Santa, Honey

Santa, Honey

Kate Angell Sandra Hill Joy Nash / Feb 25, 2020
Santa Honey Ho Humbug HoBy Nationally Bestselling Author KATE ANGELLForced into a scratchy white beard and a red velvet suit two sizes too small hotshot ballplayer Alex Boxer knows his goose is cooked when the
  • Title: Santa, Honey
  • Author: Kate Angell Sandra Hill Joy Nash
  • ISBN: 9780505527530
  • Page: 358
  • Format: Paperback
  • Ho, Humbug, HoBy Nationally Bestselling Author KATE ANGELLForced into a scratchy white beard and a red velvet suit two sizes too small, hotshot ballplayer Alex Boxer knows his goose is cooked when the woman supervising his community service turns out to be cute as a Christmas elf but channelling the nutcracker.Naughty or NiceBy New York Times Bestselling Author SANDRA HILLHo, Humbug, HoBy Nationally Bestselling Author KATE ANGELLForced into a scratchy white beard and a red velvet suit two sizes too small, hotshot ballplayer Alex Boxer knows his goose is cooked when the woman supervising his community service turns out to be cute as a Christmas elf but channelling the nutcracker.Naughty or NiceBy New York Times Bestselling Author SANDRA HILLAnyone can hold up a convenience store on Christmas Eve But to do it impersonating Santa Claus, on behalf of a nun, handcuffed to a gorgeous hostage that takes brasslls.Christmas UnpluggedBy USA Today Bestselling Author JOY NASHTwo sisters, plus two brothers, plus one romantic Christmas weekend at Dutch Lodge with zero electricity It all adds up to a sleigh load of mix ups, breakups and happily ever after hookups.
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    1. This is a Christmas anthology I know, already with two pretty good stories and one story that I tried, but it just wasn t working for me, so it was a rare DNF.First up was Ho, Humbug, Ho, a continuation of Kate Angell s Richmond Rogues baseball series featuring rookie center fielder Alex Boxer.Heading to Miami to party away the upcoming holidays with his usual assortment of bimbos, Alex is caught speeding through quaint little Holiday, Florida, and sentenced to 40 hours of community service play [...]

    2. I realize I m not all that good at judging short stories because I tend to compare the character development to a full length novel Obviously, it s very difficult to develop characters or situations in any depth in so much less space So while rating the stories in this anthology, I ve tried to keep the short form of the work in mind.Ho, Humbug, Ho by Kate Angell3 starsDecent story and likable characters I ve enjoyed Angell s Richmond Rogue books, but I don t consider this in that category The st [...]

    3. Obviously I m than a little behind on my reading, as I had fully intended to enjoy this anthology of holiday novellas during the actual holiday season, but I m glad I finally sat down to enjoy them Sometimes funny, often sweet, and rich with the flavor of my favorite time of year, this anthology is definitely worth a read matter what month is face up on the calendar Ho, Humbug, Ho by Kate Angell Series Richmond Rogues, Book 5Rating 3.5 StarsLength 1267 LocationsGetting caught speeding his way t [...]

    4. 4, 3, and 3 stars for three short Christmas romance stories.4 stars for CHRISTMAS UNPLUGGED by Joy Nash.Story Brief Casey and Emma are sisters who live together in New York City Emma looks like a Barbie doll and is trying to get work as an actress with no luck Casey pays the bills as a computer programmer Emma and her boyfriend booked a romantic getaway at a lodge in northern New York State They broke up two days before the trip, so Emma convinced Casey to go with her Casey grudgingly went and p [...]

    5. Courtesy of CK2S Kwips and KritiquesSanta, Honey is a compilation of three Christmas romantic comedies, and Santa plays a role in all three of them While this was a pleasant way to spend a few hours during the holidays, there s really only one I came away from with the feeling I had read a great story.In Ho, Humbug, Ho by Kate Angell, star baseball player Alex Boxer is sentenced to 40 hours of community service for speeding in a school zone All he cares about is a holiday on the beach with sexy [...]

    6. A group of books about romance during the holidays, what could be better Ho, Humbug, Ho by Kate Angell was a very cute story about two unlikely people getting together.Welcome to Holiday, a small town in a southern state that embraces the holiday spirit, and a small town that famous ballplayer Alex has been forced into community service for speeding through town His punishment Play Santa in a scratchy white beard and too small suit until the holidays are over It s not all bad though, Holly is th [...]

    7. Anthology 3 stories in one Overall a good read was okay, one was almost really good, and the other was really good.Ho, Humbug, Ho by Kate Angell3 1 2 starsThis is the 5th in the Richmond Rogue series The last book, Sliding Home introduced Alex Boxer He s a young, arrogant, center fielder In this story, he s on his way to south Florida for some Christmas fun in the sun.cially with blond twins waiting for him He gets the book thrown at him for speeding in a school zone in Holiday, FL He s stuck th [...]

    8. Christmas themed books are ones that I can only read around this time of year I just can t get into people decorating trees and battening down the hatches for a huge storm when it s 100F outside Sorry I wish I could But no That means that all these free reads that happen to be Christmas y are going to get read fast There s a very small window of opportunity here, people Very small.So A couple of things I almost passed this book up when I first saw it For one, short stories by authors I m not alr [...]

    9. I got this book for the Kate Angell s HO, HUMBUG, HO 5 in the Richmond Rogues series I wasn t sure I was going to like it but I was asked to give it a chance and so I did by clearing all thoughts of why I wouldn t like this story and began reading I m still not a big fan of Alex Boxer, but I loved Holly, and at first I really didn t want Alex anywhere near Holly But while reading and getting into the story I could see how good Holly would be for Alex note I didn t say how good Alex would be for [...]

