Josefina: An American Girl

Josefina: An American Girl

Valerie Tripp / Feb 23, 2020
Josefina An American Girl All six Josefina books in an attractive slipcase Includes Meet Josefina Josefina Learns a Lesson Josefina s Surprise Happy Birthday Josefina Josefina Saves the Day and Changes for Josefina
  • Title: Josefina: An American Girl
  • Author: Valerie Tripp
  • ISBN: 9781562476755
  • Page: 188
  • Format: Paperback
  • All six Josefina books in an attractive slipcase Includes Meet Josefina, Josefina Learns a Lesson, Josefina s Surprise, Happy Birthday, Josefina , Josefina Saves the Day, and Changes for Josefina.
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        Valerie Tripp is a children s book author, best known for her work with the American Girl series.She grew up in Mount Kisco, New York with three sisters She is a reading expert with a Reading Master s of Education degree from Harvard University Since 1985 she has lived in Silver Spring, Maryland Her husband teaches history at Montgomery College She has been a writer for reading textbooks for three decades.Tripp is best known for her work with the American Girl series She wrote all the books in the Felicity, Josefina, Kit, and Molly series, and three of the books in the Samantha series She has also written four of the five Best Friends character stories to date Film dramatizations of the lives of Samantha, Felicity, Molly, and Kit have been based on her stories to varying extents.


    1. We listened to these on our road trip, and I was pleasantly surprised by their wholesomeness Josefina is a less conventional heroine than many of her AG peers She s actually interested in serving her family and community and developing her gifts in a thoughtful and wise way, rather than just running off with a horse or wishing she was a boy Felicity I was also surprised by how positively Roman Catholic faith was portrayed As usual, the illustrations are just lovely I appreciated the Spanish voca [...]

    2. When I was younger I loved this book as well I thought that Josefina s stories in particular were amazing I believe I loved how she truly did embrace a completely different culture than I did It was nice to be young and to see how people lived in different circumstances When I re read this book, I loved to remember her stories and how dedicated to her family she was These American Girl Doll Books are great books for kids to learn about different cultures and people.

    3. Josefina is my favorite American Girls Club doll It s probably because she s from New Mexico So when I saw the books at a garage sale I knew I had to have them And they lived up to their promise.

    4. As a little girl I was opposed with American Girl I still really enjoy the stories American Girl really got me into reading I started American Girl when I was 9 I loved them ever since.

    5. Personal reaction I love these books Josefina is such a wonderful character and the events that take place in her books are exciting and enjoyable to read.Purposes This would be an independent read for grades 2nd 4th Girls would particularly enjoy these books and relate to them because Josefina is a 10 year old girl This book could be used in a realistic fiction unit, or in historical fiction Josefina lives in Santa Fe, New Mexico in 1824 and her stories would be a great way to teach diverse cul [...]

    6. Josefina is an American Girl living in New Mexico before it was considered part of the United States Though there was little historical events depicted in Josefina s stories, there was a lot of cultural customs explored Josefina is a shy yet hopeful 9 year old at the start of her adventures who recently lost her Mama She has three sisters who can t seem to get along and her Papa is doing his best to run the rancho and raise the girls right Luckily their Tia Dolores agrees to move in and help tea [...]

    7. Book on CDs I did not expect an American Girl series to be so historical and authentic This is a fun series about a Mexican American girl and her culture The setting is authentically described and the Spanish words add to the authenticity The back of the book will certainly help the students as there is a dictionary with the meanings of the words Josefina has a great relationship with her family and displays the importance of family in the Mexican American community This is a great series for fi [...]

    8. My daughter moved from the little house books to this volume of American girl books She has really enjoyed this story about a 10 year old New Mexican girl and her family after the death of their mother After reading the books, I found a copy of the audio book at the library and she is listening to it constantly I m not excited about the whole American Girl branding phenomenon but the history and innocence of the stories are great.

    9. I was so happy to read these after the Felicity series, and to find that the good old wonderful values I found in the Kaya series had returned These values kind of got skipped in Felicity, but they are wonderfully strong in Josefina I will be very glad to read this series to my daughter this fall for our Liberty Girls club, and there will be so many wonderful values, principles and experiences to talk about.

