24 Hours (Mississippi #2)

24 Hours (Mississippi #2)

Greg Iles / Jul 13, 2020
Hours Mississippi HOURS that s how long it takes a madman to pull off the perfect crime He s done it before he ll do it again and no one can stop him But this time he s just picked the wrong family to terrorize B
  • Title: 24 Hours (Mississippi #2)
  • Author: Greg Iles
  • ISBN: 9780399146244
  • Page: 378
  • Format: Hardcover
  • 24 HOURS that s how long it takes a madman to pull off the perfect crime He s done it before, he ll do it again, and no one can stop him But this time, he s just picked the wrong family to terrorize Because Will and Karen Jennings aren t going to watch helplessly as he victimizes them And they aren t going to let him get away with it.
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        Greg Iles was born in Germany in 1960 He grew up in Natchez, Mississippi, and graduated from the University of Mississippi in 1983 He was active in a band called Frankly Scarlet , but quit after realizing that the touring lifestyle was not conducive with his family life Once no longer busy with the band, he turned his attention to writing.Greg s novels have been translated into various languages and are published in than 20 countries In addition to his popular novels, he wrote the original script for the movie 24 Hours later renamed Trapped.When not writing, Greg spends some of his time playing music He s a member of The Rock Bottom Remainders , which includes other authors Dave Barry, Ridley Pearson, Stephen King, Scott Turow, Amy Tan, Mitch Albom, Roy Blount, Jr Matt Groening, Kathi Kamen Goldmark, and James McBride.Greg still lives in Natchez, Mississippi, with his wife and two children.


    1. I may be unfair to this book because I read it shortly after re reading the excellent Black Cross and this may have lost some in the comparison I do remember it as a decent enough thriller, but the competition for those are fierce and therefore the mid rating.

    2. this book is aggrevatingly stupid and poorly written It reminds me of the da vinci code where a lot of the dialog is solely to guide the idiot reader through the ridiculous plot i can t believe this book is so popular i could barely get through it at least the da vinci code was all about how religion is contrived by powerful white men so that white men could remain in power.

    3. I listened to this on audio and even though it was a trainwreck somehow I managed to listen to the whole thing What can I say good about this book It was tightly plotted and fast paced Now for the bad.Dick Hill, who is a well respected narrator, did all the voices for this audio When he did the female voices, the child s voice, and the mentally challenged man s voice, I laughedI don t think this was the effect Iles was going for.The characters are shallow and you don t care about them If airplan [...]

    4. My first Greg Iles book but it will definitely not be my last Non stop thriller from beginning to the end Intriguing notion of how to commit the perfect kidnapping and a race against time is set in motion Plenty of actionm especially in last 100 pages 4.5 I look to forward to reading from this author.

    5. This was the fastest paced Iles book I have read to date, and I have read most of them This one was nonstop action, suspense and harrowing situations that had me frantically whipping through the pages to see what happened next Utterly captivating, even though there were a few plot pitfalls Highly recommended.

    6. If you like sex and violence along with your cliff dwelling thrillers, then Greg Iles is your guy About as good as it gets in this sub genre I ve read about 10 of his books now and this one is as good as any of them some are less good His protagonists do not get to take a page or two off they are in trouble right from the get go Going to the market for a quart of milk You can assume he ll need to endure an armed robbery, a car chase, and a horrific accident from which he narrowly escapes with hi [...]

    7. 24 Hours denotes the time taken to complete a hostage transaction Abduct the child Hold each of the parents separately and collect the ransom money Then reunite the family The kidnappers have done this five times before However, this time is a bit different It is personal, and the hostages aren t quite as willing The kidnappers didn t know the child is diabetic, so they re careful plans must be changed to keep the girl alive until the money can be collected It has the usual twists and turns, som [...]

    8. This book started off fairly well, but unfortunately started going downhill somewhere toward the middle and never recovered I don t agree with the opinion that it s poorly written Iles does seem to actually have some talent, at least in the sense that he can string words together in a way that doesn t make me want to gouge out my eyes with a melon baller, but that may simply be the effect of comparison with other writers in the genre I do, however, agree with my sister, who recommended this book [...]

    9. The book opens with a kidnapped child being released in a busy McDonald s parking lot The kidnappers have a devious method of divide and conquer to get what they want, and they have their sights on a new family It s every parent s nightmare The book opens with tension and never lets up The only knock I have comes at the end where credibility is stretched molecule thin no spoilers here, you ll know it when you see it.In short, this book was good enough that I will be on the look out for of Greg [...]

    10. A fast paced thriller that runs the gamit of emotions and, like most of Iles books, doesn t disappoint A doctor s family is at risk when the six year old daughter is taken for ransom and they aren t going to let the kidnappers get away with it.

    11. I loved this book It kept me on the edge of my sit the entire time It is a page turner I finished in a couple of days and I am a slow reader Another great book from Greg Read this book, you will not be disappointed.

    12. I liked 24 Hours By Greg Iles, because I enjoy a good thriller book In this book, Joey is a madman who kidnaps children with his wife, Cheryl, and his mental cousin, Huey, from rich families for ransom Their last attempt for ransom goes wrong when they victimize Will and Karen Jennings, who both have very high income jobs Will has been planning and preparing for his job convention that is out of town Karen stays home to take care of their daughter, Abby Joey watches Will and Karen s schedules, s [...]

    13. Will and Karen Jennings lived the ideal life, he a successful doctor and she a former nurse and medical school student now raising their five year old daughter, Abby Their lives were suddenly disrupted by a ruthless conman and kidnapper who put them through hell over a 24 hour period Joe Hickey targets his victims and makes sure no one is ever hurt and he has yet to kill since all of his victims pay the money and don t contact the authorities He has a system but gets than he bargained for with [...]

