dark parking lot.Hockey Star, Ed McGrath was living the good life, at the height of his career, partying almost every night with a different beauty [...]

    8. This was certainly a fast paced read I m not sure what all to say about it that won t result in spoilers, but I ll give it a shot.There are three almost completely distinct storylines running through this book, the only element really tying them together is Rochelle So the reader is watching Rochelle dealing with the terror her attacker has generated in her, while she is fighting her attraction to the man who saved her, and we re watching Kyle as he progresses and escalates his hatred for Rochel [...]

    9. A good reafI thoroughly enjoyed this book It was the perfect mix of Christian fiction and medical thriller The characters were all strong and the book was well written.

    10. A very enjoyable book The characters were very real, not perfect but with faults like we all have The author did a good job of showing how God can work in our lives and bring good from bad situations.

    11. The pacing in this book was phenomenal From one scene to the next and with multiple POVs, I never knew what was coming Twists in the plot left me second guessing my theories as the story developed The feel of the settings and character emotions only anchored me further into this gripping, contemporary Christian suspense.

    12. Title Fear is Louder than WordsAuthor Linda S GlazPages 281Year 2015Publisher Lighthouse Publications of the CarolinasMy rating is 5 stars.This is an edge of your seat kind of story Here is a woman named Rachelle she is a talk show host who has no family but those she works with at the radio station Rachelle gets fan mail and some of it really scares the living daylights out of her, but she tries really hard not to let fear control her life since losing her parents and brother years earlier.Yet, [...]

    13. Linda S Glaz has written a spine tingling suspense interlaced with a romance that will keep you on the edge of your seat From page 1 I was pulled into the story and the strong characters and plot kept me turning the pages Chapter 1 begins Chistmastime is nearHappy time of yearBut Princess you deserve to die Talk about intriguing Rochelle Cassidy, also known as Motor Mouth Princess, works at WNIC as a talk show host She is known for her controversial show, but so after her interview with Detroit [...]

    14. The motor mouth princess, Rochelle taking a stand against hell freely opines from her conservative Christian radio talk show Getting into trouble upon occasion comes with the territory, like from a politician exposed for corrupt practices, and all kinds of hate mail When the hate mail has a stalker behind it, however, life turns upside down.Glaz s novel about wounded and empty souls will touch sore spots with readers Many people walk around, hearing of God, but never really knowing Him, or under [...]

    15. Wow I ve read some of Linda s historical novels and really enjoyed them Now I think she s got a real talent for suspense also I was excited to receive a free copy of Fear is Louder Than Words to review I was captivated by the end of the first sentence And by the end of the book I am definitely hoping for some suspense books from this author Rochelle is a talk show host And a pretty popular one at that When she is attacked, Ed McGrath Hockey player extraordinaire comes to her rescue Things are r [...]

    16. I m currently rereading this book since I enjoyed it so much the first time a few months ago Quite exciting Good characterizations Excellent writing As an author myself, I find it hard not to be critical of everything I read, but Linda Glaz has given me very little to criticize Every romantic suspense novel probably faces the same challenge how to have the man and woman meet in a realistic and meaningful way Having Ed come to Rochelle s aid as a knight in shining armor figuratively, of course pr [...]

    17. My thoughts Sookay This is not your typical romantic suspense I told my husband just tonight and last night that it s weird But in a GOOD way There are three story lines in this book that are intertwined to an extent I don t want there to be any spoilers because there are really interesting things and twists and turns, but they all make sense in the end You probably will pick up on hints and foreshadowing here and there, but that s okay it really makes the story even better The writing is excell [...]

    18. Exceptional storytellingI thoroughly enjoyed getting to know Rochelle and Ed, how their individual stories unfolded, how one heinous act brought them into each other s lives.As part of her job being radio host, she delved into subjects many would not be comfortable with but, deciding a change was in order, she went for a human interest story about a medical centre which specialized in bringing super intelligent children into the worldbut things were not as they seemed on the surface.The suspense [...]

    19. This book was AMAZING I was immediately caught up in the detailed web of mystery Linda Glaz did an amazing job of creating characters that drew you into the story so much so that while I was reading it I tried to warn them watch out The ending was such a surprise and the romantic story between Rachelle and Ed will pull at your heartstrings There was equal amounts of romance and suspense which is perfect in my opinion I love everything Linda Glaz writes and hope she continues writing since she is [...]

