The Hannibal Lecter Trilogy

The Hannibal Lecter Trilogy

Thomas Harris / Jun 04, 2020
The Hannibal Lecter Trilogy Red Dragon The Silence of the Lambs and Hannibal the three international bestsellers that provided literature with one of its most memorable characters now available in one volume
  • Title: The Hannibal Lecter Trilogy
  • Author: Thomas Harris
  • ISBN: 9780434009053
  • Page: 490
  • Format: Paperback
  • Red Dragon, The Silence of the Lambs and Hannibal the three international bestsellers that provided literature with one of its most memorable characters now available in one volume.
    Hannibal Lecter Hannibal Wiki Fandom Hannibal Lecter TV Hannibal Wiki Fandom Hannibal Lecter Movies In Order The Hannibal Lecter series has been very profitable over the last years The initial film, Manhunter in was the only one in the series not to do so well In fact, it lost around million dollars after it was released However, thankfully the owners of the franchise decided to stick with the idea and released The Silence of the Lambs in . Silence of the Lambs Everything That Happened to Hannibal day agoMost people know Dr Hannibal Lecter from The Silence of the Lambs, but he got up to further gruesome adventures after the movie ended.While those who regularly consume novels were already familiar with Hannibal from Thomas Harris books by , it was The Silence of the Lambs movie that introduced the devilishly sophisticated cannibal serial killer to the masses. Hannibal Lecter franchise Anthony Hopkins
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        Thomas Harris began his writing career covering crime in the United States and Mexico, and was a reporter and editor for the Associated Press in New York City His first novel, Black Sunday, was printed in 1975, followed by Red Dragon in 1981, The Silence of the Lambs in 1988, Hannibal in 1999, and Hannibal Rising in 2006.


    1. I first stumbled upon Red Dragon at age 14, and was amazed by it all I had never read anything even remotely similar In fact, the closest I had come was King s Carrie It was my gateway into the world of psychological thrillers, and at this point I simply cannot turn back Harris did an excellent job in capturing the horrific and violent genius that is Dr Hannibal Lecter The movie adaptations, in all honesty, did no justice, and that is why I recommend the quartet of books in even higher regard My [...]

    2. Like good black coffee, the perfectly good villain is a creature hard to define and even harder to find Fortunately, in the hands of the good Dr Hannibal Lecter, we re perfectly taken care of.For the purpose of this discussion, we re going to forget the films and TV show fans of horror are purists in matters of the heart and Dr Lecter is very, very close to our collective hearts.When you look at the books sequentially, there is a marked progression of Thomas Harris s interest in Hannibal as a ch [...]

    3. Man I m not even worried about grammar besides implying that this book is phenomenal There s a certain unique quality that singles out this book including that once you have seen the movie you will relate from the movie to the book It sets your mind in that kind of era.

    4. Having watched the Movies Hannibal and SotL many years ago, I had forgotten most if not all of the plot I read the three books back to back which is probably the longest run of fiction I ve done in a while.Red Dragon is my favourite of the trilogy, followed by Silence of the Lambs and finally Hannibal.The characterisation and procedural elements to the story are first rate, but by the time the plot hits Italy in Hannibal, it becomes of rushed commentary.Perhaps I would rate it highly had I rea [...]

    5. I freaking love these books One of the few mystery authors I will re read again and again Harris is a masterful writer, with perfect descriptors, a delicious villian , and a true gift for language Pretty much perfect thrillers, all three And Brian Cox plays him pitch perfect with all his charm and swagger in the original movie Gimme his charm and swagger any day.

    6. Excellent This is a must read for fans of the one and only Hannibal Lecter My personal favorite is Silence of The Lambs Hannibal s passages in said story are particularly creepy, and it ll keep you hooked, wanting If you like your horror stories with a brain as well as heart, lungs, and earlobes you ll enjoy this collection.

    7. I read this book when I was traveling It must have been 20 years ago or not far off.It scared the living daylights out of me So much so that I put a chair against my hotel door room.It was a brilliant read, the character and the plot was so believable and the pace was excellent I could not put it down scared as I was until I finished.

    8. I read all three out of order First Hannibal, then Red Dragon, then Silence of the Lambs When I started reading them, the only movie I saw was Silence of the Lambs All three were much better than the movies, especially Hannibal The movie leaves out many important parts, incluing Mason Verger s sister Eventhough Silence is in my Top 5 fav movies of all time, the book is slightly better.

    9. Of this trilogy, both movie adaptations ofRED DRAGON are far inferior to the book SILENCE OF THE LAMBS the movie is better than the book and HANNIBAL the book looks like craven commercialism when one sees the movie.

    10. all three as a whole were worth the time this does not included hannibal rising, and i wouldn t waste my breathe on it, written after the movie wrapped enough said the original trilogy out does all of the movies, except lambs of course.

    11. Can t give these book enough praise you ll just have to read them for yourself For anyone who is deterred by assuming it s full of gore , etc It s actually not like that at all, the books are intelligent, descriptive, and very human

    12. Never seen the movie, never will how violent this story was whit no reason to it I was hopping to understand the character that I first known through The Silence of the Lambs movie and through the book I had nightmares for a few daysI don t recommend it

    13. Reread all the books just before I started watching the TV show Amazing books and the tv show is SO addicting

    14. Nobody seems to want to discuss what a terrible ending Hannibal had Other than this unbelievable and anger inducing ending, the books were very enjoyable.

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