    14. From my blogWhat a fast rush of reading to the heart pounding beat For many this will be a one seat read I really enjoyed this one, a packed action thriller The whole time the images were in my mind, a definite movie like book I should have known, it is a movie, the title is Trapped, now I must go watch it I feel like I may have seen it because the story felt to real to me, deja vu like.The saying it is to good to be true always rings correct at some point Why do criminals never know when to sto [...]

    15. In 24 hours, Iles presents us with a nightmare scenario of a family held hostage by a trio of kidnappers Unable to act for fear of each other s lives, they are all at the mercy of a pair of psychopaths and a manipulated man with a learning disability.24 hours is a terrifying trip from start to finish Iles really keeps one guessing how things are going to turn out, and how much the heroes will have to endure to get through the night The ride is slightly shallow however, don t expect deep insights [...]

    16. Joe Hickey is a man with a plan the perfect plan He, along with his wife and cousin, kidnap the child of an unsuspecting doctor His cousin keeps the daughter, he watches over the helpless wife, and his wife keeps an eye on the doctor who is away from the family at a medical conference Hickey s intricate plan allows the three of them to walk away scott free and 200,000 richer How does he know it s the perfect plan, because they ve executed it five times before and now they re going for broke by k [...]

    17. When I started reading this book it seemed very familiar, like a movie I had seen years ago And upon researching I discovered which movie it was but under a different name The name of the movie is Trapped and Greg Iles wrote the screenplay The movie was very close to the book, and I loved them both There was plenty of action in the story and very thought provoking What would you do if this hapened to you Only one thing really bothered me with this It seemed like Will and Karen had so many opport [...]

    18. The perfect crime is thwarted by a determined doctor and his wife and ultimately by the kidnappers accomplices A great book for the beach which is where I read it which you really can t put down The strong and well drawn characters are intriguing as is the relationship between the young victim and her sympathetic captor think of Lennie from Mice and Men Nurse and doctor Karen and Will Jennings have their daughter kidnapped while Will is giving the keynote address at a Biloxi medical conference Y [...]

    19. I liked this book It was a recommendation from my father and he has never steered me wrong with his suggestions Have you ever been in a very serious, dangerous position Think about an impending car accident that you know you cannot avoid I hope that you will be able to say, No to my question, but if you know what I am talking about, think about how everything in time seemed to surreally SLOW DOWN That is the magical feeling that this author has captured with this book As I was reading, I felt at [...]

    20. I am not finished yet In fact, only half way through You can t or shouldn t review a book like this You should read it, become completely immersed to the point that you give up sleep, eating, and working in order to go through the palpable terror of being at the mercy of the evil kidnapper and at the mercy of the genius of Greg Iles I have read a lot of his books He is, overall, outstanding I have only read one which I found disappointing It doesn t matter which one I want an endless stream of G [...]

    21. In diesem Buch geht es um ein Verbrechen, das schon mehrmals erfolgreich durchgef hrt wurde, um Geld zu erpressen Nach den Verbrechen wurde niemals eine Anzeige bei der Polizei erstattet, weil der T ter genau wei , wie er seine Opfer in Schach halten kann Nur bei dem 5 Mal, l uft alles anders, weil sich das Ehepaar Will und Karen Jennings nicht einfach in ihr Schicksal ergeben Ich habe selten ein so stimmiges und spannendes Buch gelesen.

    22. A nerve shattering thriller Couldn t put it down Though miles apart, the brilliant physician, the protective mother, and the resourceful child struggle against the clock to thwart the madman who threatens their family, and to reunite at last.

    23. Wow What a roller coaster of a thrill ride This book had me hooked from the first page Would have given it five stars, but the ending seemed sort of abrupt I would have liked to see what happened with the kidnappers and the family in the long run

    24. A really fast moving thriller I loved the idea of ita group of kidnappers select a victim every year to pull off the perfect kidnapping they always get away with the money the child is released unharmed, sadly the same can t be said for the mother This time the plan goes awry as the kidnappers didn t reckon on the determination of Will Karen to rescue their daughter Abby It s a good action packed read though I m not sure I can see the plan.or rather the rescueing in reality There are quite a few [...]

    25. that is the time allotted to will and karen jennings to give 200k to the kidnappers of their daughter, 5 year old abby and she will be returned alive will has made his name in medicine but the chief kidnapper hickey is a man to be reckoned with this is the 5th time he has made this move and in each instance the kidnappings have never been reported because the amounts r small and there is no need for hostage negotiators also they have been threatened in no uncertain terms not to alert the authori [...]

    26. Another new Author This book was a Movie back in 2002 Excellent Writer First book in a long time that is not based on Serial Killers, however there are Murders Book based on Ransomes

    27. First of all, I think the edition I have isn t the full book as it says readers digest select editions condensed books division and was only 158 pages long If that s the full book then ignore me but I m not sure Regardless, I m surprised how much I enjoyed this book and how gripped I was with the story When I first started the book the first chapter I almost put the book straight back down because I was so confused but I decided to keep reading since it s such a short book and I m glad I did Hav [...]

    28. Although this isn t a literary masterpiece it is one heck of a thriller Will Karen Jennings have a five year old daughter, Abby with childhood diabetes So when she is kidnapped and held for ransom they know she must get her insulin on time or she could die The kidnappers plot effectively prevents them from contacting the police or FBI and they try to find her themselves The plot of the kidnappers is ingenious and you can t lay the book down.

    29. This was a tough one for me to get through, so tough I ve been sitting on this review for over a week First, the good I enjoyed the set up and idea behind this perfect kidnapping, with having the child removed from the home when the father was out of town on business, thus being able to isolate all three people at once father, mother, and child It s a cool concept, and the fact that this had been successful five previous times with no one getting hurt made it even intriguing I also absolutely a [...]

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