Hello, Groin

Hello, Groin

Beth Goobie / Feb 17, 2020
Hello Groin When Dylan Kowolski agrees to create a display for her high school library she has no idea of the trouble it s going to cause for the school principal her family her boyfriend Cam and his jock frie
  • Title: Hello, Groin
  • Author: Beth Goobie
  • ISBN: 9781551434599
  • Page: 357
  • Format: Hardcover
  • When Dylan Kowolski agrees to create a display for her high school library, she has no idea of the trouble it s going to cause for the school principal, her family, her boyfriend Cam and his jock friends, and her best friend Jocelyn And for Dylan herself If only her English class had been studying a normal, run of the mill, mundane book like Lord of the Flies instead ofWhen Dylan Kowolski agrees to create a display for her high school library, she has no idea of the trouble it s going to cause for the school principal, her family, her boyfriend Cam and his jock friends, and her best friend Jocelyn And for Dylan herself If only her English class had been studying a normal, run of the mill, mundane book like Lord of the Flies instead of Foxfire things wouldn t have gotten so twisted Then the world wouldn t have gone into such a massive funk And then Dylan wouldn t have had to face her deepest fear and the way she was letting it run her life.Hello, Groin presents a compelling, realistic and refreshing look at teen sexuality and one girl s struggle to make the difficult choices that face her.
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        Beth Goobie is best known for her quirky and dark young adult novels She s published several of them, beginning in 1994 Her novel Before Wings won the Canadian Library Association s Young Adult Book Award in 2000, and was chosen by young readers for the Best Books list of the American Library Association.Much of the turmoil in Goobie s life has been laid bare in two books for adult readers, Scars of Light, which is autobiographical poetry, and The Only Good Heart, a book of short stories Both are built on the theme of cults, abuse, and emotional torture They were, she says, both therapeutic for herself and a warning to others.


    1. This book was dark and sad, and very realistic I feel like I m back in school remembering those years.But there is a happy ending.

    2. This book got me excited about YA fiction again Originally, I picked it up and put it back, thinking the title was a little weird and the inside flap didn t sound that interesting But something called me back to it, and I m so glad I took it home with me.Dylan Kowolski is 16 and things are pretty ok as far as she s concerned She s doing well in school, she s got an awesome boyfriend who just happens to be one of the star football players and part of the in crowd, and her volunteer job working at [...]

    3. I decided to read this book which is in our YA collection because I was told it was a bit explicit and shocking So, naturally, I had to read it It s basically about a teenage girl high school junior who is fighting her ever obvious romantic feelings for her best girl friend while dating a great guy for whom she just can t force herself to conjure up physical attraction.I have to say that even though I was a bit uncomfortable at times, I really liked this book Dylan is the kind of daughter that [...]

    4. I m not sure how to preface this review of Saskatoon based Beth Goobie s young adult novel Hello, Groin except to admit it I have mixed feelings On the one hand, Hello, Groin is as earnest a teen novel as you ll ever find I really appreciated this quality It s also heartwarming as hell, which young adults or not, is something we all need a little bit of now and then On the other hand, there were quite a few things that irritated me while reading this book kind of like an itchy sweater Mostly, it [...]

    5. With a name like Hello, Groin it s got to be good This book is one of YALSA s Top Ten Teen nominees, and was almost voted to be the next book discussed at the Teen Book Discussion Group I moderate, so I thought I d better read it And to my surprise, it is a page turner Dylan is pretty, athletic, and in a steady relationship with a really good guy But she has no attraction to him, and she is totally turned on by her best friend Jocelyn What to do, what to do, what to do I really felt for Dylan an [...]

    6. This was an OK book, but I hate that like a lot of YA books dealing with sexuality issues, everything is sort of glossed over and everything turns out fine There are no big problems for the character to deal with, which may be the case for some, but not many Even her boyfriend doesn t freak too much when she tells him she s a lesbian When the main character comes out of the closet, only one person has a minor problem with it and it is a minor character to begin with, and the plot hints that he w [...]

    7. This book was D U L L At nearly 300 pages, the plot centers around Dylan, a high school girl who is realizing she might be gay, and the drama surrounding her choice of putting Foxfire by Joyce Carol Oates over a silhouette of a girl s groin on for a library display Dude, I m a librarian, but controversy about a library display is not a great plot center I kept thinking, And this is why we think Canadians are boring This books is noted as daring for its frank exploration a teen coming to terms wi [...]

    8. this book has an awesome cover after that, it mostly lost me the plot concept is alright the characters are interesting and well developed but the plot is cyclical, with the same ideas and themes being replayed over and over even the part with censored books was a way to revisit the same themes it might be an interesting book for kids coming out but i found it disappointing and not as rich of other books featuring queer teens plus i abhor overly happy endings.

    9. I think I ve finally pinpointed what was missing for me with this book, the depth For some reason I feel as though I barely scratched the surface of the characters involved.I understood that Dylan was torn up, caught, and hard on herself, but I never really sympathized with her It missed on the angst part for me.

    10. Hello, Groin is almost a two part novel One part Dylan coming to terms with coming out and dealing with the feelings she has for her best friend and another part an anti censorship rallying cry complete with a who s who of the banned book world

    11. This was uneven and a bit preachy on the subject of free speech, but very readable and a strong treatment of glbtq coming out issues Unfortunate title.

    12. It took me a long time to warm up with this one The last quarter is pretty much where the good stuff happened for me I liked the supporting characters better than the main one.

    13. Note to my former teen self who obsessively read this book and never returned it to the Glenroy library You re super queer Keep the book Kiss women.

