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Colibri When Tzun n was little her mother nicknamed her Colibr Spanish for hummingbird At age four Colibr is kidnapped from her parents in Guatemala City and ever since she s traveled with Uncle the ex s
  • Title: Colibri
  • Author: Ann Cameron
  • ISBN: 9780440420521
  • Page: 461
  • Format: Paperback
  • When Tzun n was little, her mother nicknamed her Colibr , Spanish for hummingbird At age four, Colibr is kidnapped from her parents in Guatemala City and ever since she s traveled with Uncle, the ex soldier and wandering beggar, who renamed her Rosa Uncle told Rosa that he looked for her parents, but never found them.
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        Ann Cameron grew up in Wisconsin Today, she and her husband live in Guatemala From her house she can see a waterfall and three volcanoes Ann Cameron has been a teacher and an editor as well as a writer She says that writing is hardest for her at the beginning of a book To get started, she follows this important rule for writing Apply seat of pants to bottom of chair.


    1. Colibri by Ann Cameron presented itself almost like an autobiography given by its main character Tzunun, nicknamed is Colibri She is kidnapped at the age of four from her parents and is now about 12 years old Her caretaker is an individual she calls uncle He told her he found her on the street and changes her name to Rosa Uncle is a con artist and thief who pretends to be blind to obtain money When he was a young man he was a government soldier that did some horrible things It is discovered that [...]

    2. Read the whole review here paperbookworm 201I bought this book for a cheap price at National Bookstore, just planning to list it at Bookmooch but somehow at a later time I got myself to open and read it.It s about a girl named Tzun n, who was nicknamed Colibr by her mother The story begins when at a young age of four she was kidnapped from her parents in Guatemala Since then she has been with Uncle, an ex soldier and a vagabond beggar who claimed to adopt her and then changed her name to Rosa Un [...]

    3. I read the book Colibri by Ann Cameron When i first picked this book the cover page grabbed my attention I remembered seeing this book before and i believe i even intended to read it but never did My favorite character would be Tzun n, spanish meaning for hummingbird The reason she is my favorite character is because she is very observant, she always look at her surroundings which is kind of the way i am My favorite part would be when a man came and have her 100 pesos and said it was just for he [...]

    4. This book is awesome I can understand Spanish but I can t speak it I loved being able to know the spanish words in the story.

    5. Colibri by Ann Cameron was a really exciting, thrilling, adventures book Rose was left by her mom as a toddler and she was found by a man she didn t know, he mad her call him uncle Uncle is supposedly blind and needs help with lots of things Rose is willing to help but what she really wants to do is adventure She doesn t use names, in the book the only names you ll her is of people of importance, her name, and uncle If they want to let the reader become familiarized with characters she uses char [...]

    6. I think I read this book every time I visited the library It is wonderfully told, the culture and setting feels authentic and vibrant.

    7. With nothing but positive reviews, it s not surprising that Colibr was a great read It s a well written and engrossing novel Told from the point of view of Tzun n, a 12 year old girl, students will find it easy to connect with the young narrator It s not a light read instead, it offers a coming of age story that shows a young girl forced to make decisions that we would hope only adults might have to confront Yet this is part of the power of the book Often our students do have to deal with situat [...]

    8. With nothing but positive reviews, it s not surprising that Colibr was a great read It s a well written and engrossing novel Told from the point of view of Tzun n, a 12 year old girl, students will find it easy to connect with the young narrator It s not a light read instead, it offers a coming of age story that shows a young girl forced to make decisions that we would hope only adults might have to confront Yet this is part of the power of the book Often our students do have to deal with situat [...]

    9. At the start of the book, it s at a slower pace than what one would thing In the beginning, you find out interesting things about the main character You learn that she has multiple names that she goes by, but the one used the most is Colibri You also find out how the family situation is when it comes to ranking in society From the text, it seems that the family does not have much, being that they were eating their final piece of bread Also, the fact that is in there stating that her shoes were t [...]

    10. Within the first few pages of Colibir, we find out so much about this little girl First she has many names Tzunun was given to her as a baby, but her mother nicknamed her Colibiri, and her Uncle calls her Rosa It appears that Tzunun doesn t have much she and Uncle are eating their last piece of bread, her shoes a snug on her feet and all of their belongings fit into a small black suit case When you begin reading you immediately feel bad for Tzunun She describes Uncle and you realize he does not [...]

    11. Reading Colibri, I found it difficult to put the book down The beginning had me wondering why this poor girl is with her uncle and what happened to her family However, the book soon reveals that this man is not her uncle and he is involving her in unscrupulous tasks 12 year old Colibri lives an unstable existence, not knowing when and where she will be able to lay her head at night nor when she will have her next meal Her uncle has governed her life since he found her when she was four years old [...]

    12. Colibri was a great book to read as it tells a tragic story of Colibri, a 12 year old girl It was very easy to connect to the young narrator because of her voice and determination but is a rough read as it shows the passion and force of decisions that this young child has to go through When Colibri was young she was kidnapped and the man who found her forced her to call him uncle Uncle promises to help Colibri, who he renamed Rosa , find her family but as the story goes on it turns into a differ [...]

    13. A four year old Mayan child is found by an ex solder who insists that she call him Uncle Uncle calls her Rosa although her true name is Tzunun which means hummingbird or Colibri in Spanish.When the story begins Rosa has been traveling through the Guatemalan countryside with Uncle for eight years Through Tzunun s eyes we see an ancient Mayan culture where fortunetellers and mysticism share the same respect as the holy church Uncle intends to sell Tzunun, but is told that she is too old Foreigners [...]