    20. Wow and wow This being my first read by Linda Glaz I didn t know what to expect It held all the genre that I like to read, Christian suspense and Christian romance It was spellbinding and amazing from the beginning to the end The characters drew you into the story as well as having two stories in one that came together in the end in a surprising way There was equal amounts of romance with clean kissing, no sexual scenes, and suspense with lots of twists and turns I loOk forward to reading from [...]

    21. From the first sentences, in the form of a Christmas poem, my blood pressure went up and it stayed there through the rest of the story Linda Glaz wove a masterful plot of intricacies, red herrings, and unexpected detours Her characters have strong personalities and realistic dialogue unique to each of them.The relationship that grew between hockey hero and motor mouth was exquisite The tension elevated perfectly in pretty direct correlation to the intrigue I also enjoyed getting to know so many [...]

    22. If you like sweet romance mixed in with suspense if you like the idea of a radio talk show host and a rugged hockey player falling for each other if you like the concept of a mysterious stalker or a sub plot involving designer babies if you like a story that moves quickly but keeps you guessing and finally, if you like a Detroit Motor City setting, then this is a good read Glaz utilizes an interwoven story structure to carry multiple plots which eventually intersect, and it s fun to anticipate h [...]

    23. If you like suspense, you need to pick up this book Rochelle is attacked in a parking lot Ed comes to her rescue But she is a Christian and he is a playboy Will they end up together How does it work What is going on at the doctor s office that she is trying to interview Who is out to get her This book will be very hard to put down once you get started Well written with plenty of keep you on the edge of your seat action I was given a copy of this book for my honest opinion.

    24. Fear is Louder Than Words by Linda Glaz toys with one of a woman s worst nightmares Being stalked While the protagonist, Rochelle, is a strong woman with an independent spirit, even she struggles with the changes an unexpected attack brings to her psyche Fear permeates every area of her life How much should she lean on others without succumbing to paranoia And is the paranoia unfounded Well written psychological drama that spells out the struggle, with unexpected twists along the way A thriller [...]

    25. Linda Glaz latest novel, Fear is Louder Than Words, has so many twisty plot turns, you ll hold your breath to see what s around the next bend Rochelle Cassidy is a smart, single, career woman whose star is rising quickly, thanks to her controversial radio show But sometimes fame has a price to pay.With a stalker that won t give up, a crooked politician she takes down, and a sizzling story that s about to break, Rochelle finds herself facing all kinds of obstacles Throw in a little romance, and i [...]

    26. Another marvelous and inspirational read by Linda Glaz It s so easy to become entranced with her characters they re all so full of life and personality The same went for Fear Is Louder A compilation of very different people, brought together in such unexpected ways The element of suspense drew me in so much , and the outcome was very different than what I had thought throughout the book Excellent twist

    27. I received this book through a giveaway.Pretty standard fare, the young girl on her own in the world falls for the handsome, compassionate athlete The thing that set this book apart is the Christian flavor I use that word intentionally because it s just a taste and not at all overwhelming It didn t scare me away while still making it s point This is not a genre I usually read but I found it a passably entertaining read.

    28. Linda Glaz has written a gripping very real very suspenseful story Although I KNEW I had to be up early and at my desk by 5 30am I could NOT put the book down especially when I reached the middle of the story No sagging middle there wow without spoiling this for any readers.I will say is worth the time it takes you to read ite characters will stay with you for days.e subject will hit your heart.rprises in storeGET YOUR COPY ASAP

    29. Received a copy in exchanged for an honest review This is a good suspense romance book, but I did have a little difficulty with the lead character Rochelle I understand the author was trying to make her scared and guarded, but in a lot of ways her attitude came off as just plain unlikable It took me awhile to warm up to her The overall story was well written and the suspense had a nice twist.

    30. My only regret about reading FEAR IS LOUDER THAN WORDS is the little free time I have to read sure wish I could have read this novel quickly since it s an exciting read The tension is crisp, the dialogue realistic, and the plot had me guessing about the identity of the true bad guy.I received this Kindle book as a contest win and was not solicited for a review.

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