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Treblinka Nearly a million Jews were consumed by the ovens of Treblinka before August On that day prisoners armed with stolen guns and grenades attacked the Nazi guards burned the camp and fled in
  • Title: Treblinka
  • Author: Jean-François Steiner Simone de Beauvoir Terrence Des Pres
  • ISBN: 9780452011243
  • Page: 127
  • Format: Paperback
  • Nearly a million Jews were consumed by the ovens of Treblinka before August 2, 1943 On that day 600 prisoners armed with stolen guns and grenades attacked the Nazi guards, burned the camp, and fled into the nearby Polish forests Of these, forty survived to bear witness to man s courage in the face of the greatest evil human history has prdouced.
    Treblinka concentration camp, Poland Britannica Treblinka, major Nazi German concentration camp and extermination camp, located near the village of Treblinka, miles km northeast of Warsaw on the main Warsaw Bialystok railway line There were actually two camps. Treblinka The Holocaust Encyclopedia Treblinka by Jean Franois Steiner Treblinka Holocaust History Overview of Treblinka Jewish Virtual Library Treblinkawas designed as a Nazi extermination camp in occupied Polandduring World War II The camp, constructed as part of Operation Reinhard, operated between July and October during which time approximately , men, women and children Treblinka by Jean Franois Steiner Nearly a million Jews were consumed by the ovens of Treblinka before August , On that day prisoners armed with stolen guns and grenades attacked the Nazi guards, burned the camp, and fled into the nearby Polish forests Of these, forty survived to bear witness to man s courage in the face of the greatest evil human history has produced. How the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising Inspired Rebellion in a Oct , Treblinka was different than most other Nazi camps Its purpose wasn t to enslave Jews and others on behalf of the German war machine its purpose was to Treblinka Death Camp HolocaustResearchProject Treblinka Death Camp History The Willenberg Drawing of Treblinka The death camp at Treblinka was located in the north eastern region of the Generalgouvernement, in a sparsely populated area near Malkinia Gora, a junction on the Warsaw Bialystok railway line, some km northwest of the small Treblinka village and its railway station. First Ever Excavation of Nazi Death Camp Treblinka Reveals Mar , Of all the atrocities of Hitler s Third Reich, Treblinka is one of the most mind boggling Historians estimate that about , Jews were murdered at this concentration camp in
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        Jean Fran ois Steiner est n le 17 f vrier 1938 dans la r gion parisienne Son p re, isra lite, est mort en d portation Sa m re, catholique soucieuse de donner ses enfants l ducation que leur aurait souhait e leur p re, s est remari e avec un m decin isra lite Apr s des tudes classiques au lyc e Louis le Grand, Jean Fran ois Steiner passe un an et demi en Isra l Il a alors dix sept ans, d couvre la vie en kibboutz et prend conscience d un monde qui lui inspire un int r t passionn , premi re tape des recherches qui aboutiront la r dac ion de Treblinka Revenu en France, il suit les cours de prop deutique la Sorbonne.En 1959, il part pour l Alg rie dans un r giment de parachutistes le Xllle Dragon r giment op rationnel de r serve g n rale Son service militaire termin , deux ans plus tard, il coupe des d p ches Combat, crit un texte qui sera publi par Les Temps modernes en f vrier 1962 sous le titre Fabrication d un parachutiste Il collabore R alit s, L Express reportages en Alg rie , Le Nouveau Candide Source babelio auteur Jean FrHis father was the writer Kadmi Cohen who was arrested by the Gestapo in 1944 and deported to Gleiwitz, one of many subcamps of Auschwitz, where he died in June 1944.


    1. It s hard to know what this book is It reads like a novel, with internal thoughts and great swaths of dialogue However, it is presented as a history, though it lacks bibliography and notes Perhaps it s in the mold of Keneally s Schindler s List, which told a true story but was labeled a novel It doesn t really matter, in the end For Treblinka is an incredibly powerful, harrowing book whether it is true, or only based on the truth, it tells an overwhelming story More than that, in its very style, [...]

    2. If you want to take a look at what it might really be like in a place of living hell, this book paints a very vivid picture You are able to see the hardships and dehumanizing things that happened in the Treblika concentration camp as well as seeing the day to day workings of the camp This book is stretching, overwhelming and haunting It is not to be read lightly however, I do think that it is important to really begin to try to understand the Holocaust and the people that were in the Holocaust T [...]

    3. It never fails to amaze me that after all I ve read on tis period in history I can still be shocked This is shocked I ve read other Holocaust stories that mention the Treblinka revolt but none have come anywhere near the detail this has That alone is a reason this is a must read for anyone interested in the Holocaust I have a little trouble saying this because obviously I wasn t there and can hardly imagine any of the feelings, thoughts, etc that would come with actually being there but I don t [...]