    14. Most children have a deep fear of being kidnapped The threat of being snatched away from the comfort of home is the motivation behind children staying close to their family in crowded places, at least it was for Tzunun Chumil Tzanun is a young Guatemalan girl who got abruptly taken away from her mother while traveling on a bus at the age of four She is afterwards raised by Uncle , who half hazardly takes care of her in the exchange for help begging The story takes place around the time Tzanun is [...]

    15. Colibri was a very compelling story about a young girl who was kidnapped from her family at a young age The girl was found by a man who she travelled with throughout Guatemala The man made Colibri call him by the name of Uncle Uncle was very poor and frequently begged and or stole from others in order to provide for himself He used Colibri as a way to help him take advantage of people who were unaware of his tactics Colibri hated this because she was a very honest person who had morals The young [...]

    16. Kidnapping, extortion, and murder Not exactly what I thought of when I first picked up this book Colibri turns out to be a great book for young adults The book tells the story of Tzunun, a young Mayan girls from Guatemala It tells about her life from the age of four to twelve The obstacles that Tzunun has to overcome along her journey is difficult to say the least She finds herself kidnapped by a man that forces her to call him Uncle Then she is made to follow him everywhere he goes and helps hi [...]

    17. Colibri was very fascinating and I could not put it down I love to read a good book and Colibri was just that If it wasn t for work, I would have read this book in one setting that s how engaged I was Colibri is a little girl who was kidnapped when she was only four years old Now at the age of 12 she has been traveling, with a man who she is forced to call uncle, through Guatemala With her uncle being so poor they traveled everywhere by foot Despite her mother teaching her about honesty, Colibri [...]

    18. J Spanish yellow blk Cameronno ratingThis is a wonderful story It is a great way to learn about some of the magical beliefs of the Mayan cultures, as well as a way to learn about the tumultuous history of Guatimala but in a gentle way This is the story of a young girl named Tzunun, or Colibri in Spanish a word that means hummingbird Colibri was about 4 years old when she befan living with her uncle a former soldier who cared for her after she was torn apart from her mother and father in Guatemal [...]

    19. The book Colibri is about a young girl, Tzunun When she was little her life was taken from her parents, who nicknamed her Colibri, and she was kidnapped A man who tells Colibri he found her in an aly after she was kidnapped The man who found her was very poor and Colibri and himself traveled by foot She called this man her Uncle The two of them walked wherever they needed to go, people offered them rides but her Uncle refused because he knew he would have to tip the driver which he couldn t do L [...]

    20. Kidnapped Colibri was kidnapped at an early age A person named Uncle promises to help Colibri find her family, she longs to be with, but Uncle has a different motive her helping Colibri Colibri is supposed to make him rich beyond his wildest dreams At the beginning of this book, I found myself reading on to find out who really kidnapped Colibri, but when I did find it out it was not much of a surprise The book was not that bad, but there wasn t a point where I had to keep on turning the pages to [...]

    21. Colibri is an enthralling novel that focuses on a young girl learning from hard times to find courage within herself, and to fight for the life that she has always dreamed about Tzun n was stolen from her family by a man she is made to call Uncle , a man who has forced her to have a different name and makes her survive in a life where she begs for money, lies, and steals Tzun n still grasps at the memories of a life she had before she was kidnapped, and still keeps the morals that her mother ins [...]

    22. I truly enjoyed this novel The story was daringly original and the characters were complex, authentic, compelling and most importantly, fun to watch The antagonist Baltasar Om, is one of the most intriguing villains I ve run across in contemporary literature or at all for that matter He has a certain devilish charm about him and is not completely despicable despite his obviously dastardly character traits The book also had a levity about it despite the tragic subject matter contained within the [...]

    23. Tzun n, nicknamed Colibri by her mother, is separated from her parents since she was very little Since then she has been traveling with Uncle who has renamed her Rosa Uncle says that he is searching for her parents, but that they probably didn t want her since they don t seem to be looking for her.Uncle is a small time con artist and he has been told by seers and fortune tellers that Colibri will help him become rich Finally he has the chance to make a big score with Colibri s help, but she is n [...]

    24. In Guatemala, twelve year old Tzun n travels with a man she calls Uncle in search of a treasure which fortune tellers have convinced Uncle she will bring him Tzun n manages to escape Uncle and learn the truth about her past.I enjoyed Colibr because I had never read any fictional stories from Guatemala before this one I could visualize the Guatemalan cities of Nebaj and San Sebasti n because of the descriptions of the people, food, and the sights and smells of the marketplaces I was reminded that [...]

    25. Colibri is about a girl who is stolen from her parents as a little girl, but raised to think that they didn t want her I m not going to lie, this book isn t one of those that sucked me in and took me aware from the first few pages It took me about a 1 4 of the way in before I became invested and wanted to see how Tzunun s story ends Colibri took me on a roller coaster of emotions I felt anxious, sad, confused, angry, and satisified The book creates many questions from the start, but throughout t [...]

    26. The intro to this book doesn t allow one to know much about Colibri better known to her uncle as Rosa What we do find out is she has lost both of her parents because she was kidnapped and must now live with her uncle Even though there seems to be some type of indication that he really isn t her uncle, this may be something that I was reading into than what it really is The unfortunate part of the story is that she is never able to be reunited with her parents which almost makes me wonder where [...]

    27. First let me say that I am not much on reading I can t sit down to read without falling asleep This was different with this book I couldn t put it down because I wanted to know what was going to happen to Tzun n or Colibri Her mother nicknamed her Colibr , which is Spanish for hummingbird The story is about a young girl who was abducted when she was a small child and now travels around with a man that she calls Uncle He now calls her Rosa Colibri struggles within herself to stay true to the valu [...]

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