Harriet, You'll Drive Me Wild!

Harriet, You'll Drive Me Wild!

Mem Fox Marla Frazee / Jul 13, 2020
Harriet You ll Drive Me Wild Harriet doesn t mean to be pesky Sometimes she just is And her mother doesn t mean to lose her temper Sometimes she just does But Harriet and her mother know that even when they do things they wish th
  • Title: Harriet, You'll Drive Me Wild!
  • Author: Mem Fox Marla Frazee
  • ISBN: 9780152045982
  • Page: 133
  • Format: Paperback
  • Harriet doesn t mean to be pesky Sometimes she just is And her mother doesn t mean to lose her temper Sometimes she just does But Harriet and her mother know that even when they do things they wish they hadn t, they still love each other very much.
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        Mem Fox was born in Australia, grew up in Africa, studied drama in England, and returned to Adelaide, Australia in 1970, where she has lived with her husband, Malcolm, and daughter Chlo , happily ever after.Mem Fox is Australia s most highly regarded picture book author Her first book, Possum Magic, is the best selling children s book ever in Australia, with sales of over three million And in the USA Time for Bed and Wilfrid Gordon McDonald Partridge have each sold over a million copies Time for Bed is on Oprah s list of the twenty best children s books of all time Mem has written thirty picture books for children and five non fiction books for adults, including the best selling Reading Magic, aimed at parents of very young children.Mem Fox was an Associate Professor in Literacy Studies at Flinders University in Adelaide, Australia, where she taught teachers for twenty four years until her early retirement in 1996 She has received many civic awards, honours and accolades in Australia, including two honorary doctorates She has visited the United States over one hundred times, mostly in her role as a literacy expert although she is also a well known author in America She is an influential international consultant in literacy, but she pretends to sit around writing full time.Winner of the Dromkeen Medal 1990.


    1. Harriet You ll Drive Me Wild is a adorable book about a young girl name Harriet This book is a contemporary realistic fiction aimed at preschool or school aged children Throughout the book Harriet is being a handful for her mother She breaks things and makes messes everywhere all day long.She is not doing thing intentionally but they are just happening Her mother tried to remain calm and not yell At the end of the book, her mother does yell at her She quickly apologizes and says somethings thing [...]

    2. The illustrations of this book was very cute and I think the author had a good idea behind it But I guess because I ve never really believed in not disciplining your child when they do something wrong Allow them to be a child but if they do something wrong tell them not just pat them on the head and say it s okay until it builds up like it did in this book and you end up yelling at them Then they don t understand why that was wrong but the other stuff wasn t.

    3. Author Mem FoxIllustrator Marla FrazeeFirst published 2000 Her mother didn t like to yell, so instead she said, Harriet, my darling child Harriet, you ll drive me wild.Harriet, sweetheart, what are we to do Harriet Harris, I m talking to you I m sorry, said Harriet, and she was A day in the life of a toddler, with a Real Mum She gardens, works on her computer, addresses envelopes And every time Harriet has an accident just like that , Mum gets progressively frustrated.Illustrated with Pencil an [...]

    4. Harriet is really trying not to misbehave, and her mom is really trying not to get mad at her But sometimes both things happen It s touching to see how both of them are trying hard Mom doesn t like to yell Harriet says she is sorry, and she means it The best part is that they both can be forgiving, with themselves and with the other, and then try again It s a strong point of this story that both, mom and Harriet, have to effort to control themselves, this way parents and kids can relate with the [...]

    5. In this charming story by Mem Fox, Harriet is the kind of kid that most people see as a handful In just one day, she knocks over her juice, paints on the carpet and falls off her chair at lunch with the entire tablecloth Harriet doesn t mean to be such a nuisance, and her mother tries to be as patient as possible Things start to change after mishaps occur as blood pressure starts to rise and her Mother explodes Overall, it is a recommended story involving accidents that led to successfully evok [...]

    6. 5 art5 storySquirt asks for this one again and again For some reason he is fascinated by the conflict between this mother and daughter When it comes to the part where the mother finally loses her temper and yells and yells and yells, he wants me to read it quietly, Not too loud, Mommy He could ve written this book himself, he s been through it so many times Including the part where Mommy has to apologize for yelling What an awesome book Kids need to understand these situations And I am fully war [...]

    7. I don t know, it kind of leaves me cold Kid likes it, but I think it s a bit earnest or dull or something Even the illustration style.

    8. I loved this book I think most children want to be good and pleasant And I think most mothers want to be patient and kind I know I do And yet sometimes we all make mistakes and need to ask for forgiveness It s good when apologies come, when forgiveness if offered and when love grows again Talking points Do you have certain things that drive other people wild in negative ways What are they Do you want to change them How can you change them Do you sometimes lose your patience What triggers you to [...]

    9. Harriet is a pesky child and accidentally makes messes all day long With each disaster her mother gets angrier and angrier She doesn t like to yell, but when Harriet rips a pillow open and feathers go flying, mom loses it They both calm down, hug, look around and realize how silly the massive feather mess is As a parent s I totally relate to this book I try and try and try to be calm when he makes a mess or does something naughty And sometimes I get to the point where I ve had it But just like t [...]

