365 Days

365 Days

Julie Doucet / Feb 25, 2020
Days A year in the life of a world renowned artistDespite Julie Doucet s renunciation of her comics centric lifestyle than five years ago Days is imbued with the iconic talent and studied aesthetic of
  • Title: 365 Days
  • Author: Julie Doucet
  • ISBN: 9781897299159
  • Page: 476
  • Format: Hardcover
  • A year in the life of a world renowned artistDespite Julie Doucet s renunciation of her comics centric lifestyle than five years ago, 365 Days is imbued with the iconic talent and studied aesthetic of her seminal comic book series Dirty Plotte, which catapulted her into being one of the world s greatest cartoonists This visual journal, starting in late 2002, is an idA year in the life of a world renowned artistDespite Julie Doucet s renunciation of her comics centric lifestyle than five years ago, 365 Days is imbued with the iconic talent and studied aesthetic of her seminal comic book series Dirty Plotte, which catapulted her into being one of the world s greatest cartoonists This visual journal, starting in late 2002, is an idiosyncratic collision of her various creative interests, wherein personal narrative, collage, and drawing begin to tell the story of her pursuits into printmaking and beyond, chronicling her maturation as a mid career artist and her fluid extension into a broader arts community.Now exhibiting internationally, Doucet blurs the boundaries between high art, illustration, craft, and comics where panel borders once divided pages, collage creeps in events and doodles merge recollection and narrative blend with the abstract The surreal neurosis of her comics has subsided to reveal a relaxed creativity that is unrestricted by form or definition and is as engaging as ever.
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      • Julie Doucet

        Underground cartoonist and artist, best known for her autobiographical works such as Dirty Plotte and My New York Diary.She began cartooning in 1987 Her efforts quickly began to attract critical attention, and she won the 1991 Harvey Award for Best New Talent.Shortly thereafter, she moved to New York Although she moved to Seattle the following year, her experiences in New York formed the basis of the critically acclaimed My New York Diary She moved from Seattle to Berlin in 1995, before finally returning to Montreal in 1998 Once there, she released the twelfth and final issue of Dirty Plotte before beginning a brief hiatus from comics.She returned to the field in 2000 with The Madame Paul Affair, a slice of life look at contemporary Montreal which was originally serialized in Ici Montreal, a local alternative weekly At the same time, she was branching out into experimental territory, culminating with the 2001 release of Long Time Relationship, a collection of prints and engravings In 2004, Doucet also published in French an illustrated diary Journal chronicling about a year of her life and, in 2006, an autobiography made from a collage of words cut from magazines and newspapers J comme Je In December 2007, Drawn Quarterly will publish 365 Days A Diary by Julie Doucet, in which she chronicles her life for a year, starting in late 2002.She remains a fixture in the Montreal arts community, but in an interview in the June 22, 2006 edition of the Montreal Mirror, she declared that she had retired from long form comics s quite a lot of work, and not that much money I went to a newspaper to propose a comic strip because I only had to draw a small page and it would be out the next week For once it was regular pay and good money.


    1. it s not the most original idea in the world everyday for a year, julie doucet decides that she would draw an autobiographical comic of whatever was going on with the day but because i like julie s comics, also because the comics series really started to feel a lot like a diary, full of insecurities, to do lists, doodles, accounts of dreams, bad news, etc, i liked this a lot she didn t reach for the funny of the profound she just drew what she wanted to draw because it was weighing on her mind, [...]

    2. I couldn t get through this one I like her semi grotesque style to a point but I found it grating after a while and her journalish musings just didn t hold my attention I still want to try reading some of her other stuff.

    3. Only made it through 50 pages after many weeks Normally, I love that kind of dense seeing inside the author s head, especially in illustrated format, but this one never clicked with me The honesty and realness are laudable Just not enough for me to continue.

    4. You can indeed judge this book by its cover It s crammed with drawings and words, both handwritten and cut pasted typewritten text And intense read Julie Doucet gives us an inside glimpse into her life for an entire year, drawing a memoir with daily entries She is honest about her daily interactions, inner thoughts and experiences than I could have been, that s for sure.We favorite voyeur experiences while reading her memoir included learning about the actualities of living as an artist, the ex [...]

