That Secret You Keep

That Secret You Keep

Brenda Benny / Jun 03, 2020
That Secret You Keep Hopeful humorous heartbreaking YA When Max trips his way into Serena s life she can t help but fall for his awkward ways until she discovers who Max really is Will Serena share her secret or run Ma
  • Title: That Secret You Keep
  • Author: Brenda Benny
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 421
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Hopeful, humorous, heartbreaking YA When Max trips his way into Serena s life, she can t help but fall for his awkward ways until she discovers who Max really is Will Serena share her secret or run Max is a seventeen year old musician who towers, giraffe like, over his double bass He s avoiding certain candid talks with his overly perceptive dads like his plansHopeful, humorous, heartbreaking YA When Max trips his way into Serena s life, she can t help but fall for his awkward ways until she discovers who Max really is.Will Serena share her secret or run Max is a seventeen year old musician who towers, giraffe like, over his double bass He s avoiding certain candid talks with his overly perceptive dads like his plans to seek out his adoption history like the fact that he s not gay and that he s been in love with Serena forever.Serena was a vibrant, talented singer at their performing arts high school before her mother s tragic death Since then, she s faded into the chorus, concealing her chronic anxieties over the circumstances surrounding the accident.Lose yourself in this tender, funny, heart wrenching story of Max and Serena stumbling over truths and lies as they find their way through first loveBUY the Paperback at That Secret KeBUY the ebookkobo ebook that secre.on That Secret Ke.on That Secret Keeaptersdigo en ca
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        After a couple university degrees and some world travel, Brenda Benny settled down to a life of helping others communicate their stories One day she decided to start writing her own When she s not shining in the glow of a computer screen, she can be found warming up in the sun after a freezing cold lake swim, chilling with friends at an outdoor music festival, skate skiing on a sunny day, or hiking to the summit because it s there She believes that dark chocolate and tortilla chips are two overlooked food groups Brenda is lucky enough to live amongst the awesome lakes and forests of Muskoka Ontario Canada with her husband, two sons, and their guinea pig named Chocolate.That Secret You Keep is her debut novel.Instagram instagram brendanny Facebook facebook brendabennya


    1. A sweet and tender debut by author Brenda Benny.Follow awkward, gangly bassist Max and quietly grieving singer Serena stumbling their way through first love while trying to overcome and deal with heartfelt subjects such as loss, trauma, secrets, adoption, sexuality and self discovery.I loved the music themed background, all those amazing father figures and Benny s light way of tackling rather serious subject matters with that beautiful voice of hers We can let our secrets define us, cage us, or [...]

    2. New year, new review format Due to having much on my plate, I m going to write shorter and informal reviews in order to keep up Everyone is always trying so hard to be unique to prove their individuality, and how different they are from others yet they all so desperately want to be accepted as part of some group whatever group that may be I guess we all want to be chosen by someone Thanks to Netgalley and the author for a free copy of this in exchange for a review This was a precious, Canadian [...]

    3. It occurs to me that our worst secrets the ones that we most fear revealing to others sometimes cause no than a small ripple on the ocean when we think a tsunami will follow That was quite sweet actually

    4. 3.5 stars Thanks to NetGalley and the author for a free review copy of That Secret You Keep Love is love, no matter who it s between, or how it happens we all have similar experiences Holy moly this book is cute I was really wowed by the incredibly diverse cast of characters and all the friendships and relationships going on That Secret You Keep is a very well written book with multiple powerful messages about everything from sexuality to friendships to mental illness to grief All of the charact [...]

    5. I LOVED THIS BOOK Max and Serena are the kind of couple you wish you were a part of They care about each other deeply, and fight through layers of pain and secrets to open up their hearts Though their story is sweet, it is far from an easy road Serena is still raw from the death of her mother, and Max is struggling to explain his sexuality to his dads These secrets build walls around the two, making That Secret You Keep an unpredictable and fresh take on a teenage romance novel Over the course o [...]

    6. That Secret You Keep Brenda Benny 4 Oh wow What a great story It s been awhile since I ve read a young adult novel Love is love, no matter who it s between, or how it happens we all have similar experiences This is a story about a young man that was adopted by 2 men And his best friend was also raised by 2 men So rumors had been spread that Max and Hayden were together But Max was straight and had a huge crush on Serena Serena experienced a very traumatic car accident last year where she lost he [...]

    7. Thank you to Netgalley and the author for an e copy of this book in exchange for a review I was very pleasantly surprised by That Secret You Keep, by Brenda Benny After a bit of a slow start, I was pulled in by the budding romance between the characters and their lives.Max has had feelings for Serena since the first time he saw her at their arts high school Adopted and raised by his dads, Max is kind, sensitive, polite and open minded He can t bring himself to speak to Serena until he runs into [...]

    8. Thanks to NetGalley for providing me a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review NetGalley in no ways influences my opinion review of this book.Going into this book, I didn t really know what it was about I obviously had read the blurb before requesting the book, but by the time I started, I had forgotten the blurb Within the first two chapters of this book, I was hooked I see so many aspects of my current self in Serena and to see her evolve was comforting, and reassured me that I [...]

