A Perfect Game

A Perfect Game

Reno MacLeod Jaye Valentine / Feb 23, 2020
A Perfect Game Twenty year old Christopher Kit Pennington dreams of becoming a professional baseball player He has the talent and the drive needed for the sport but finds his lack of interest in formal education ba
  • Title: A Perfect Game
  • Author: Reno MacLeod Jaye Valentine
  • ISBN: 9781605920672
  • Page: 177
  • Format: ebook
  • Twenty year old Christopher Kit Pennington dreams of becoming a professional baseball player He has the talent and the drive needed for the sport, but finds his lack of interest in formal education barring his way Under threat from his wealthy father, an important alumnus and contributor at the private Christian college Kit attends, Kit has been barely muddling throughTwenty year old Christopher Kit Pennington dreams of becoming a professional baseball player He has the talent and the drive needed for the sport, but finds his lack of interest in formal education barring his way Under threat from his wealthy father, an important alumnus and contributor at the private Christian college Kit attends, Kit has been barely muddling through Not until the very handsome Liam Dalton replaces one of Kit s regular professors at the exclusive school does higher learning take on any real meaning Special Content Alert M M, BDSM
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    1. FREE ON 11 8 14 Perfect Game JaThat s rightI m grunting A Perfect Game has hit so many pluses in my book, that I can t help but grunt like Tim The Tool Man Taylor This book has been sitting on my TBR mountain for months, MONTHS and I am so upset with myself.Have no fear, I think back on my favorite scene I ll describe it soon and I m happy all over again.Reno MacLeod and Jaye Valentine s A Perfect Game was not perfect for me but it was pretty damn close I was in kinky glee while reading, wantin [...]

    2. PERFECTLY SEXY All I am gonna say is Older man Younger dude, if that don t catch your fancy, I will say D s relationship younger guy the top Head blown off yet This one won t win any awards for literary genius, but it offers a great love story and a beat all odds kind of thing.Kit Pennington is a baseball player, a rich kid, college student and a Dom Plus he is openly gay to the delight of his team mates who revel in making his life a living hell He hates school, but he loves baseball so no hate [...]

    3. I ve had this book picked for me since the first ever MMR Gang Bang I ever participated in For a long time it was out of print and thus it languished unread While I m glad it s finally going to come off of my TBR I can t say I really enjoyed the read This is one of those cases where I found myself rolling my eyes repeatedly Every bad trope that bugs the hell out of me pretty much made an appearance in this book The one pass I ll give this one is that while the story is ridiculous and unbelievabl [...]

    4. Christopher Kit Pennington is a twenty six year old rich guy with dreams of becoming a professional baseball player He has loads of talent and drive when it comes to baseball, but not so much for formal education He s been barely getting by in his studies at the private school he attends But when handsome Liam Dalton replaces one of Kit s regular professors, higher learning suddenly becomes interesting I m not a big sports fan, but I very much enjoyed this book about a younger Dom and an older [...]

    5. I am so very partial to so many things in this book, I can easily give it 7 stars That said, I have to admit that parts of the book are somewhat confusing there are so many baseball details and I have no clue to what they actually mean I am not a baseball fan One star off for that.There isn t much of a real conflict in the story as well Kit is tormented by his peers, but we don t see a lot of it At one point his father is on a verge of disowning him, but later on somehow everything works out jus [...]

    6. This novel collects some of my preferred themes in Gay Romance it has a college setting, Kit, 20 years old is attending a Christian college to fulfil a promise to his wealthy father, maintain good grades while he is pursuing his real dream, to become a professional baseball player Kit falls for Liam, the 36 years old college professor of one of Kit s courses So other than a college themed novel, this is also a very nice May December romance, with a switch that I liked, the dominant lover in the [...]

    7. At first I wasn t so sure about this because I m not big into bdsm especially if it s contemporary However this was free so I figured, why not If I choose to ignore the absolute eye roll inducing insta love, I think this was an overall pretty decent storyYou ve got Kit who s a star baseball player at his college He s a cocky little shit and he lays eyes on his substitute teacher Liam and is instantly smitten He sets out to seduce him and Liam of course, shuts him down All caution is thrown out t [...]

    8. 3.5 starsTenderness, caring and some sexy play between this student athlete and college professor Big heart, but a little rushed in places to condense time A romantic read.

    9. Interesting twist to this book that I didn t expect from the blurb Unfortunately the story was slow to start and clunky as it continued It found its feet closer to the end which brought it up to 3 stars for me I asked myself, what exactly did they know about each other before they fell in love The lust was evident but they flung themselves into the relationship and started with the L word so quickly I just didn t feel the emotional connection Additionally, Kit s dad was pretty easy on Liam Kit s [...]

    10. Really good story about a younger guy who pursues though not for long an older teacher who s been burned in the past Kit is young but very much the aggressor in his relationships and it s no different with Liam who really wants to be submissive but has some bad history behind him.Kit is a fascinating character, very multi dimensional, appearing so young when he s in college classes and playing baseball, but then morphing perfectly into the dom that Liam really needs I think Liam calls him an old [...]

    11. I love stories that throw traditional stereotypes up in the air and let something altogether different emerge instead This wonderful book had several surprises that just left me appreciating it and as it progressed The pairing of Kit and Liam was one of those unconventional aspects of the book, and while on the surface you might go no way is that going to work , in reality they were perfect for one another Their interactions felt extremely sensual and surrounded by love I was sad to reach the [...]

    12. I m not sure what I thought of this story There were parts I really enjoyed, but also parts that I skipped through While I enjoyed the story for the most part, I think everything happened way too fast I ll admit that sometimes I m okay with insta love, but in this case it just didn t feel right at all Still, I thought it was sweet in places, and pretty hot too It certainly held my attention for long enough that I read until the end even if I did skim through several pages here and there.