    14. Dylan has a loving boyfriend, a caring family, and a best friend She s just starting high school and the little act of accepting the invitation to do a library book display suddenly throws her whole world upside down.I was recommended this through the Recommendation setting, but upon reading reviews, I was worried But then I ordered it anyway, and, honestly, I really enjoyed it, despite feeling shy about the cover It was entertaining and realistic, almost too much so, as at times I started to ge [...]

    15. Reviewed by Long Nguyen for TeensReadTooThe title will make you laugh, the story will provoke you to think Dylan lives the good life great family, amazing boyfriend, and a best friend she can rely on That is until she confronts her real identity, when she admits to herself that she prefers girls rather than boys Beth Goobie, in a stellar effort, portrays the life of a lesbian teenager too afraid of the repercussions upon her life if and when she comes out to her friends and family Dylan doesn t [...]

    16. the worst part of this book is the title in high school i read their eyes were watching god by zora neale hurston and i remember my teacher going off on how he hated the title, how it was a nice line from the book but it wasn t a reflection on the book as a whole in the least there are so many nice and beautiful lines in this book that could have been adapted as the title instead of what was used it makes the whole thing a little unappealing, too lesbians spend so much time fielding unnecessary [...]

    17. Dylan has been coasting along in school just fine She is not a popular girl, but she is not ridiculed either, and she has discovered how to ride the waves of high school social drama without standing out either way That is, until she helps create a bulletin board for the school library Her display is censored by the principal and soon Dylan is the talk of the school What did the principal ask her to remove, and why is Dylan being so secretive about it Dylan wrestles with the social demons as she [...]

    18. I liked this book a lot It is seemingly another typical YA coming of age coming out book, but this one has a smartness to it that I really enjoyed There s a discussion through the entire book about sexuality and knowing and owning your own body, and it s not limited to just being gay It s related to all teenagers, and in particular teenage girls view spoiler It s this idea that you shouldn t be ashamed of how your sexuality drives you and you re not a complete person until all things, heart, min [...]

    19. Dylan thinks there s something wrong with her She s been dating Cam for months, but feels nothing when he kisses her Anytime Dylan is with her best friend Joc, her feelings explode Convinced she is screwed up somehow, Dylan tries to fight her feelings and her true self.Meanwhile, Dylan is asked to put together a display at school of book covers in the shape of a girl and boy Without considering the consequences, she puts Foxfire over the girl s groin, a book about an all women gang Now she must [...]

    20. worst title ever, huh it was one of the better best in the genre though remember, this is not saying a lot the librarian is the coolest adult in the book of course and the title does lead to an interesting theme not sure you re gay listen to your groin it s good adviced damn do the canadians love alanis morissette they are STILL talking about her she was praised in this book, mentioned in coupland s girlfriend in a coma and I watched the canadian version of dawson s creek the oc the other day an [...]

    21. There s something a little bit different about this book than most YA queer lit I can t quite put my finger on it maybe it s how calmly most of the characters take things very Canadian , the emphasis on what is actually dramatic, not just how teenagers see things Like a good mix between the hindsight of adulthood and the acute sensitivity of teenager hood I can t give it four stars though because it just wasn t all that memorable It s only been a week since I finished it and I m already struggli [...]

    22. In the interest of full disclosure, instead of typing Goobie, I accidentally typed Boobie Hello Freud I perhaps should have given it a higher rating It was a little weird reading it as a guy getting a glimpse into girl world Also, perhaps because I m currently helping out at the Boys and Girls Club, I was extremely conscientious that I was reading about kids in High School, not people my own age Normally, if the characters in the book are close to my age, I just think of them as being my age, bu [...]

    23. Dark, funny, and quite intense Hello, Groin tells the story of Dylan while she discovers that friendship can sometimes get in the way of love So the heavy usage of the words dyke, fag, and other gay slurs made me horribly uncomfortable at times, but it worked Dylan was a beautifully written character, who had her flaws She wanted her feelings for her best friend, Jocelyn to go away but it wasn t happening I enjoyed watching her change and accept herself throughout the story Joc and Cam were lova [...]

    24. This book isn t as silly as its title would suggest, or as sexual It does focus a fair amount on sex, but it s largely as a vehicle for exploring other things Identity and belonging and coming of age and all the other things books like this are known for There was still some of the requisite coming out angst I m growing so tired of, but not on the level of some others I ve read, and I enjoyed the literary backdrop it was set against and the central relationships between Dylan and Jocelyn and Dyl [...]

    25. SO GOOD SO FAR Now I finished it, and it was still excellent You know those books that hit a nerve because they re so good and they hit so close to home This book did that for me, and I m really glad I didn t like all parts some things made me squeamish, and some plotlines resolved themselves too easily, and some parts reminded me of other books like Annie on My Mind , but the whole thing together was great.

    26. This book was ultimately a very satisfying read A really good coming o age story That being said it was a very difficult book to get into, but once I got into it was a terrific book Dylan is year 2 Canadian equivalent of a sopho in school she has a popular boyfriend, a wonderful family life a volunteer job at her school s library She s not sure of her sexuality where she fits Events in the book transpire to make her reflect on who she is where she s going.

    27. I really enjoyed this book It s a coming out coming of age novel but with a very intelligent and thoughtful narrator I would like to order some adult role models like the ones in this book for the world The narrator s school officials and parents are just fantastic While there are some mean girls and idiots in the book, most of the characters are just sort of good people who do the right things Quite endearing.

    28. Excellent YA novel about a high school girl coming out a lot of exploration of honesty and honor and literature Not an adventure story but definitely one that will appeal to bookworms and lovers of things literary.

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