Victoria Victorious

Victoria Victorious

Jean Plaidy / Jun 05, 2020
Victoria Victorious In this unforgettable novel of Queen Victoria Jean Plaidy re creates a remarkable life filled with romance triumph and tragedy At birth Princess Victoria was fourth in line for the throne of Engla
  • Title: Victoria Victorious
  • Author: Jean Plaidy
  • ISBN: 9780449212516
  • Page: 459
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
  • In this unforgettable novel of Queen Victoria, Jean Plaidy re creates a remarkable life filled with romance, triumph, and tragedy.At birth, Princess Victoria was fourth in line for the throne of England, the often overlooked daughter of a prince who died shortly after her birth She and her mother lived in genteel poverty for most of her childhood, exiled from court becausIn this unforgettable novel of Queen Victoria, Jean Plaidy re creates a remarkable life filled with romance, triumph, and tragedy.At birth, Princess Victoria was fourth in line for the throne of England, the often overlooked daughter of a prince who died shortly after her birth She and her mother lived in genteel poverty for most of her childhood, exiled from court because of her mother s dislike of her uncles, George IV and William IV A strong, willful child, Victoria was determined not to be stifled by her powerful uncles or her unpopular, controlling mother Then one morning, at the age of eighteen, Princess Victoria awoke to the news of her uncle William s death The almost forgotten princess was now Queen of England Even better, she was finally free of her mother s iron hand and her uncles manipulations Her first act as queen was to demand that she be given a room and a bed of her own.Victoria s marriage to her German cousin, Prince Albert, was a blissfully happy one that produced nine children Albert was her constant companion and one of her most trusted advisors Victoria s grief after Prince Albert s untimely death was so shattering that for the rest of her life nearly forty years she dressed only in black She survived several assassination attempts, and during her reign England s empire expanded around the globe until it touched every continent in the world.Derided as a mere girl queen at her coronation, by the end of her sixty four year reign, Victoria embodied the glory of the British Empire In this novel, written as a memoir by Victoria herself, she emerges as truthful, sentimental, and essentially human both a lovable woman and a great queen.From the Trade Paperback edition.
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        Eleanor Alice Burford, Mrs George Percival Hibbert was a British author of about 200 historical novels, most of them under the pen name Jean Plaidy which had sold 14 million copies by the time of her death She chose to use various names because of the differences in subject matter between her books the best known, apart from Plaidy, are Victoria Holt 56 million and Philippa Carr 3 million Lesser known were the novels Hibbert published under her maiden name Eleanor Burford, or the pseudonyms of Elbur Ford, Kathleen Kellow and Ellalice Tate Many of her readers under one penname never suspected her other identities.


    1. I quite enjoyed the first part of this book, detailing Victoria s childhood and ascension to the throne But after she married Prince Albert I found myself increasingly frustrated The marriage of Victoria and Albert is one of history s most famous love stories, but it irked me the way Victoria the book is written in the first person as a journal idealized Albert, always believing him to be right and herself to be wrong I cringed every time she called him perfect or a saint This may well be a hist [...]

    2. So far I feel like there are two different Victorias one pre wedding and another post wedding I enjoyed the pre wedding Victoria very much, she was smart and witty The post wedding one is boring and almost weak, always belittling herself in favour of her husband.Her reaction to her pregnancies make me cringe everytime Surely she knew how pregnancies came about As for the book itself, I m finding it a bit difficult and maybe even desorganized There s little indication of the year the chapters, or [...]

    3. It is very rare to find a writer who can fully engage the reader so that he she feels that they are witness to a series of events as they are unfolding Here Jean Plaidy tells a story of Queen Victoria s life in Victoria s own voice Plaidy does it with such unerring skill that one can t help but wonder if Victoria herself had dictated this book to Plaidy Here we are given access to the full sweep of Victoria s life, from her birth in 1819 grand daughter to George III , her unhappy childhood with [...]

    4. Overall, a very comprehensive, informative read about Queen Victoria from her birth to her death As usual, Plaidy provides an accurate account of the Queen and her relationships with those around her In my opinion, Victoria s lack of a father figure while growing up, which, in turn, leads her to seek the fulfillment of her emotional needs from the men that she meets in her life, and in particular, her husband, Albert Albert is very different from Victoria Although very handsome, Albert is a humo [...]

