I'll Be Your Man

I'll Be Your Man

Clancy Nacht Thursday Euclid / May 27, 2020
I ll Be Your Man Closet bisexual Richard Lynch is a something executive with an ex wife he s still hung up on and a son in grad school who only calls when he wants something In his professional life Richard s succ
  • Title: I'll Be Your Man
  • Author: Clancy Nacht Thursday Euclid
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 192
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Closet bisexual Richard Lynch is a 50 something executive with an ex wife he s still hung up on and a son in grad school who only calls when he wants something In his professional life, Richard s successful and in control, but his personal life consists of little than sitting down in front of the television set at seven and being in bed by nine Then he meets his sonCloset bisexual Richard Lynch is a 50 something executive with an ex wife he s still hung up on and a son in grad school who only calls when he wants something In his professional life, Richard s successful and in control, but his personal life consists of little than sitting down in front of the television set at seven and being in bed by nine Then he meets his son Kyle s best friend and roommate, Paul Watkins, the handsome gay son of a former rockstar Richard s bland, predictable world is thrown into chaos by Paul s sweetly determined pursuit of him To some Richard s new lease on life seems like a mid life crisis and Paul s infatuation seems motivated by daddy issues, but to Richard, Paul is his chance to explore a part of himself he s kept buried all his life With friends, family, and their pasts threatening to keep them apart, what will it take for each to become the other s man
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        Clancy Nacht is a bisexual genderqueer person who lives in Austin with a husband, and three feral rescue cats Clancy has published several ARe bestselling contemporary romantic thriller m m and m f stories Three of her books have been honored with Rainbow Awards Le Jazz Hot won for 1 Best Bisexual Transgender Romance Erotic Romance In 2013, Black Gold Double Black was a runner up for a Rainbow Award and in 2015, Gemini won an Honorable Mention for Gay Erotic Romance at the Rainbow Awards Her books have been nominated for several M M Readers Choice Awards.


    1. This review was originally written for The Romance Reviews and can also be found there I LL BE YOUR MAN is a story about two men who were disappointed and let down by others Always struggling on their own and pushing through life filled with loneliness and heartache, they are surprised and reluctant to give of themselves to someone else.Richard is an older man pining for his ex wife and has been for years He kept expecting her to stop sleeping with others and come back to him While those were n [...]

    2. 3.75 rounded up Enjoyable older younger guy romance The blurb pretty much covers what you need to know so not doing a rehash but It s a sexy easy read and I do love P L Nunn covers That s what drew me originally I liked it.

    3. Can a gay couple, be together, love each other, going against all gossipry that insist there are behind it Like interest for money or notoriety yeah, call me hopeless romantic, but I believe in true loveRichard Lunch, 50, is an divorced executive Paul Watkins, 25, trying to be a writer Yes, you all can guess all the comments Richard would listen He want your money, everyone knows Paul s father is broken listen to me, Paul want your house, your car, your money, not youPaul is confused, he want a [...]

    4. This is hard to rate for me There were moments where the story was a 4 and then there were times a 3 was fitting I can overlook the insta love but they seemed to seesaw a lot, telling how much they loved each other one minute and questioning if their relationship was based on real feelings the next I loved the premise, I liked a lot of the interactions between the characters, but there were moments of unease inconsistency that took away from the story, IMHO.

    5. I ll Be Your Man Is Fantastic, Sweet Read Ive never been one to be into May December Stories,But I FREAKING LOVED I ll Be Your ManBy Clancy Nacht This Story is about Richard a divorced 50 yr old who is Wanting waiting for his ex to come back to himTho this is never going to happen And Paul and Young 25 old who is a journalist and his BEST friends with Richard s son KylePaul and Richard become friends at first,have a couple dinners and bike ride,while Richard teaches Paul a few tricks in the kitc [...]

    6. The romance in this story moved really quickly but I could forgive that because it was so sweet Richard and Paul are both flawed characters and both have spent a lot of time looking after the people in their lives with very little emotional return Paul is looking to fall in love with someone who is reliable and who will return his feelings Richard fits the bill perfectly The insecurities of both men play a large part in the story and their families continually interfere in their relationship I l [...]

    7. Very nice, lovely story and I LOVED the 2 characters, I found them divine Highly recommended for someone who loves happy ending and if you don t mind a tiny few flaws.Althoughif you are expect fireworks or if you are not a huge fan of May December stories like I m, you might want to give this story a miss.

    8. I really enjoyed this one It was a older younger gay for you story No angst There weren t many big problems because of the age difference Richard and Paul needed each other and they worked it out together Good love story It was sweet and sappy Nothing complicated.

    9. This book started off with a really promising story line an older man that has been alone for years falling for a younger man that just happens to be his son s best friend but the story quickly went out of control The two MCs seemed to have a lot in common at first but it seemed to me that they got together initially, not because they were uncontrollably attracted to each other, but because they were lonely Paul has a rock star father that is very selfish, making him unable to give Paul the love [...]

