Dead in the Water

Dead in the Water

Stuart Woods / Aug 11, 2020
Dead in the Water In Dead in the Water Stone has barely arrived in St Marks a lovely Caribbean island nation on a sailing vacation when something very strange happens A beautiful young woman sails into the harbor e
  • Title: Dead in the Water
  • Author: Stuart Woods
  • ISBN: 9780061093494
  • Page: 410
  • Format: Paperback
  • In Dead in the Water, Stone has barely arrived in St Marks, a lovely Caribbean island nation, on a sailing vacation when something very strange happens A beautiful young woman sails into the harbor, entirely alone on a large yacht Before long she is under the intense scrutiny of local authorities in the very considerable person of Sir Winston Sutherland, the minister ofIn Dead in the Water, Stone has barely arrived in St Marks, a lovely Caribbean island nation, on a sailing vacation when something very strange happens A beautiful young woman sails into the harbor, entirely alone on a large yacht Before long she is under the intense scrutiny of local authorities in the very considerable person of Sir Winston Sutherland, the minister of Justice The problem is, though she arrived alone, she had departed the other side of the Atlantic in the company of her husband, a well known writer, who is no longer in evidence Evidence is what fascinates Stone Barrington, and before many pages have been turned, he is all that stands between the apparently innocent Allison Manning and the patently evil intent of Sir Winston, whose motives are unclear What is clear is that the St Marks system of justice bears little resemblance to the American courts to which Stone is accustomed and that his smallest error could prove fatal to his client.
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        Stuart Woods is the author the New York Times bestselling Stone Barrington series and Holly Barker series He is an avid private pilot, flying his own jet on book tours You may see his tour schedule and learn about the author on his website.


    1. Exciting read cleverly crafted writing with a good plot twist combine in a great serieshighly recommend paperback

    2. Stone Barrington only wants a winter getaway from the chill of New York in the beautiful, tropical Caribbean paradise of St Mark s But what the lawyer and ex cop gets instead is the chance to defend Allison Manning The beautiful young woman stands accused of killing her rich husband on board their luxurious yacht and then burying him at sea.Stone isn t exactly conversant with the island country s law, but this much is clear to him Allison is being railroaded by the perverse sense of justice of a [...]

    3. Honestly this was a sexfest than anything else Allison Manning jumps right into bed with Stone Barrington her lawyer just days weeks after her husband whom she claims to love dearly has died Stone is alone on vacation in St Marks Though that was not the intention His girlfriend was supposed to join him but weasels out at the last moment Now Stone is all set to propose to her so the man whore elements come as a real surprise to this reader.I am not impressed with Stone Barrington He is unethical [...]

    4. Please Note Read and reviewed in 2006 Updating formatting.My Synopsis After Stone Barrington is stood up by his girl during a trip to St Mark s, he becomes involved in a murder trial for a fellow American, a young woman whom the local governmental big wigs are apparently intent on railroading into a murder charge whether she is guilty or not Stone, desperate to find some way to pressure the St Mark s government into backing off, starts a major media blitz in the US and floods the island with rep [...]

    5. I read the first two Stone Barrington books I put up with the sex portions, although I felt it was a distraction from the otherwise good story However, Dead In The Water just went downhill for me It was hard to figure out if there was a story line or just a listing of sexploits Too bad as I bought about 12 or so of his books at our last library sale All of his books will be donated back to the library for their next book sale, unread by me He really seems to be a good author Seems like he just g [...]

    6. I love what Woods does here Sure, Barrington stories are kind of campy and very soap opera ish, but this is a fast read with all the components of a good murder mystery For even those of us who think we have it all figured out halfway through, we don t I sure like a challenge.

    7. I should probably rate this a 3.5 least wise for IMO the pace of the story content But because I am a big fan of Stuart Woods and all of his entries into this genre I rated this as a 4 Recommend to all fans of this series genre You know, I should probably erase my opening sentence as I set here thumbing through this book again briefly since I finished it several days ago it is actually all in all an in depth murder mystery with all the necessary components If one is not familiar with this author [...]

    8. Nice teaser for the next book at the end I enjoy the Stone Barrington books, but am getting annoyed at the sex scenes It is clear the character is promiscuous and enjoys sex That is great However, the author refuses to use any words referring to genitalia If you are going to have multiple detailed sex scenes, avoiding the words penis, butt, etc are not going to make the scene rated PG There was an authors note at the end of the book quasi apologizing for the character s sexual nature while sayin [...]

    9. April 2017 My 2015 was right on in my humble opinion 5 12 2015 I know I ve read or listened to this book many years ago.I am still in the first part but as I read, it is all coming back.Just finished the book and didn t actually remember the ending.Please Please do not cheat and go to the end.Make a wager with yourself as to the ending Then find out if you were right.If you were right, I suggest you treat yourself to a single malt Happy reading

    10. A pretty good read This is my first book by Stuart Woods Its a pretty fast paced, if somewhat formulaic book The characters were all pretty well rounded, and Woods kept the storyline moving well I give it a 3 1 2 star, down graded to 3.

    11. This series is growing on me Stone is a good character, with an overactive libido and finds himself defending a woman accused of murdering her husband for money Good twists, and interesting portrayal of a Carribean island, with archaic, English style governance and politics.

    12. Stone is supposed to be on a sailing vacation with Arrington to the Caribbean but instead he ends up defending a woman of murdering her husband while at sea He faces great odds in a foreign country.

    13. Stone Barrington 3.I went through a phase were I really enjoyed the Stuart woods books they were like riding a roller coaster Predictable in where it is going but the fun was in the ride itself.

    14. A rather disappointing entry in the Stone Barrington series This one nearly from the beginning felt contrived, and seemed to grow absurd the farther I read Our Hero Stone is, conveniently, sitting on a rented yacht in the harbor of St Marks in the Caribbean waiting for his girlfriend to show she doesn t when a beautiful blond sails into the harbor and moors near his boat She is alone on a very expensive yacht, saying that her husband had died at sea while sailing from the Canary Islands She is [...]

    15. Given that this book is frequently referred to in the interview section of other books, I was a little disappointed in how obvious the conclusion of the story was I much prefer Woods later books when Barrington is usually a step ahead in the plot, rather than a step behind and mentally distracted from his sexual involvement with his client.

    16. Woods should have continued building his characters in an NYC or USA environ The island setting detracted from earlier and later Barrington tales Yes, it was worth reading The ending lifted the volume from a two to a three rating Try it You ll enjoy it even if Stone losses his girl.

    17. Loved how this book keeps you on the edge of your seat It made a tropical place not look like paradise I missed Dino in this book he only came in at the very end

    18. I have been enjoying books by Stuart Woods Stone Barrington and his buddies are a bit corny, but the story is good.

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