The Day the Bubble Burst: A Social History of the Wall Street Crash of 1929

The Day the Bubble Burst: A Social History of the Wall Street Crash of 1929

Gordon Thomas Max Morgan-Witts / Jul 13, 2020
The Day the Bubble Burst A Social History of the Wall Street Crash of Day the Bubble Burst The A Social History of the Wall Street Cr by Thomas Gordon and Max Morgan Witts
  • Title: The Day the Bubble Burst: A Social History of the Wall Street Crash of 1929
  • Author: Gordon Thomas Max Morgan-Witts
  • ISBN: 9780385143707
  • Page: 132
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Day the Bubble Burst, The A Social History of the Wall Street Cr, by Thomas, Gordon and Max Morgan Witts
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    1. As the subtitle indicates this is a social history of the crash of 29, not a forensic analysis from an economist s point of view Thomas Morgan Witts do a good job of capturing the zeitgeist of the times, telling the individual stories of some of the era s major players President Hoover, John D Rockefeller, J.P Morgan, Henry Ford, etc against a larger canvas of corruption and greed It s worth seeking out a copy of this highly entertaining narrative.

    2. This book, written in 1979, reads like a novel great characters, lots of action It informs about 1929, but the lessons are timeless The parallels between 1929 and today are many and lead one to view modern events with grave concern and our government s actions with heightened scepticism.

    3. i thoroughly enjoyed this book it s like an engrossing mini series packed into one book there s so many colorful characters and nail biting events, written by anyone else it could have fallen flat on it s bum it was like being immersed in a long disaster movie but the erupting volcano is metaphorical i was going to say and people don t die but a few do from their own hands you ll have to read it to get what i mean warning, this is not a dip into quick fix it s a factual, well researched and in d [...]

    4. I rarely give 5 Stars, but this book was worth it A real page turner The authors use real people and their stories to explain the 1929 stock market crash, how it came to be, how it affected people differently, including average people and their families It s a book that s hard to put down, even if you aren t interested in financial matters It very much reads like a whodunit, keeping the reader in suspense throughout.

    5. The book has great stories and information leading up to the crash, but doesn t takethe individual s stories in detail much beyond that However that being said, it neverpromised that either Great read.

    6. Human look at Manna falling from heaven and thru the floorAuthor takes us down a troubled timeline of the 1929Wall Street crash through the eyes of the chief participants and their families eyes Well written engaging the readers interest throughout.

    7. Amazing writing As someone who lost it in the 2007 2008 crash it got my juices flowing History repeats with variations Watch out fasten your belts a dazzling read

    8. Given the economic upheaval the country experienced in 2008 and 2009, a review of a past major fiscal disturbance seemed in order The authors of the Day the Bubble Burst, benefiting from hindsight, did a very credible job of compiling the events and attitudes of the late 20s that led to the precipitous decline in the price of stocks The effects of that downturn subsequently continued for years.Cutting to the chase, one can easily infer and conclude that the cause of the crash was greed What a su [...]

    9. Kim and her dad talked about this book while in Columbus at their house, so I read it This read book read like a novel, although I think the authors stuck with the facts Easy to read Overall, there seemed to be a pervading feeling among the public that nothing could go wrong If you weren t in the market, you were missing out on a sure thing Everything on margin, because you ll make when the market goes up, and the market is only going to go up Unfailing faith in the rocket continuing to climb, [...]

    10. Very good book The authors did a good job of making this segment of American history interesting by telling engaging true stories of several individuals in tandem before, during, and after the Crash of 1929, from one percenters like Joe Kennedy to 99 percenters like Jolan Slezsak, teen aged daughter of a bootlegger The book will leave you with a good understanding of the various conditions, attitudes, and global events that paved the way for the Crash of 1929, and help you recognize the conditio [...]

    11. In terms of style this book reminded quite a bit of The Big Short by Michael Lewis This one was written back in 1979 so I wonder if it was an inspiration for Lewis There are a few too many characters to easily keep them all straight but I love all the different lives woven together and it was fascinating to get a glimpse of a different time I was surprised to realize that this initial crash was just the start of the dismal stock dive that followed.

    12. Excellent portrayal of what led to the market collapse in 29 and the players who orchestrated it Shows ineptitude by government, shocking, although they fully understood disastrous consequences were on the horizon Market manipulation thrived then, and if man finds an opportunity to exploit flaws within the system, it s bound to occur again

    13. Extraordinary book Gordon Thomas is one of the most gifted storytellers in modern literature He can take a complex, serious topic like Stock Market and Finance and through a series of stories make it understandable and enjoyable This book is a perfect picture of the social mindset in all levels of society in the years conducting to the crisis.

    14. If you are looking for a technical accounting this is not the book It reminded me of people s history like The Good War It is a very good accounting of the culture of the time and the delusionary thinking that guided American finnance, business and government policy If you want a historical foundation for the mess we re in now this is a good start.

    15. Pretty good account of the NYSE crash of 1929, told in novel form It s obviously a history, written in 1979, but it reads like a prophesy at times, with themes of wealth concentration, savants figuring out the market at others expense, and the media rah rahing the growth of the bubble.

    16. I read this book several years ago It is a great book about Wall Street crash of 1929 It is written in story form and looks at real individual or group and what they did and experienced during that time.

    17. It is basically a history of the major financial players during the year leading up to the day For what might be a dry subject it s a detailed, fascinating easily comprehendible account It reads like a novel and holds the reader with a building suspense right to the end.

    18. A wonderful age of character s and moneyI ve read some other books concerning the crash, but this was a real joy to read Characters came alive I enjoyed the ride You will too.

    19. Long and very difficult to keep the characters real people straight in my mind But very helpful in detailing what caused the Crash of 29 It makes a lot sense to me now.

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