A Walk Through Carnival

A Walk Through Carnival

Edwidge Danticat / Jun 01, 2020
A Walk Through Carnival A Vintage Short Travel Series Growing up in Haiti Edwidge Danticat kept well clear of carnival terrified by the stories of danger and debauchery that her uncle told her Decades later a grown woman a
  • Title: A Walk Through Carnival
  • Author: Edwidge Danticat
  • ISBN: 9781101972533
  • Page: 249
  • Format: ebook
  • A Vintage Short Travel Series Growing up in Haiti, Edwidge Danticat kept well clear of carnival terrified by the stories of danger and debauchery that her uncle told her Decades later, a grown woman and accomplished author, she returns home to find out what she s been missing In this excerpt from After the Dance, Danticat fuses her present day observations with heA Vintage Short Travel Series Growing up in Haiti, Edwidge Danticat kept well clear of carnival terrified by the stories of danger and debauchery that her uncle told her Decades later, a grown woman and accomplished author, she returns home to find out what she s been missing In this excerpt from After the Dance, Danticat fuses her present day observations with her own childhood memories and weaves a deeply personal reflection on the home she left behind Through conversations with other attendees and her own deft reporting, she takes readers into the very heart of the festival A Walk Through Carnival is as much memoir as it is travelogue and, in these pages, the National Book Critics Circle Award winning author of Brother, I m Dying brings the electric spirit of carnival vividly to life An eBook short.
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        Edwidge Danticat was born in Haiti and moved to the United States when she was twelve She is the author of several books, including Breath, Eyes, Memory, an Oprah Book Club selection Krik Krak , a National Book Award finalist and The Farming of Bones, an American Book Award winner She is also the editor of The Butterfly s Way Voices from the Haitian Dyaspora in the United States and The Beacon Best of 2000 Great Writing by Men and Women of All Colors and Cultures.Danticat earned a degree in French Literature from Barnard College, where she won the 1995 Woman of Achievement Award, and later an MFA from Brown University She lives in Miami with her husband and daughters.


    1. 2010 s stellar historical memoir, Create Dangerously, reinvigorated my interest in Haitian born author Edwidge Danticat Her debut novel Breath, Eyes, Memory set the pace for what seemed to be a promising career, and then Danticat s trajectory suddenly took a sharp dip thanks to a few uninspiring releases Somehow After the Dance slipped through the cracks for me It only recently appeared on my radar, despite its 2002 release This non fiction work has been categorized as a travelogue, as it focuse [...]

    2. I read this book in one day True to form, Danticat presents the wonder of Carnival in a most delightful and mesmerizing way Through her words, I see Haiti I see its grandeur as well as its flaws I experience the island as both a child and as an adult I just love that she writes so beautifully, like a painter standing before a blank canvas the reader.

    3. Carnival is one of the defining events of the Haitian year, and nowhere is it celebrated with verve than in the seaside town of Jacmel The Haitian American novelist Edwidge Danticat never had the opportunity to attend carnival Thus, as an adult, she returns to Haiti, to Jacmel, to experience what she missed in childhoood This book is an account of Danticat s trip back This is a travel essay, but at the same time, it s so much After the dance is a travel narrative, a memoir, and a history, of H [...]

    4. This book spoke to so many parts of my brain and I loved it very much.Linguist Of course I want to know 4 uses of the word lamayot There should be an accent mark over that o Spirit There were many references to artists and literary voices Painters who fill in the gaps of history to create what s missing The spirit of the peasants The quote about F Scott Fitzgerald saying there is a peasant in every novelist.Political History I got the sense that Carnival is so right and healing for telling the l [...]

    5. Edwidge Danticat takes us back to Haiti, to Jacmel, for Carnival But it s a new experience not just for the reader well, this reader, anyway but also for Danticat as a child in Haiti, she was kept away Carnival has ever loomed in her imagination as tantalising, dangerous, forbidden Now, as an adult, she s back to celebrate Carnival herself.First, though, Danticat takes us through Jacmel It s an eccentric tour of sorts she relays a fair amount of history but consistently returns to the things tha [...]

    6. Another travelogue for a series by authors on lands they visit this is the only one I know of written by an author visiting her own country for this, it is an interesting read However, its focus on carnival in Jacmel begs the question why not Carnival in the capital, Port au Prince This a question the text refuses to answer If readers are compelled to find out the answer beyond the text, than the exercise both reading this book and seeking the answer to the question beyond the text will have bee [...]

    7. I learned a lot about carnival and Haitian history by reading this I d anticipated something a little fiery and sweaty, as this is how carnival represents Danticat expresses interest in graveyards and the history of the carnival masks than in the experience of flinging herself into carnival at the height of the festivities As she says, she still has the fears of her childhood about the dangers of the carnival crowd.

    8. Edwidge Danticat takes us to the streets of Jacmel and through the wild, brightly colored, irreverent ceremony of carnival Mixed folk lore, history, and historical analysis with personal memoir, Danticat s journey through Jacmel, before and after carnival, is delightful, and makes me long for a trip to Haiti.

    9. Someone else may like this book, but it was not for me I did not finish the book because I thought it was boring I read another book by the same author and I really enjoyed it so i thought that I would like this book also, but I couldn t really relate to the book or what the author talks about It might be a good book for people who have Haitian heritage and like carnivals.

    10. After reading The Dew Breaker, I wanted to know about Haiti s culture and political history The is a calmly thoughtful account of a trip back to visit Carnival Although the book culminates with Carnival and what fun it must be , the pleasure was in the travels and reminisces leading up to the actual party It worked as a cultural and political primer, and makes me want to read .

    11. Although Danticat is Haitian, she didn t live there for a long time before she returned for Carnival Her perspective is unique, because she s both a native and a foreigner Plus, the writing is beautiful and makes you feel as if you re actually experiencing Carnival right along with her.

    12. I know the Edwidge Danticat is known as a fiction writer, but I love her non fiction so much The prose in this book is like poetry and really takes you to Carnival It is a very enjoyable short read.

    13. While this is Danticat s tale of attending Carnival in Jacmel, Haiti, it is so much A lovely, lyrical, interesting and deep tale begin to describe this book and yet it is so much .

    14. This is one of the Crown Journeys series which I recommend in general They re all personal and quirky, written by somebody who really loves a place Danticat s writing about Haiti makes you see it.

    15. An extremely interesting account of the town of Jacmel in Haiti during the famous annual carnival Danticat tries to get under the skin of carnival, the customs that surround the event, the lives of the people involved She puts this day of riotous joy into context, framing it with the political and cultural history of the country, an endeavor that also allows to find her own place in the unique society from which she originally came.

    16. 2017 Reading Challenge A book set around a holiday other than ChristmasDanticat takes us along on her journey to experience Carnival in Jacmel, Haiti Danticat grew up in Haiti, but in a protestant family that warned against taking part in Carnival, with stories of danger and mystery.Danticat not only shares her experience with modern day Carnival in Jacmel, but investigates the origins of many of the traditions, landscape, and stories at the root of Carnival She visits with artists, peasants, te [...]

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