    13. 4.5 stars I allowed this book to sit on my shelf for than a year and a half It doesn t look like a BDSM book and the title doesn t sound like BDSM, but it certainly is a BDSM story Not only is Liam a submissive, but he has his own playroom in the basement Kit, though much younger by nearly 20 years, becomes a very caring Dom His relationship with Liam is sweet and Liam learns to trust him completely in spite of a previous bad experience when his safe word was ignored I loved this pairing and to [...]

    14. 2.5I really like that this book has a diferent aproach to a Dom sub relationship, I liked the characters, but the rest was not good for me view spoiler the I love you just two days of knowing each other, and Kit moving in with Liam just a week after the first meeting hide spoiler.

    15. I just adored this story It was so sweet I liked the older man younger man storyline as well as the D s 4.5

    16. Okay, this start out a little slow for me The bratty Kit is bored with school and desides that seducing his professor would help him pass the time until baseball season started up His whole attitude almost turned me off but I continued to read It was odd that the brtty kid was the dominate in the relationship but not the most mature one in the relationshipif that makes any sense But you do get to see Kit grown up and grow into a relationship with Liam I did expect of a sports aspect.

    17. DNF at 50%.Why would you turn a perfectly good, full of explosive chemistry and potential smut teacher student story into a sap fest And so abruptly Like, literally in the middle of their first sex scene From one paragraph to another the heroes go from heated kisses to then stopping and exchanging confessions in love and plans for future.r mind this is the third or so time they see each other Ugh Big dislike.

    18. I really didn t like this one at all I found Kit s personality repugnant his arrogance irritating his persona annoying reading about Liam s submission to Kit s character just left me cold my dislike of all things Kit was so great that I can t separate my emotional reaction to him long enough to determine if the book is any good I cannot be objective at all Kit s ickyness has left a bad taste in my mouth.

    19. 2.5 stars.This is a Dom s and may December story about a college boy early twenties who falls in love with his professor mid thirties.I found the arrogance of a young man boy who still depends on his dad a bit of a letdown But the relationship between the two heroes is kind of sweet And although the dom is the man boy, the dynamics of their couple is believable and works well.

    20. I really did enjoy this story While I liked the change up in the D s dynamic younger D older s , I did have difficulty, every once in a while, believing that Kit, at 20, could already be such an experienced Dom Liam felt quite real to me.

    21. 3.2 StarsI liked the inverted roles making the inherent power imbalance less obvious there s just something about a younger MC being the Dom that appeals to me.Otherwise, I dunno Something didn t click with me It felt like 2 books unsuccessfully woven togetheror like there was just too much going on that didn t seem to advance the plot shrug

    22. This one was a little hard to get into at the beginning The role reversal of the younger older, dom sub was different Kit came across as being a lot older than 20 in some ways and Liam a lot younger than 36 Kit knew what he wanted and went after it I do wish we had a little of Liam s backstory and what drew him to Kit.As I continued reading the story it really came together.

    23. This book was really good I loved the characters, the premise and just the story overall I loved how the dynamics in Liam and Kit s relationship worked I liked how they interacted with each other and that Kit was the Dom I actually liked how Kit s dad was written it was extremely realistic, he wasn t an Eee vil homophobic asshole, but he wasn t the liberal gay loving open minded dad type either I liked how things ended with him and to be honest, I could relate a lot with Kit s relationship with [...]

    24. 2.5 stars.This is a BDSM style romance I hadn t realised this when I first picked up the book The warning is there, but there is no mention in the precis, so I assumed it was on the side as opposed to a key plot element BDSM is not my favourite style, but I can really enjoy them if I can understand the motives.My main issue I just couldn t settle in my mind on how these two MCs worked within their relationship view spoiler I try not to be hidebound I try to keep a very open mind But I couldn t [...]

    25. Beautiful story When I started reading the book, I had my doubts about it But I decided to give it a chance and continued with reading I can only say that I m happy that I continued because after a while you understand and see the use why the book started that way Kit, a nickname for Christopher Pennington, is the son a wealthy man Kit only wants to play baseball but his father is not supportive of his dream and wants his son to graduate, so they made a deal When he graduates and he has a contra [...]

    26. An easy read, fairly fast paced about baseball rising star Kit and his college tutor Liam.Their relationship developed quickly but it all read quite well, I didn t feel it was forced.Kit s Dad was a controlling enigma, I felt he wouldn t have just let Kit leave his control as easily as it seemed.I liked the dynamic that Kit was dominant though Liam wasn t totally overshadowed, he still had a voice.The story was fairly angst free, despite Kit s Dads efforts.2.10.16 reread enjoyable still but thi [...]

    27. Similar to the sensation of having the wrong shoe on each foot, I felt that certain strands of the story never really meshed Many of the details, from packing lunch to being dropped off on campus for class, felt much suited to a high school experience, not college The early behavior of Kit made him less relatable and sympathetic, and the interactions with his father gave the story a soap opera feel The paltry development of Liam s story had us learning him almost exclusively through reactions t [...]

    28. This book featured Kit and his professor Liam Kit is in the college baseball team with hopes of making it to the major leagues Due to rheir relationship they have yo keep it private and stay away from each other in school.The book is little to do with baseball but BDSM Whilst I enjoyed this book, I couldnt help thinking Kit is 20, how did he become such an experienced Dom and I guess for me that seemed very unrealistic as well as the fact Liam was 36 but Kit kept calling him a good boy That asi [...]

    29. Okay, so should have read the fine print with the BDSM It isn t one of my favorite genres What attracted me was the professor student and the background of baseball Both those things were very background My favorite part of the story may have been the baseball game at the end I did learn to make sure I read all the review from start to finish in the future.

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