    5. Picked this up at the store after spotting it while dusting the shelves I m a big fan of collage work and comics and I m trying to read independent works I d never read anything by Julie Doucet honestly, I d no idea who she was, so I was absent of any preconceived opinions on the artist or her work I have two main thoughts about the book 1 I wish I could see it in it s original text and that I could read French 2 I kept on thinking back to the world before the ubiquity of constant social media [...]

    6. I found my copy of this book hidden in the back shelves of a discount bookstore in Amish country in PA There may be a lesson there in not making your entry into someone s work based on happenstance I can t say that I was particularly impressed by any aspect of the book The cartoons were okay, but not much than doodles the artwork in her comics seems to be superior and on some days less than that nothing than squiggles around a few words Also, is there a reason that she consistently draws herse [...]

    7. I d almost go to three stars since I did like what I read of this and I admire Doucet s honesty in her art and her overall perseverance, but after almost half of it, I was ready to move onto a full fledged story again Hello, The Great Night As it would be if just about anyone documented every day for a year of their life, it got redundant quickly, but it did offer a glimpse of what it could be like to make a living as a non MFA artist and of the creative process complete with bouts of self doubt [...]

    8. Julie Doucet is known for her crazy, sexually explicit comics about her crazy dreams and health problems and young adulthood this book has very little of that instead, it covers a year of Doucet s life as a thirtysomething professional artist while she travels and socializes a lot, most of the days described in this book are spent screenprinting, carving linocuts and cutting up old magazines while watching old movies on TV which is kind of interesting, at least to me I m interested in what othe [...]

    9. Julie Doucet has always been one of my favorite cartoonists, but unfortunately for comics readers, she quit comics to pursue other art forms So this book isn t comics exactly, but maybe it is, depending on how you want to argue about what comics means Best read at a rate of maybe 20 pages a day, her densely packed diary doesn t have the humor her My New York Diary had, but is nonetheless fascinating as a document of a year in the life of an artist As with all diary comics there are times when I [...]

    10. Comparisons to The Principles of Uncertainty I want to read it But I can t I like visual storytelling, I like Drawn and Quarterly, I like diaries, I like women comics artists, I like Montreal, but mama mia I also like white space, and this doesn t have any The rave reviews on are causing me a lot of guilt for sending this back to CML without finding out what this daily life of an artist is like, but I m going to anyway Maybe I can access Julie Doucet in smaller doses some other way Nonetheless, [...]

    11. I love diary comics Give me a zine with some lady drawing about what she wore and what she took to the vegan potluck and I will be happy as a clam But I found this collection of a year s worth of diary comics from the legendary Julie Doucet to be especially memorable, because it s so interesting to see what day to day life is like for a woman artist I appreciated the perspective from a woman in her late 30s after reading multiple diary comics by women in their early 20s, too I m afraid that last [...]

    12. I ve long been a fan of Julie D Her comic, Dirty Plotte, was her best work, in my opinion But this book provides a glimpse into everyday life and work as an artist, from a very interesting perspective of being part of the art scene in Canada The drawing style is slightly different, as she has taken to drawing herself looking mature but she maintains her earthiness and honesty The dream sequences are funny and sweet as always Her layouts and the sense of perspective are wonderfully imaginative a [...]

    13. This is very good An interesting and seemingly accurate account of the author artist s day to day life including the grind that is the life of a struggling albeit successful cartoonist Doucet is indeed an artist don t let the cartoons fool you, this is still a demanding and difficult pursuit I m also impressed that much of her work is lino cutting and printing It is sometimes difficult to make out what has been written and the pages can be visually tiring to look at for very long I think the bes [...]

    14. I enjoyed this book because I already love Julie Doucet, and it was interesting to me to get a glimpse of her day to day life However, I agree with some of the reviewers that she is complains quite a lot and the format can be headache inducing I would never recommend this to someone who has never read her work My New York Diary is definitely a better choice for first time readers, and a great read overall 365 is really only one for serious Julie Doucet lovers or people simply interested in the a [...]

