The Hollow Man

The Hollow Man

John Dickson Carr / Sep 23, 2020
The Hollow Man Professor Charles Grimaud was explaining to some friends the natural causes behind an ancient superstition about men leaving their coffins when a stranger entered and challenged Grimaud s skepticism T
  • Title: The Hollow Man
  • Author: John Dickson Carr
  • ISBN: 9780752851372
  • Page: 319
  • Format: Paperback
  • Professor Charles Grimaud was explaining to some friends the natural causes behind an ancient superstition about men leaving their coffins when a stranger entered and challenged Grimaud s skepticism The stranger asserted that he had risen from his own coffin and that four walls meant nothing to him He added, My brother can do he wants your life and will call onProfessor Charles Grimaud was explaining to some friends the natural causes behind an ancient superstition about men leaving their coffins when a stranger entered and challenged Grimaud s skepticism The stranger asserted that he had risen from his own coffin and that four walls meant nothing to him He added, My brother can do he wants your life and will call on you The brother came during a snowstorm, walked through the locked front door, shot Grimaud and vanished The tragedy brought Dr Gideon Fell into the bizarre mystery of a killer who left no footprints.
    Hollow Man Aug , Directed by Paul Verhoeven With Kevin Bacon, Elisabeth Shue, Josh Brolin, Kim Dickens When the leader of a team of scientists volunteers to be the test subject for their experiment in human invisibility, he slowly unravels and turns against them, with horrific consequences. Hollow Man The Hollow Man Kindle edition by John Dickson Carr The Hollow Man, published in the US as The Three Coffins, is a classic, if not the classic, locked room murder mystery from the Golden Age of detective fiction. The Hollow Men by T S Eliot Famous poems, famous poets The Hollow Men The Hollow Man Carr novel Project Gutenberg Self The Hollow Man is a famous locked room mystery novel by the American writer John Dickson Carr , published in It was published in the US under the title The Three Coffins and in was selected as the best locked room mystery of all time by a panel of mystery authors and reviewers.
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        AKA Carter Dickson, Carr Dickson and Roger Fairbairn.John Dickson Carr was born in Uniontown, Pennsylvania, in 1906 It Walks by Night, his first published detective novel, featuring the Frenchman Henri Bencolin, was published in 1930 Apart from Dr Fell, whose first appearance was in Hag s Nook in 1933, Carr s other series detectives published under the nom de plume of Carter Dickson were the barrister Sir Henry Merrivale, who debuted in The Plague Court Murders 1934.


    1. Locked room mysteries are just really magic tricks This book cleverly and overtly acknowledges this fact The beauty of the book lies in misdirection it lies in presenting all the facts but conning the reader into following the wrong ones it lies in creating a design which produces gasps of amazement and then nods of satisfaction All mystery stories do that, obviously, but this is a howdunnit wrapped up with a whodunit and so playing at a higher level than your standard mystery Of course, as this [...]

    2. A classic whodunnit and locked room mystery story, with a special chapter 17 that could be re read frequently explaining the essence of murder mystery fictions.

    3. Clever locked room mystery Carr s style when writing Dr Fell is a bit didatic and may turn off some readers but I loved the somewhat lengthy exposition Fell gives about the various types of so called locked room mysteries As he says himself When the cry of This sort of thing wouldn t happen goes up, when you complain about half faced fiends and hooded phantoms and blond hypnotic sirens, you are merely saying, I don t like this sort of story That s fair enough If you do not like it, you are howli [...]

    4. You know pretty much immediately that this is not going to be your average mystery story A group of friends who meet regularly to discuss odd diverse supernatural topics such as ghosts ghost stories are interrupted by a strange man by the name of Pierre Fley who addresses himself to one of the group, a Dr Charles Grimaud The stranger discusses a story about three coffins and then tells Grimaud that either Fley or his brother would be calling upon him soon It is not long afterwards that Grimaud i [...]

    5. I picked The Three Coffins aka Hollow Man up when, after I started reading the Poirot mysteries, Adam mentioned the term Locked Room Mysteries Having not read many classic mysteries before, I was ignorant of the genre So, what does any internet savvy person do when they want a superficial introduction to a subject, of course I ed it you can burn me later Anyway, this book was listed as the epitome of the locked room mystery This book is actually a fantastic way to get acquainted with locked room [...]