    4. This is a slim little paperback, less than 300 pages Normally I could finish something like that in a matter of days, but this took me three weeks I had to take each page a bit at a time, absorb it and reflect on it before taking on the next page My world has been rocked by this book, my foundation shaken I ve read literally dozens of books on World War II, with special emphasis I thought on the Holocaust, but I have never come across this tory That is a shame, a crime against the survivors to i [...]

    5. Se voc acha que sabe o que aconteceu num campo de concentra o, confronte se lendo Treblinka Se voc tem alguma vaga ideia, mas curioso sobre o assunto este o seu livro Se voc quer vislumbrar em algumas p ginas at onde vai a loucura e maldade humanas este tamb m o seu livro Acabei h poucas horas e ainda estou digerindo o que eu li N o, na verdade estou incr dula com o que eu descobri nunca poderei digerir e ou aceitar o que foi atentado contra os judeus Treblinka a materializa o de que quando quis [...]

    6. This book was written by Jean Francois Steiner, whose father died in a concentration camp in Poland during World War II The book relates the history of a concentration camp, Treblinka Poland , where around 800.000 Jews died between July 1942 and October 1943 It describes the daily life and horror of the concentration camp and the way the camp was very cynically, efficiently however inappropriate this word may sound in this context managed by the Nazis, who terrorised the prisoners in such a way [...]

    7. and then i figured out why i hadn t read it before a certain amount of historical fiction is involved however, it does tell a story that should be heard the riot in treblinka was incredible the thing that struck me most about the book, however, which was written in the early 60s, was how many times he set out to basically answer the question of why the jews went like lambs to the slaughter when we are taught the holocaust now, we don t assume that they went complacently, we learn of all the ways [...]

    8. Ce n est certainement pas le livre le plus joyeux que j ai lu cet t Livre au sujet difficile qui raconte comment les prisonniers d un camp d extermination ont pu se r volter contre leurs bourreaux A lire pour le devoir de m moire.

    9. Well I m tempted to let that be the totality of my review Just Well Well, as in Well, that was insanity Well, as in I need to sit with that a moment Well, as in Now what This reads like a novel It is full of supposed conversations that threatened the credibility of the entire story, but somehow you never lose sight of the fact that it was the reality for hundreds of thousands of Jews.Written in an of the time manner, it uses phrases like took her as mistress , or they were kept for their enterta [...]

    10. This is the most disturbing book I have ever read I have read through Game of Thrones and the Sword of Truth series with eager anticipation I have watched CSI, Dexter, and the like This book I couldn t read than 5 pages without having to put it down I suppose the difference is that THIS ACTUALLY HAPPENED It is beyond words When we think of the Holocaust, we think of all those poor people that died, but this book focuses on the people who LIVED in the concentration camps There are not many who s [...]

    11. There are no words for books like these I remember when i first picked it out thinking it would just be a restatement of the facts of Treblinka No This book was than just a memoir IT was a reflection on how the concentration camp was than just the continuous destruction of life, it was a cataclysm in the never ending cycle of jewish belief That their people group never gave up on life even faced with assured destruction and constant debasment and humiliation is so bewildering Treblinka is fasc [...]

    12. One of the most damaging books I read in my early teenage years What little I had from my childhood inocence was taken away as I read through the pages, silentely, at night And I think I understood a little of the need to tell the story It is hard to lose your inocence To realize that humans are able to plan, carefully, the extinction of other humans But you do have to know, and become an adult Everyone has to know We cannot afford to be ignorant Because ignorance is the food of dictators.

    13. While the subject matter was extremely difficult to get through I am glad I read this book It was beyond intense as the description were detailed Half the time I wanted cry and never read another word yet the rest of the time I was fascinated by the people who kept going through all of it They all had different methods but in the end the goal to stay alive won out This book definately left me understand the tragedy of disvaluing human life Every person is alive for a reason and it is such a prec [...]

    14. One of the most memorable things I ve ever read I was 22 years old and learning about life Very depressing Did not realize human beings were capable of creating the awful conditions and mistreatment.

    15. It s amazing what can be done by a few who are willing to fight back, even when broken Even so when those who have broken them think they are weak.

    16. This book gave an excellent perspective on the Jewish reaction to the Holocaust It is also philosophical than many books about the camp system that I have read It is very good I had to stop periodically to digest what I had just read.

    17. I read this history of the successful revolt in 1943 by members Treblinka s sonderkommando i.e a work unit comprised of Jews shortly after it was published in 1946 Based on interviews with 40 of the survivors amongst the Treblinka rebels, this book gives a remarkable portrait of the daily work schedule and life inside a Nazi death camp that killed up to 5,000 in a single day Certainly well done by any standards, I have never been as moved by anything that I have since read on the holocaust The r [...]