    10. I like this series of books better than I thought I would Josephina is the youngest of four sisiters and their mother died just a year ago when the stories start The author was sure to put in quite a few elements of Josephina s Catholic faith I found it quite interesting that children were taught to be seen and not heard in Josephina s culture so different from today I also appreciated the glossary at the back with definitions for all the Spanish words used.

    11. Reading this entire collection to the girls They love it and so do I There are great historical lessons as well as life lessons to be learned in this series It also helps supplement the Spanish we are attempting to learn Update Finished the whole Josefina collection and we all loved it Josefina is a fine example of a hard working young lady with manners, curiosity and joy for life I highly recommend it to all girls

    12. Josefina was MY American Girl Each of my sisters had a favorite and she was mine The most magical day of my childhood was when I got the doll of her for my birthday nevermind that she later became my worst fear because I could have sworn that she stared at me at night and moved of her own accord I read her books over and over again.

    13. Read this with daughter for a homeschool group Sweet storiesreading with DD2 December16 January17 She enjoys them than I hoped she would, considering she s smitten with the Goddess Girls books, blech I enjoy the touching on real life issues, yet couching them gently enough for a young girl to not be overwhelmed.

    14. Josefina was always my sisters favorite, while I found her quiet and boring However, in this lovely edition it was easy to reconnect with Josefina and her personality Tripp does a great job with any of her American Girl books, creating well rounded and interesting characters that have withstood the test of time.

    15. Josefina was definately my favorite I had her doll I never realized it but i guess I really do like westerns Its all about the frontier for me the southwest I always have a thing for the southwest The combination of native american and spanish culture is just so rich in tradition I dunno theres just something about it But yeah Joesfina was it for me

    16. Josefina was one of my daughter American Girl Josefina was very adventurous and she loves nature and flowers She saved her friend from a rattlesnake bit She lives with her sisters and her father Her mother just died and her Tia came to live with them Totally love this book and I read it in Spanish

    17. Reviewed by my seven year old daughter Josefina was very adventurous and she loves nature and flowers She saved her friend from a rattlesnake bit She wants to be a healer and she loves to help people She lives with her sisters and her father Her mother just died and her Tia came to live with them.

    18. Read these for Lauren s Liberty Girls Club Cute story, simple messages, fun ideas activities to make history come alive Good independent reading for 7 10 yr old girls Courage, overcoming grief, accepting changes, spinning, weaving, Spanish Christmas traditions, sheep care, gardening flowers, etc

    19. We loved this book on tape, too I really liked that Josefina isn t your typical strong willed heroine you see so often these days She s soft spoken and timid at times, but full of heart and determination She s happy to follow in her family s traditions, which I also liked.

    20. These were believable and action packed The characters are well developed and not so stock that they re completely predictable We re studying Spanish this year for homeschool, so the Spanish character names and place names were a fun bonus.

    21. We have only read the Felecity series but Bea wanted to try We read this and the 2nd book in the series They were depressing so much of the plot hinges on their grief over the mom s death Bea was not liking them so we didn t continue in the series.

    22. These are some of my favorite American Girl books In Josefina An American Girl, you learn a lot of things about Mexico and in the back is a glossary with the Spanish words they use in the books and what they mean I would recommend this to anyone

    23. One thing I liked about the American Girls was how diverse they were Despite all of the stories taking place in America, each of the girls had a different ethnicity and individuality that set them apart For Josefina, it was her Latina heritage and old fashioned yet broad minded way of life.

    24. Read late 1990 sJosephina is the youngest in her family and her mother passed away after her birth She has to deal with her aunt, Tia Dalma, coming to live with them and the massive changes that brings It is a good series

    25. Totally love this book and I read it in Spanish Sometimes I have to look up words and so it humbles me to know that have the Spanish vocabulary of a young girl

    26. This American Girl series book was surprisingly well written and does a good job of describing this time and culture.

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