    6. Haven t read the author before and stumbled across this novel on The Guardian 1000 books to read list This was a relatively complicated locked room mystery There s not one but two murders to be solved by Superintendent Hadley and the very clever Dr Gideon Fell For this reader the highlight of the novel was Dr Fell s dissertation on murder Enjoyed the vintage atmosphere and the characters on offer but an overly wordy mystery.

    7. If you like traditional whodunnits, you may well love this book In my case, The Three Coffins served to remind me why I quit reading traditional whodunnits.The best part of the book is its famous twenty seventh chapter, The Locked Room Lecture This disquisition could be read with enjoyment apart from the rest of the novel Indeed, this is what I wish I had done myself Here, John Dickson Carr s detective hero, Dr Gideon Fell, gives an entertaining history and theory of locked room mysteries This c [...]

    8. In the introduction it s written, He John Dickson Carr liked to present the reader with all the clues needed to solve the mystery, so I went into this with all intentions of unraveling this seemingly impossible murder mystery But MIss Marple, Sherlock Holmes, Hercule Poirot, Nancy Drew, Charlie Chan, Columbo and Jim Rockford together wouldn t have figured this out Still it was fun to read and try to guess who did it Solid 3 stars.

    9. Brilliant but exhausting If you re in for a locked room mystery, this is gonna be your thing.This is the book that contains the famous chapter on locked room mysteries, and it was brilliant, but I also felt a little wounded by it one of those pull back the curtain moments that shows you how the sausage is made I wasn t ready for it, and it put me at a distance from the end of the book.

    10. Staying up past your bedtime because you simply have to know Most likely you re reading John Dickson Carr.A murder is committed by a man in a mask, who leaves no footprints in the newly fallen snow outside, and who, after having done the deed, disappears into thin air in a locked room.Just writing that sends a shiver up my spine.I can remember hearing a radio theater version of this when I was a kid I couldn t remember any details, just that it really creeped me out And it still does.This is tha [...]

    11. Non fatico a credere perch Le tre bare venga spesso citato come una delle massime opere esemplari di delitto della camera chiusa racchiude in s tutto il mistero dell impossibilit e dell incredulit di un delitto compiuto in una stanza chiusa dall interno, senza vie d uscite, senza tracce, senza nulla di nulla Un rompicapo, tipicissimo, intricato, da spaccarsi le meningi Il Dottor Grimaud, chiuso nel suo studio con un macabro quadro rappresentante tre bare, viene ucciso da un uomo con una maschera [...]

    12. The first what I would call successful locked room mystery that I ve read, beating out near miss Ten Little Indians Resolution is ludicrously complicated and unlikely, and wonderfully clever Not for those expecting verisimilitude or believable dialog or scintillating prose.Man is murdered inside a locked room with an open window revealing untrodden snow 15 minutes later another man, possibly the murderer of the first, dies in the middle of a snowy road from a point blank shot with no other footp [...]

    13. I ve come late to John Dickson Carr and his many other pseudonyms so I am ill qualified to comment on his writing, but I loved this Having become intrigued by his reputation as a master of the locked room mystery, I learned that The Hollow Man is considered one of his best I can t say whether it is or not but I was certainly enjoyably baffled by it And HM is an intriguing and colourful detective, who I had encountered before in the classic short story The House In Goblin Wood, a favourite of ant [...]

    14. First Carr novel and already addicted Professor Charles Grimaud and his circle meet at a tavern They are interrupted by a mysterious stranger who says that men can rise from their graves The stranger, an illusionist called Pierre Fley, claims to have this rather natty ability, and couples this with the news that he has an even dangerous brother who wants to kill Grimaud He tells Grimaud to choose which of the two brothers he wants to pop round him or the naughtier one , and Grimaud tells him to [...]

    15. This is another one that I d heard of but never read and I really enjoyed it Yes, it s another one that doesn t read well in 2017 for its attitudes to anyone not a white Englishman, in particular some really distressing casual violence towards female characters, BUT it s also a super clever and playful locked room mystery that s going to delight any crime fan 14 Please note this review is meant as a recommendation only Please do not use it in any marketing material, online or in print, without a [...]