    15. So far, the best book of the year Julie Doucet is a French Canadian comic artist whose work I didn t know until I came upon this gem at Powell s She kept a journal in comic book format for a year, drawing herself in an unflattering way, most often making scowling grimaces when she s annoyed I loved reading about places she visited, books she read, and work she accomplished This was a great little book I loved dragging around everywhere until I was done the best comparison I could make to it as a [...]

    16. This was intriguing but very unsatisfying An artist has to do some really spectacular work for me to be interesting in reading a whole year of one day page comics for 365 days I like how she draws herself grubby and malformed but reading about print shops and trying to make deadlines and self referential stuff about the book I am reading is not fun I admit I only made it about 1 4 into the year and then skipped around but then dropped it completely.

    17. comic artists need to get over themselves This is mostly a diary of complaints don t know bout you but if I was only making art as my full time gig I would be happy as, asPie what s the phrase I have never read a comic s diary that didn t make me like them less by the end of it On the upside, it made me want to put it down almost everytime I picked it up and go do some art instead.

    18. I love Julie Doucet s comics and it was fun to read her page a day comic diary all about her life in Montreal, trials and tribulations of the art comics world, friends and family, and domestic life with her cat Sometimes I wished it dig a little deeper, like her graphic novels and memoirs, but I still found it a fun and satisfying read The drawing style is not as dense and black as her other work, so at first I found it weird but later I liked how loose it was.

    19. From this book, I learned that too much input makes me grumbly Although I enjoyed 2 comic journals recently, this one was just too much I could not find anything to connect to in it I think I was too lost in the unorganized frenetic feel of the book.My life is already a hot mess, I apparently need a little organization in some aspect of my life and was not finding anything worth holding on to in this journal So, that s what I learned.

    20. I love Julie Doucet s work so I m kinda biased here Routinely great Pretty interesting insight in the day to day life of a struggling Canadian artist Page layout can be problematic for the uninitiated and the smaller format got to be hard to read at times but that could just be me being old I would have liked a larger format 8x10 but whatcha gonna do I don t know if this will win over any new fans but it was really fun to read.

    21. i liked the drawing mixed with collage otherwise it was rather boring and struggle to get through due to her switch between print and cursive both of which weren t quite legible she just tells you what she does day in and out with little to no explanation of WHY or how she feels She goes off about using English or that she doesn t get Americans but never shows the reader any back story as to how her feelings came about Sadly this is not a keeper for me.

    22. dang this is dense i am new to julie doucet, and i like this very much it is a book i think i can pick up and read and feel inspired, put it down, repeatr years she basically draws and writes about her daily life as an artist, going to the studio, meeting deadlines, etc it is so different from my daily routine that it is refreshing to read.

    23. This wasn t bad, but it reminded me of when I try to read books in my dreams It was like the words kept moving around, I had to read a sentence several times to retain it, and then even after staring at a page for a few minutes to fully understand it I forgot everything about it as soon as I looked away.

    24. The compulsive desire to document daily life is contagious I send a postcard a day to people instead of keeping a journal This comic version of a year in one artist s life is like time travel looking back through a year in someone else s life, the details that they add or those that they leave out

    25. The books is amazing in the graphics and dedication of the artist, but I found the story itself a bit dull Characters and relationships are explored only on the surface It left me wanting depth.

    26. Julie Doucet is a conceptual artist trapped in a cartoonist s body finding fresh ways to channel her creative eruptions onto paper The Village Voice Like many of her alt comics contemporaries, Doucet eradicates any uppity delineation between art and comics Bust Magazine

    27. Mentioned in Entertainment Weekly, this could be the next Principles of Uncertainty 365 artworks by the Montreal based creator Each page contains prose and images summarizing her 24 hours.

    28. Had to get this one back to the library so I plowed through the end What to say it s dense, full of good journaling, and if you re a fan of Julie Doucet I am it s a very good thing.

    29. I love the way Julie has integrated artwork, text, and collage to document her daily activities the artwork is wonderful

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