The Takeover

The Takeover

Stephen W. Frey / Sep 22, 2020
The Takeover The Firm meets Wall Street in this exceptionally taut electrifying debut novel about the intersection of high finance and unlimited political power Three seemingly unrelated incidents of violence sig
  • Title: The Takeover
  • Author: Stephen W. Frey
  • ISBN: 9780525939856
  • Page: 392
  • Format: Hardcover
  • The Firm meets Wall Street in this exceptionally taut, electrifying debut novel about the intersection of high finance and unlimited political power Three seemingly unrelated incidents of violence signal the beginning of a terrifying scheme so entwined in financial, political, and environmental sabotage that it jeopardizes a presidential administration.
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        For the last 15 years I ve been lucky enough to be a novelist Until recently the books were set in the worlds of Wall Street and Washington In addition to writing, I ve also had a career in finance with specialties including merger acquisition advisory and private equity at firms like J.P Morgan in New York City and Winston Partners just outside D.C in northern Virginia So, it seemed natural to write about those two worlds and, fortunately, the publishing industry agreed My first book was published in 1995, The Takeover about a secret group of men who were trying to destroy the U.S monetary system by engineering a massive corporate takeover I have followed The Takeover with 13 novels all set in high level finance and national politics.Recently, I decided to alter the theme The novels will still have a financial focus, but Wall Street won t be the backdrop We ll get out into the world And there will be a man versus nature element for the hero in every novel Hell s Gate, available August 2009, is set in Montana and involves forest fires and why many of them start I live in southwest Florida with my wife, Diana, and we have since 2004 after moving down here from northern Virginia Given the new direction of my books, it seems like a hurricane ought to make an appearance in a novel sometime soon.


    1. This is the first book I read by this author It was a little over the top but I really enjoyed it I look forward to reading other books by this author At first I was thinking why is this rising star such an idiot There were so many red flags from the beginning of this hostile takeover The other thing that gets me pretty confused is why a guy so powerful risks so much to ruin a junior partner WTF That makes no sense.

    2. Entertaining book, but Frey has a tendency to make every character a little too slick Virtually everyone who is good has the capacity to hustle at something, for instance pool, liar s poker, whatever It seems a tell of Frey s to determine who the good guys and the bad guys are Something that sets them apart by revealing their scrappy toughness Convoluted Yes But fun nonetheless.

    3. I enjoyed this book The plot is a little far fetched but believable and the characters held my interest.I d call this a Grisham on Wall Street and not Ludlum In Ludlum the arch villian turns out to be someone who was the 4th in a card game on page 132 and that wasn t the case here.I read this while on vacation and would read other books by the author for the same purpose.

    4. This Wall Street thriller, set in the later 1990 s, kept me reading through to the end With plot twists worthy of Castle , and a protagonist who at first impressed me as the most na ve financial genius I had ever read about, I would definitely recommend this read Enjoyed it very much.

    5. Libro con una tem tica nueva para mi y que me resulta muy interesanteEl mundo de las financias es un lugar turbio y hostil donde tienes que cuidarte las espaldas en todo momentoEste libro demuestra esto completamente y te hace cuestionar el trasfondo que envuelve a los negocios y a la pol tica

    6. Another good 2 day beach read at SBI I found it in library here Wall Street political intrigue which I trust is a bit far fetched Nevertheless, Andrew Falcon saves day for us all.

    7. This is a complex thriller with a host of characters, all entwined in a finacial thriller I strongly recommend that you read this with as little ditraction as possible I made the mistake of starting the book during a mid week holiday where reading was low priority I lost track of who was who and who did what Not the book s fault just me not paying 100% attention Once I got back to my normal distraction free routine, I picked up the thread and the second half of the book is as good as I have ever [...]

    8. I gave this book a 5.0 because it immediately caught my attention right from the first sentence It was easy to read and understand despite the legal technical terms used which I m not familiar with Also, the plot is brilliant the ending is the part which I love most And personally, the ending of this book is the best among the other endings I ve read Until the very last chapter, there were still revelations yet to be unfolded.P.S I thought at first that Andrew Falcon was so stupid and idiot Haha [...]

    9. This book follows the format of several of Frey s other thrillers A top secret cabal threatening to wreak both fiscal and political havoc on the US Andrew Falcon a young trader being set up as a patsy in an act of revenge has to tie all the pieces of this conspiracy together to keep himself out of jail and stop the financial markets from cratering Ok read I don t like it as much a Frey s recent novels.

    10. I am glad I went back and read some of the earlier work of Frey s that had eluded me up to this point In the Takeover we are introduced to the way things will be for Frey s longer running character Christian Gillette in subsequent books Here the main character Andrew Falcon is basically targeted by a rich, powerful group for revenge Figuring out how to beat them at ever step of the process is what makes this book fun.

    11. I recall I picked this up without having ever heard of it before Then I read it I liked it It s not the best book ever written, but it held my attention and I was into the mystery story I thoroughly enjoyed Afterward, I read some reviews that all panned the book I thought they missed the mark I think the book was worthwhile and enjoyable.

    12. What a fabulous story that was I simply loved the book and the plot was nicely stitched together without leaving any tear or loose ends The last 100 pages were engrossing and thrilling Would recommend it to hard core thriller crime fiction fans Although the genre is financial thriller, the author makes it simple enough for laymen to understand without using too many jargons.

    13. Perfect summer read Fast moving plot about Wall Street shenanigans A little bit of a bizarre wrap up, but the perfect book for a plane trip, time at the beach, or anything else where you don t want to have to think too hard Look forward to reading by him.

    14. Definitely one of the best novels that i have ever read It s captivating from the first sentence I would curse all my work and personal commitments that would keep me away from this book Stephen Frey keeps you on the edge literally up until the last page A must read

    15. This was Frey s debut novel Enjoyable, but seemed a little like an investment banking version of The Firm Similar in that a young up and comer is realizing that all the big guys are corrupt, ruthless and have other motives Not bad.

    16. The author is the financial world s answer to John Grisham The aim is to keep the story moving at a fast enough pace so the reader will not be mindful of the preposterous situation and the one dimensional characters Half heartedly recommended.

    17. An oldie but a goody.It may have been written over 20 years ago, but many of the ideas are still current.Like a lot of books written in that era, the author feels the need to spice things up with random, gratuitous, and pointless horrifics But on the whole it is well written

    18. The Takeover by Stephen W Frey is fast paced, clever, suspenseful and topical a great read It focuses on the power of a few rich and powerful men the sevens who are ruthless and uncaring.

    19. Pretty good thriller set in the financial world young lawyer is caught on the wrong side of a conspiracy to control both the financial and political events in the US.

    20. I like financial fiction stories so I was OK with the Take Over That said, I think Christopher Reich is the true star in the genre right now.

    21. Frey s debut novel shows why he became a bestseller Most debut novels in genre fiction are the author s weakest, but this is one of Frey s best.

    22. Financial thriller Andrew Falcon, investment banker, gets involved with a secret group plotting to bring down the incumbent President.

    23. Hard to empathize with main character after he watches guard die Weak ending Otherwise, very interesting portrayal of the world of money and power.

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