    10. I remember this book from when I was a kid, and would recommend it for ages 4 7 My mom would read it with plenty of emphasis to my sister and I This book depicts a little girl who makes messes and gets into trouble, and her mother has an incredible amount of patience with her, but only to a certain point This was my mom She never raised her voice at us very often, but on the rare occasion that she did, we always knew we had gotten on her last nerve It is a relatable story for children who just c [...]

    11. I picked this up from a book sale at a school where I used to teach because I recognized the author s name from Wilfred Gordon McDonald Partridge, which I think I read in the Writing Project This was a simple story about a little girl being a little girl and the mom finally losing her patience but then apologizing Just like little kids sometimes don t mean to make messes, we also don t mean to lose our patience with them.

    12. I found this story of an accident prone little girl and her frazzled mother to be so, so relatable and endearing The detailed illustrations nicely add to the story and I especially like how Harriet s sidekick a scruffy little dog appears on every page.

    13. A sweet story about how parents can get angry and yell, but apologize afterwards Love the Marla Frazee illustrations

    14. This book is fun but in a subtle way It is about a girl named Harriet Harris and how she prone to making messes She drops jam on her jeans pulls the table cloth off the table, but her mother never yells That was until while she was supposed to be napping she ripped a pillow and her mom began to yell Harriet always replied with I m sorry to her mother when she didn t yell, but this time she was really really sorry After her mother realized that she had been yelling she apologized as well and they [...]

    15. A very sweet book about a spirited little girl named Harriet, her innocent mistakes and genuine apologies and a mother who does not like to yell but mishap after mishap after mishap brings her over the edge They reconnect quickly and share in much laughter My daughter LOVES this book Harriet, You ll Drive Me Wild can be used to as a communication tool to ask your little one how they feel when there are mishaps and how the feel when there is yelling Finally, how it feels to clean up the mess toge [...]

    16. Acclaimed children s book author Mem Fox brings us a compassionate story about a mother and child s loving relationship Relatable for both parents and children, this book is sure to delight all readers, young and old alike Illustrator Marla Frazee uses pencil and transparent drawing inks to create authentic vignettes that humorously complement this realistic tale Harriet was a pesky child She didn t mean to be She just was This story follows a typical day in the life of a toddler who seems to cr [...]

    17. I got this book because sometimes I yell and it really hurts Logan s feelings In the book, Harriet is constantly on the move, making messes and destroying things She doesn t mean to, but it just happens She s always sorry afterward Her mother doesn t like to yell, so she tries to keep her cool Finally, when Harriet tears a feather pillow open and gets feathers everywhere, her mom loses her temper and yells Right afterward she apologizes and reconnects with Harriet Just like Harriet, sometimes sh [...]

    18. This is a sweet tale about a parent trying to be patient and loving with a very active, pesky and somewhat mischievous child I love that the parent is able to lose her cool and apologize I certainly could empathize with her While I would always want to be patient and loving with our girls, I cannot say that I speak to them in loving, rhyming couplets every time they do something that frustrates me The narrative is somewhat humorous, although I had to admit that I cringed at Harriet s antics myse [...]

    19. This is a great story about a troublesome child who does not mean to be bad, it just happens She creates simple accidents that even adults do sometimes such as spilling orange juice and getting their clothes dirty Her mom is usually calm about the situation, until there is one accident where she is no longer calm Mom gets mad and Harriet gets upset, both apologize though and work it out in order to work together to clean up Harriet s mess This is a great story with the message that accidents hap [...]

    20. Does almost every family have a child like Harriet Curly haired Harriet does everything wrong When she gets up from the table the tablecloth comes with her, when she eats half the food ends up on the floor or on the dog, when she takes a nap the pillow is ripped open but that was NOT her fault, really it wasn t But h er mother didn t like to yell, so instead she said, Harriet my darling child Harriet, you ll drive me wild Over and over Until she does.As usual, Mem Fox tells a simple but lively s [...]

    21. I m not sure Part of me feels really glad this was written It s about a parent getting too angry at their child It s indubitably great that the topic is dealt with in a book But it makes a frightening book So I m not sure about it or how to rate it So I am interim rating it 3 stars in the middle Signifying uncertainty either way Deep down I think I lean toward four or five stars Because it does raise the issue But is that enough Would a child dealing with a parent s getting too angry be comforte [...]

    22. Harriet s mother tries to keep her temper after each of Harriet s accidents About five accidents in one day proves a little too much for both mom and daughter, but they work things out.Adults will find Harriet s string of staining accidents enough to drive anyone crazy It s nice to see Mom and daughter work things out after they both mess up a little I personally think Mom should hide anything stain inducing from this accident prone child A good book to use to talk with kids about being thoughtf [...]

    23. Harriet is like most young children, she makes a lot of mistakes and messes She apologises each time she is clumsy while her mother s patience is wearing thin Eventually her mother loses her patience and yells, which provides a scenario for her mother to apologise.I think this book is relatable for both sides of the relationship.My 3 year old daughter loved this book and would ask me to read it to her every night In the end she could recite the book word for word, that s how much we read it I ev [...]

    24. Publication 2000Grade Age Ages 3 9Annotation Harriet is continually getting into trouble and doing things that she is very sorry for doing.Themes Emotions and feelings, clumsiness, temper, mothers and daughtersWays to use the book Create a class list suggesting ways that we can express our feelings without hurting others.Use in a discussion about problem solving Discuss with students how to be a good listener and show you re interested in solving the problem by being interested in the conversati [...]

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