    5. Plaidy s novels are never earth shattering for me but they are great comfort reads I especially like to listen to the audiobook while I take walks or drive to and from work Like her other novels in the Queens of England series, this one is a biographical novel that follows Queen Victoria from her birth to her death It is long and drawn out, and it contains natural lulls much like human lives do but I ve learned that this is par for the course when it comes to Plaidy I really enjoyed reading abou [...]

    6. Ok i have to admit i tried finishing Victoria Victorious by Jean PliadyBut I just couldn t do it It was soooo BORING Victoria herself was just annoying, Albert was so perfect and always right and blah blah blahin all honesty I felt like i was reading Twilight Albert this, Albert that, oh Albert you re sooo good, oh Albert you re soooo handsome It was awful Happy Readings 3 The Book Worm

    7. This book suffers from being TOO accurate, if that makes sense Plaidy really and truly captures Victoria s voice as she tells of her life, but that doesn t mean her voice is something I want to hear She constantly describes things as dear or with other such epithets Every time she expresses herself or recalls a scene it is overflowing with emotion Her first Prime Minister Lord Melbourne seems to CONSTANTLY have tears in his eyes because his emotions for her are SO overpowering, and she is just S [...]

    8. This novelization of the life of England s Queen Victoria should have stopped after her marriage to Albert The first person narration started with her as a young girl of eleven I think , and her silly, girly voice changed as she aged but not enough She sounded the same at 20 as she did at 60, and that was downright annoying And bone numbingly boring.

    9. Written in first person Too wordy Fascinating story but too many it was so moving and he was devoted to me phrases I kept thinking get on with it Not the least bit sorry I took the time to read it though.

    10. First, let me say that this was a re read, and I m not entirely too sure why I decided to read this again as I wasn t too fond of it 6 years ago Victoria Victorious is a fictional autobiography about Queen Victoria chronicling everything from her childhood, accession, and life on the throne to her relationships with her children, Prime Ministers, and most importantly, her one true love, Prince Albert What I Liked I loved the first 1 3 of the novel that describes how Victoria was raised and was n [...]

    11. Interesting stories about her life and reign as queen Dense with facts at time but descriptive of her character and court.

    12. Nope Un unh Sigh This was another book that I started completely willing to love it, and it disappointed greatly I think I really wanted to like it because Jean Plaidy is such a prolific author and I like most of the subject matter she treats various historical British royalty But I was so put out that I m not sure I can give her another go.Victoria Victorious is a novel covering the life of Queen Victoria Now, admittedly, Plaidy uses one of my least favorite story telling devices the journal, a [...]

    13. Victoria Victorious by Jean Plaidy is the eleventh novel in Plaidy s Queens of England series It s told in Victoria s point of view, which makes it sort of her memoir I did enjoy this book to a point However, I found it a bit dry in some parts Mainly, I found the political aspect of this book to be boring What I really enjoyed most about the book was getting to know young Victoria as the Princess living under her mother s rule in the Kensington Palace Victoria was so quick witted as a child and [...]

    14. After seeing the new movie Young Victoria I wanted a historical novel that would give me information on the life of Queen Victoria This book was a sore disappointment It had no building story lines or climaxes Instead it read like an expanded time line da duh da duh da duh da duh da duh da duh da duh da duh Additionally instead of a novel about this great love between Albert and Victoria and how they ruled together the current academic belief the book focused on how Victoria idealized Albert an [...]

    15. Excellent book I didn t know a lot about Queen Victoria so I was really looking forward to this book and I was not disappointed The novel spans Victoria s lifetime and is written like a memoir At times it could get a little confusing because of the sheer number of royal relatives and their side stories, but overall it was excellent I was engaged the entire time and really felt the author did extensive researche book felt very authentic and true to Victoria I am amazed at all she dealt with in he [...]

    16. As ever, Plaidy s work is extremely accurate and while I don t normally require such accuracy to enjoy historical fiction, it is what makes this novel shine It really explores her childhood and teen years in great detail to give you an solid understanding of who she was and why It doesn t delve too deeply into her governing and focuses on her relationships with the important figures in her life, from childhood to death.Despite being written in first person from Victoria s point of view, her fla [...]

    17. I was originally really excited to read this book I found it while looking for novels about Tudor England and thought that it would be good to brand out to another monarchy I guess I was wrong to start here.Queen Victoria s story could be a good one She was a much beloved queen However, Jean Plaidy s book focuses on almost none of the reasons why she was adored by her people All I got out of this book was that she was whiny and obsessed with her dead husband, her prime ministers, and her myriad [...]