    9. That Secret You Keep was a fabulous YA title Issues that I could see teens having in common, all woven together with the pressure simplicity of high school Max Serena were complex characters, with their own trials, that came together beautifully, loved how it was written The supporting characters were just the right amount of detail, especially with the surprise mini dramas Wonderful.To find that the title was Brenda Bunny s first YA self published was a treat, I expect to read greatness from h [...]

    10. I give a lot of books to my nieces and nephews and I admit, sometimes I give them what I know THEY want to read and other times books that I want them to read and like In this case, That Secret You Keep is both I know my eldest niece will gobble it down, then pass it on to her friends Serena and Max have their own unique take on the world and their observations and experiences make for a fun read that is fast paced, but also slows down enough to be sweet and tender, just when you need it Now I j [...]

    11. 3.57 stars I really enjoyed this book.It is about a boy growing up with two dads, and a best friend who is gay.He falls for a girl but she does not know he exists, all his friends at school this k he is dating his best friend I loved the friendship with his best friend the ups and downs.Nice fluffy romance with some not so fluffy moments.I liked the link with music school and the characters being singers or musicians x

    12. Once I started reading this book, I was hooked I became completely invested in the lives of Max and Serena, and couldn t wait to find out what would happen That Secret You Keep is a realistic young adult novel that expertly takes the reader on a journey of the challenges of being a teenager The author writes about difficulty issues such as death and dying with empathy and realism I loved this book and I can t wait for Brenda Benny s next novel

    13. I received a copy of this book in a giveaway Bearing in mind that I m not the target audience, I can t say this is a terrible read However, I do read a lot of YA fiction, and this was not something that s going to stand out in my mind for years to come It all seemed a little too much ado about nothing for my taste I like the two main characters, but I would have liked to see them fleshed out a bit , with some bigger obstacles.

    14. I read this in one sitting I thoroughly enjoyed both Max and Serena as fully fleshed characters The romance that grew between them wasn t rushed and wasn t without its complications I don t want to spoil too much of the pot, but the issues of grief, identity and how secrets can hold you back from healing are brought in the story I would definitely recommended this book.

    15. I found this to be an enjoyable read with very diverse read Max is a musician, and was adopted by a gay couple Serena is grieving the death of her mom and trying to find her place back in the world Together they death with love, self discovering, and learning that some secrets need to be shared in order to heal Overall, I enjoyed the diverse cast, and complex story line, would highly recommend for young adults.

    16. Thank you Netgalley for the chance to read this I really enjoyed this book Like other said, the first half was sort of slow, but I stuck with it and it paid off Seeing as I love music, this was basically the book for me I cannot wait to see what else the author writes.

    17. I loved this young adult novel The characters jump off the pages and the descriptive narrative engages the reader I m eager to read sequel.

    18. Love, Love, Love this book Max, adopted as a baby and raised by his two gay dads, has admired Serena from afar since 9th grade She barely knows he exists and is reeling from the recent loss of her mother Max and Serena face so many challenges to starting and continuing their romance her intense grief, his suspected homosexuality, their unknown connection that Serena keeps a secret That Secret You Keep is a fresh take on YA Romance that was a real page turner I finished it in one day As an eighth [...]

    19. This one was a fast and enjoyable read It has some great representation of gay and bisexual as well as POC characters although I wish this diversity would have included women The author treated some rather serious topics in a light way, which perfectly fit with the overall tone of the book While I didn t quite connect with the main characters Max and Serena, I liked getting to know bits and pieces of the side characters There were a few things left open so they ll hopefully be answered in a se [...]

    20. This book follows Max, a shy awkward bassist and Serena, a once bright, but now grieving singer Max has secretly had a crush on Serena for a long time and Serena is trying to cope with the loss of her mother.I have to start off by saying that this book was adorable The characters and their stories were so diverse and believable There are so many messages in this book, from sexuality to mental illness to grief I loved the way everything was handled, especially with issues as delicate as the ones [...]

    21. Two grieving high school students atrending a school of the arts help each other to heal and fall in love.

    22. Max has two dads, and that s one of the best and most unique things about him He s also shy has had a crush on the same girl for a long time Serena, his longtime love, has experienced a major loss in her life Ever since her mom died, her life hasn t been the same, and things have gotten worse Max and Serena are meant to be together There s a spark between them, but they also have secrets You can t keep a secret forever Once it s out, the consequences may be catastrophic Some secrets are too hard [...]

    23. The Secret that you Keep is a layered, love story, full of wonderful perspective shifts which keeps you entwined with the protagonists The musical theme that runs parallel with the relationship of Max and Serena suits the turbulent and realistic twists and turns of how young love blossoms and finds trouble at every turn This story will make you laugh, sob and empathise with the realities of teenage struggles This atypical protagonist family structure allows the reader to see an alternative dimen [...]

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