    10. rounded up to What an annoying bookumsy, overt flirting leading to an operatically dramatic romance with excruciatingly detailed dialogue If I wasn t reading this for a challenge, I d have stopped reading at the 20% mark This story reminded me of the series Sweet Valley High despite the fact one of the characters was in his 40 sI think the most annoying part of the book was the intense fervent declarations of undying, committed love which was then undermined so very easily by one of the lesser c [...]

    11. The premise of this book was interesting I was captivated to see how it would play out I also liked that the author dealt with the dangers of unprotected sex Although we never really get Kyle s results Did I somehow miss that This was an easy read I m glad that Richard and Paul at least tried to date some before they got to the sex This was only a 3 star read for me because after a while, both Richard and Paul seemed a bit too needy I guess that s what you get when you jumped into a relationship [...]

    12. This is my absolute favorite May December romance A little bit Lolita, a little bit white knight, all yummy Tropes that were well handled the Scheming Ex I don t want him but you can t have him , Coming out as a Mid Life Crisis, Feckless Frat boy Grows Up.Definitely on my multiple read list.

    13. What a crock of patronizing bull This isn t a story It s a parable It s an excuse to pedantically lecture the reader by proxy Long suffering daddy dearest having to live through all the abuse he gets from his horrible, horrible son why can t you be like your friend here Thanks, but no thanks.

    14. Should have researched the book better I didn t like their first book and this was a miss too Way too much talking I got lost Had no clue were they were talking about and some subjects of conversation popped out of nowhere I skimmed through at least half of the book so one can say this is a DNFPS that should teach me to get sucked in by a pretty cover

    15. This was a lovely story Richard and Paul were a great couple and I even liked Kyle Catherine and Bruce were the two villains for me for me, but they were needed to make the story as good as it was Highly recommend this

    16. This is a sweet book A really sweet book Like I m in sugar shocked after finishing it The the premise and the basic story were both good, but for me it went a little off the rails with the talking I seem to recall from one of the other books by this author that the sex scenes tend to get very chatty There is a lot of discussion during the act about feelings and emotions And I like this things, but the timing is off Like there is so much dialogue when the next description happens I sometimes have [...]

    17. I m a sucker for a little bit of power exchange, such as you get in an age gap like there is between Paul and Richard And it s funny, I was eagerly waiting to find out who would end up being the top I guessed wrong.Part of what was refreshing about this book is that Richard is so well established He s not a young man just starting out, he s got a kid in college and an ex wife and a career that pays well enough to keep them all in luxury For me there were some confusing moments with the support c [...]

    18. This book was quite difficult to rate because I did really like some parts of it but when I got to about 2 thirds through I started thinking Richard should grow a pair and tell his ex of 10 years to f off I just couldn t get my head around the fact that here was a 50 plus man who was a hard nosed businessman, protected Paul from his father and a huge leatherman but then when confronted by Paul s galpal and ex missus acted like a total angsty sap The first half of the book seemed really sweet and [...]

    19. I can honestly say I love this book This wasn t the first time I d read it, and it moved and captivated me just as much this time around There s something amazing about a story that can so deeply and realistically portray a person s flaws and insecurities while still manifesting hope for their future.Richard and Paul are not your typical couple, and their romance can almost be considered whirl wind But the deep connection the two men find and share brought tears to my eyes and joy to my heart as [...]

    20. I really liked the story and writing but I got so annoyed over the course of the final pages of he last chapter Why view spoiler It was the most chatty HEA love scene I have come across in a novel of any genre up to now The repetitive declarations of forever love totally ruined this for me hide spoiler At least the epilogue made that feeling a little better Still 3 stars as the rest was an enjoyable read.

    21. From romantic point of view, this was truly amazing story I really enjoyed both of two main characters Richard and Paul were beautiful together All other money lechers were really annoying characters true the whole story I mean Richards ex wife, Catherine, Kyle and Paul own father, really what kind of horrible characters Selfish and money centered I didn t particularly liked how Kyle behaved toward his own father with so little respect But in general it wasn t his story anyway.

    22. So a father and son problem and father is in relation with son s best friend Come to think of itat s kind of weird Like The Terminator movie where she marries her son s best friend from the future.Anywayybe this guy should read a book called The Anatomy of Peace book show 45

    23. 3 3.5 stars for meenjoyable read, but I kindof thought things moved too quickly and there was so much talking I thought some of the plot elements were a bit over the top, but if you don t read too deeply into it, it s still a fun read.

    24. Yeah, I liked iteven the son redeemed himself to some level I like stories with age gaps.t I didn t mind them but now I kinda really like them Just a tiny observation about me D

    25. 2.5 stars.It started really good, but early into it, it went downhill to a cast of amnesiac characters that repeat the same dialogues until a pretty inane ending.

    26. A May December romance three stars Overall a good read Dialogue was lengthy at times and pacing off in a few spots Still liked it even with the few flaws.

    27. 2.5 stars It was ok I just didnt feel the connection in the relationship At times it all felt a bit force.

    28. May December themes are a big plus in my book, so this made my overall feelings toward the eBook slightly biased However, all that aside, I really enjoyed the book

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