    18. I found this book surprisingly interesting and fun to read I d never read anything by Jean Plaidy before, but my Mum s cry of Jean Plaidy when the book arrived started me off on the wrong foot rather, but I was pleasantly surprised when I read it.At first, I was slightly wary of the use of the first person, but as I read further, I thought that Plaidy had got Victoria just about spot on I particularly liked her relations with her family, such as poor Bertie and Uncle Pineapple I did find that th [...]

    19. What a frustrating book When Victoria Victorious opens, the future Queen Victoria is a young girl living firmly under the thumb of her power hungry mother and the manipulative John Conroy The book promises to liberate Victoria.And so it does briefly Before long she s married to Albert, who is every bit as firm and controlling as her mother once was I gather that it s probably rather historically accurate, but it makes for a very frustrating read, as Victoria simpers and is convinced that she is [...]

    20. Reading a Jean Plaidy is like eating comfort food at the end you feel satisfied, comforted, and perhaps a bit overstuffed I find Victoria to be an interesting character, and all I knew as I went into is was that she gave her name to a straight laced era, ruled for a long time, was the grandmother to saints, and was a prolific letter writer Plaidy portrays her as needing a strong protector a role that is fulfilled by a succession of ministers and her husband, Alfred She is not portrayed as terrib [...]

    21. Finally finished Did not think I would make it Other than the have to see what happens next motivation for continuing there is nothing really to have kept me going.This is the first book fact or fiction that I have read about Q.V but she cannot have been this simple or so easily lead by the men in her life And, the writingevery time I read and there were tears in his eyes I wince This phase has been used over and over and over when describing a particular Prime Minister, and then after he died i [...]

    22. Was surprised to read this in the first person Felt as though looking through Victoria s eyes of her life as she viewed it Although one sided in the her story form, it shows a young girl coming of age and having to deal with being a woman in a MAN s world The difficulty being a Queen and no role model to emulate this job Even the Queen has to deal with the independence of children and their decisions not always being what she wants I even through a tantrum when things don t go my way As loving m [...]

    23. Overall this was an entertaining and informative read Plaidy pulls off a good first person narrative I have to admire her just for that She focuses on the personal rather than the political life of Queen Victoria It was refreshing to read about an English monarch who didn t have a totally dysfunctional personal family life although I will admit that dysfunction can make for a good story While I enjoyed learning about her as a person, I wouldn t of minded learning a little bit about her politic [...]

    24. So incredibly bad it doesn t even deserve one star My original review from 2007 This book was so incredibly BAD I almost can t put it into words I had seen these on the shelves for years, there s one for almost every queen in English history DON T DO IT What a waste of money and TIME, which there is always too little of A complete travesty No one reigns for 50 years of peace without having SOMETHING to do with it yet the book portrays Victoria as a simpering idiot, following the whims of her hus [...]

    25. Fantastic Five stars for sure I wasn t sure how I would like this book since I ve never read anything by this author before and it was jut one of those random picks at the library shelf How nice to say that I absolutely loved this book I didn t know much about Queen Victoria and while the book does mention events of the day, it doesn t dwell too much on the historical politics Having the focus be the family and friend relations of the story made it so enjoyable and quite interesting indeed I wil [...]

    26. it s an enjoyable way to get people to read biographies transform them into fictional journals and you can read a massive fictional tome instead of a dry biography it works but at the same time, victoria s writing style never matured from a young girl to an old monarch plus i could have used a bit tossing out of a dates to figure out what was going on in the rest of the world but overall, it truly is a good way to feel like you ve just read a nonfiction book without all the tedious references a [...]

    27. I didn t know anything about Queen Victoria other than what I saw on the show Doctor Who fictional shows should never be used to learn about people While some of the book was unrealistic the queen used the word awesome to describe something that word definitely didn t exist in the 1800 s , it was a nice look into a strong woman leader She was ruled by the men around her, but she knew how to put her foot down when it mattered Not the first book I ve read by Jean Plaidy, and probably won t be the [...]

    28. I liked this book, but there were some issues I had with this telling of Queen Victoria s life First, about the first half of the writing made Victoria look like a silly girl, fully ruled by her changing moods and very petty I am sure she was much better rounded than that Second, there was too many slow parts in the book, bogged down by minute retellings of much forgotten family feuds and political episodes If you like historical fiction, you will like this book, but it is not as interesting as [...]

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