    18. This was my second read of this novel I believe novel is the correct term, unless historical fiction suits it better Some broad line reviews that were initially attached to this work criticized Steiner for taking too much liberty with the story and blending events and characters for dramatic purpose.Irregardless, Treblinka is an engaging read The factual research behind the creation of the ghettos and the methods used in determining early selections is detailed, and of course the existence and u [...]

    19. Since I finished Treblinka, I still haven t been able to make up my mind about it who to like, who to hate, who to pity, who to feel inspired by, so much grey in the realm of pure survival.My favorite parts are when Steiner talks about the logic of the Technicians and the emotions of inmates I was disappointed at than one point especially since there s almost 400 pages of build up and conspiring and only a dozen or so of the actual outbreak, and practically nothing about them once they get out [...]

    20. This book is a powerful piece of creative nonfiction in the best sense of the term Steiner interviewed the 40 people who survived the killing machine of Treblinka to reconstruct the story of the camp and the prisoner revolt that all but destroyed the it The book is very well written and is easily as gripping as any novel Treblinka, which existed as an extermination camp, was responsible for the deaths of 800,000 or people That these prisoners survived the conditions there, and were able to fome [...]

    21. Treblinka, Jean Francois Steiner A story about a horrendous episode in human history, the Holocaust told in a rather banal way Like any book that brings light to the Holocaust, it is a should read for anyone interested in understanding the human capacity for brutality and suffering Though written in a sometimes awkward manner, author Steiner does convey the message he wants to deliver, and that is that this unbelievable horrible thing did happen and the world needs to know that it happened.

    22. This book recounts the uprising and revolt of the Jews in the Treblinka extermination camp in Poland The author took some liberties with testimonials as nearly all of the people involved in the revolt perished He had met with the 40 or so survivors at the time of the writing of the book 1966 and formed the book from these interviews Treblinka is an intriguing look into the slow, systematic degradation that the Jews suffered at the hands of the Technicians SS , beginning in the ghettos and ending [...]

    23. Horrifying and inspiring The Nazis murdered hundreds of thousands of Jews at the Treblinka extermination camp The Nazis kept about 1,000 Jewish inmates alive to run the camp This is the story of how they formed an underground organization, planned a revolt, killed their guards, and burned the camp to the ground The book is in novel form, but it was pieced together from interviews with the survivors of the revolt Don t read the foreword by Simone de Beauvoir until you ve finished the book she giv [...]

    24. Not a cheery read, obviously, but very dramatic and suspenseful It read a lot like fiction as much of the dialogue was necessarily supposed a little creative non fiction , which helped propel me along, but even so, it wasn t a book to read quickly because the subject matter was just so awful I also found the translation from French to be a little weird at times, but overall, I m glad I picked this up from my bookshelf yet another inherited book I would never have thought to seek out.

    25. This was a very difficult one to finish, not because of the writing but because of the emotions that came of it because in my need to know of this evil time in history nothing prepared me or helps me to understand why it did or how any human could carry it out Hard to put down Hard to ignore Bravo to the author for sharing evidence And, bravo to the Jews who risked their lives so as to be witness for the world

    26. Jean Francois Steinerin Treblinka tuhoamisleirin kapina Weilin G s, 1968 on todistusarvoltaan kiistelty dokumenttikirja pahamaineisesta tuhoamisleirist ja siell elokuussa 1943 syttyneest juutalaisten kapinasta Lukukokemuksesta saanee eniten irti, mik li Steinerin tekemiin haastatteluihin pohjautuvaa, osin dramatisoitua kirjaa vertailee samanaikaisesti muihin Treblinkaa k sitteleviin kirjoihin.

    27. Read this in middle school One of the most amazing disturbing stories I ve ever read This guy survived witnessed so much A few scenes are still burned into my mind him giving a starving Jewish kid a pastry in the ghetto, but the kid throws it up b c he hasn t eaten in so long you know that kids dead already Also, the planning and execution of the uprising at the Treblinka death camp Everyone should read this book.

    28. This book is amazing Very hard to read because it tells such a tragic story, no, a horrible story, but at the same time a noble story of the Jews When I was reading it, all I could think about was Treblinka At night I saw dreams about Treblinka I still can not stop thinking about those who survived and those who did not A must read to everybody for we all must know what happened and never ever let anything even remotely similar happen again.

    29. Based on firsthand testimony written in the 60s , this boor recounts the successful Jewish uprising that destroyed the Treblinka concentration camp And I thought I knew basically everything about the Holocaust Steiner puts us inside the world of the organizers of the revolt, telling their story in a way that recalls such oft tossed around phrases as triumph of the human spirit But that s what this story is, and a gripping thriller as well.

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