    16. I have committed another crime Hadley said the detective, I have guessed the truth This is how the book ends The whole problem with this detective story is that the detective guesses the truth and does not deduce it Story This is a closed room murder mystery The mystery in itself is hardly compelling The resolution of the mystery is over complicated and totally uninteresting.The murder may well have happened in a circus and not in a house because too many tricks and illusions and gimmicks are us [...]

    17. I had read somewhere that this is the ultimate Locked Room mystery Seems like a valid statement Good luck solving this puzzle though

    18. The Hollow Man was apparently voted the best locked room mystery of all time , so it comes as no surprise to discover its one of those completely contrived murder mysteries which are set up in order to make the protagonist eccentric detective Gideon Fell, who is based on London appear enormously clever The Hollow Man is split into three sections In the first, an emigr professor is threatened in a pub, and then is later murdered in his room after admitting a stranger but when the locked door is f [...]

    19. I tip my hat to anyone who can figure this one out before the explanation part As far as mysteries go, this one is really ingeniously designed and deserves its fame as the best locked room mystery Also, the part towards the end where Gideon Fell deconstructs the Locked Room subgenre in detective stories is interesting too.These being said, the style of writing was too awkward for me to enjoy it For a series at its 6th book all the characters lacked depth and were totally inaccessible And althoug [...]

    20. Carr is an acquired taste His locked room mysteries are always preposterous and his prose is very much of its era, but if you only read one of his mysteries this is the one to go for Take two crimes, one in a locked room and one in a snowbound street to which the murderer could not have gained admittance, add a definitive fourth wall breaking lecture on the art of the locked room mystery and provide a solution so insane that no murderer would ever attempt it but who cares when the result is so e [...]

    21. This one has a different cover.Bizarre One of the classics A bag of magic tricks Dr Fell advises that the resolution was determined by the weight of a picture John Dickson Carr is the master of the locked room mystery This was the sixth in the series Peter Lovesey pays homage in Bloodhounds.

    22. Very interesting tale, it was interesting the way the story was integrated with the atmosphere of magic and illusions I also liked very much Dr Gideon Fell and the fact that contrary to detectives of this era he is not infallible and he confesses it I also liked the lecture about the locked room mysteries even though it contained spoilers Fortunatelly I have already read the yellow room by Leroux that is considered the best one.

    23. Although this is considered one of the best locked room mysteries, it wasn t that interesting Not very much happened after the initial crimes you had to wait for Dr Gideon Fell to figure out what happened It had a very slow pace The ending, while unexpected, was a little too fantastic to be realistic I had to skip a page or two in chapter 27 because Dr Fell kept referencing the solutions of other famous mysteries that I want to read later 2.5 stars.

    24. A Grand Master of Mysterya classic example of the locked room mystery.Apparently back in the 30 s, mystery readers were smarter, had longer attention spans, and were easily duped into believing anything.I just don t get it.There is mention of another Locked Room mystery The Problem of Cell 13 read it many years ago and it was excellent Definitely better than this one.

    25. Short and stimulating The meta fiction part about the locked room discussion is brilliant There is no such thing as improbable , indeed.

    26. Most famous for Chapter 17 The Locked Room Lecture go ahead and read this chapter warning contains spoilers for other 80 to 100 year old books skip the rest.

    27. This was regarded by many as the greatest locked room mystery and I can see why it was John Dickson Carr was a master at making the atmosphere scary and the master of the impossible crime and he really did a great job here He started the book by telling us that the witnesses all told the truth as they saw it leading the reader to believe there will be a misdirection and what they think is true would necessarily not be the case That was proved by the ending when the killer was revealed I never gu [...]

    28. This classic 1935 murder mystery is so different to action heavy blockbusters of the 21st century It features murder in a staid Victorian style house in central London the 1930 s Not only protagonist Dr Fell and his foil Superintendent Hadley, but every character, even minor ones, spin elaborate theories or confusions till the very last sentence I could collapse in mental exhaustion.

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