    10. I enjoyed this Christmas anthology immensely Normally, I m not a fan of older stories being thrown in with new releases, but I didn t even realize that Sandra Hill s story, Naughty or Nice, was over 10 yrs old when I read it Though it wasn t my favorite of the three, it was enjoyable.Ho, Humbug, Ho is actually the 5th installment in Kate Angell s Richmond Rogues series If you ve already read the first 4 books, you may want to grab this one to add to your collection This story was my least favori [...]

    11. Ho, Humbug, Ho was pretty good I would read it again, but as it s there I liked the humor and justice kinda thing Also, seasonal lessons always make for good stories, fictional or memorial Naughty or Nice was really good I liked the humor of the situation and everything I definitely would read this one again and again It s just too unbelievably believable Christmas Unplugged was pretty good too I liked the whole unplugged thing I would read this book again The computer sister I really connected [...]

    12. Ho, Humbug, Ho Funny and cute 3 stars Love is declared rather suddenly a problem with all three stories in the this anthology , especially when you consider what a playboy Alex is at the beginning of the story Naughty or Nice 2 stars Clearly an old story The hero apparently looks like an older Brad Pitt, who is nearing 50 now I wanted to like this story, but I felt it streeeeetched believability view spoiler Apparently there are no repercussions to Jessica holding up a store and kidnapping a hos [...]

    13. Santa, Honey, by Sandra Hill, Joy Nash and Kate Angell is a Christmas collection of three novellas Ho Humbug Ho, Naughty or Nice and Christmas Unplugged by three bestselling hot rom writers Again, this is not a genre I d normally read, but I downloaded it at a particularly bargain Kindle price to try it And, I was glad I did While I may have occasionally blushed at some of the explicit references, I enjoyed each of the three stories They were quick paced, with happy endings what could you ask [...]

    14. Another story in my holiday book phase Really enjoyed the stories by Kate Angell and Sandra Hill Kate Angell s Ho, Humbug, Ho is part of the Richmond Rogues series I enjoyed both the hero and heroine equally The story is good and dialogue is amusing.Sandra Hill s Naughty or Nice was great The humor was the best part of the story The quickness of the characters feelings towards each other, well it s a cute, short romance.Joy Nash s Christmas Unplugged was my least favorite of the three stories [...]

    15. I enjoyed Kate Angell s story I m a sucker for a baseball story , but Sandra Hill s Naughty or Nice had parts that didn t even make sense At one point Jesse and Luke are handcuffed together and Jesse is thinking about the fact that she can t find the key Then suddenly they aren t even wearing the cuffs any They aren t taken off, they are even mentioned again Bad editing Joy Nash s story about two sisters and two brothers was filled with characters it was difficult to like Definitely check it out [...]

    16. 2 Ho, Humbug, Ho by Kate Angell Richmond Rogues series 5 mix of corny and boring with a bit of witty4 Naughty or Nice by Sandra Hill This is silly story All pop culture references are outdated reprint from 1996 , but still very funny 3 Christmas Unplugged by Joy Nash Average looking h vs very handsome H plus annoying sister It was not very convincing or funny love story

    17. This was a Free Kindle book from and I read just the first 2 stories over Christmas weekend while trying out my new Kindle Didn t hold my interest enough to finish the last story, but now that I ve read the reviews maybe I ll have to go back and check it out Sounds like it was the best of the 3.

    18. Loved the humour and spicy sex sprinkled amongst the words of these three short Christmas romance stories A bit far fetched at least for me, the speed with which people in these stories seem to all fall in love But aren t we all entitled to dream a bit while we read, now and then, especially under the mistletoe

    19. The only reason this got 2 stars was the last story, which I liked Joy Nash s was a fun light read Sandra HIll s story was just cheesy and ridiculous The pop culture references really date the piece I rolled my eyes through the entire thing Kate Angell s was just meh.

    20. Loved the first Ho Humbug Ho and third story Christmas Unplugged , with the 3rd story being my favourite The second story Naughty or Nice didn t like so much I found the second story dragged on and I lost interest very quickly.

    21. I got this one for the Sandra Hill story Very cute and Christmas sy Started to read the Joy Nash story, but the main characters hooked up too quickly and easily I like a lot of drawn out longing and misadventure in my romance novels stories.

    22. Three fun holiday stories with lots of humor but the instant love a bit of a stretch, my rating 3.5 1 Holly directs baseball star Alex forced to play Santa 2 Santa Jessica meets Santa Brad during robbery read before 3 Computer geek Casey gets snowed in with Matt.

    23. This book featured three cute Christmas themed novellas All three stories involved unbelievable love at first sight romances The second one was kind of outdated which was funny to read Not something I d read again but it was cute.

    24. What s fun to read at the holidays than some quickie Christmas romances They re shorter than a regular novel, so there s plenty of love at first sight But still, enjoyable and easily interruptable.

    25. This was a pretty fun collection of holiday shorts I enjoyed Joy Nash s contribution the most, but all three were enjoyable I will most certainly look into Nash s other titles and quite possible the other contributors as well.

    26. Three in one Three authors each tell their Santa story and after some love at first sight, the love seems to be permanent and sincere enough for marriages This is another free Kindle download.

    27. Good to read another story about a Richmond Rouges but because it was a short story it left something to be desired The other two stories were not great, but if you read the Richmond Rouges series worth checking out of the library.

    28. I only read the Sandra Hill story which I loved A woman who believes that she has a Christmas curse and the widowed man she meets while robbing a grocery store Funny and cute, my kind of x mas story

    29. This was a kindle freebie of 3 short stories They were all terrible, but the 2nd one was completely unreadable One of the worst books ever.

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