A Romance on Three Legs: Glenn Gould's Obsessive Quest for the Perfect Piano

A Romance on Three Legs: Glenn Gould's Obsessive Quest for the Perfect Piano

KatieHafner / Jun 05, 2020
A Romance on Three Legs Glenn Gould s Obsessive Quest for the Perfect Piano National Bestseller A fascinating story with a wealth of neatly drawn characters and dripping with vivid details that is sometimes touching sometimes whimsical always interesting Kevin BazzanaGlen
  • Title: A Romance on Three Legs: Glenn Gould's Obsessive Quest for the Perfect Piano
  • Author: KatieHafner
  • ISBN: 9780771037627
  • Page: 304
  • Format: Paperback
  • National Bestseller A fascinating story, with a wealth of neatly drawn characters and dripping with vivid details, that is sometimes touching, sometimes whimsical, always interesting Kevin BazzanaGlenn Gould was famous for his obsessions the scarves, sweaters, and fingerless gloves that he wore even on the hottest summer day his deep fear of germs and illness the odNational Bestseller A fascinating story, with a wealth of neatly drawn characters and dripping with vivid details, that is sometimes touching, sometimes whimsical, always interesting Kevin BazzanaGlenn Gould was famous for his obsessions the scarves, sweaters, and fingerless gloves that he wore even on the hottest summer day his deep fear of germs and illness the odd wooden pygmy chair that he carried with him around the world, wherever he performed and his sudden withdrawal from the public stage at the peak of his career But perhaps Gould s greatest obsession of all was for a particular piano, a Steinway concert grand known as CD 318 C to signify its special status as having been put aside for the use of Steinway Concert Artists, and D, denoting it as the largest that Steinway built A Romance on Three Legs is the story of Gould s love for this piano, from the first moment of discovery, in a Toronto department store, to the tragic moment when the piano was dropped and seriously damaged while being transported In presenting the story of CD 318, Hafner also introduces us to the world and art of piano tuning, including a central character in Gould s life, the nearly blind tuner Verne Edquist, who lovingly attended to CD 318 for than two decades We learn how a concert grand is built, and the fascinating story of how Steinway Sons weathered the war years by supplying materials for the military effort A Romance on Three Legs is a treat for readers new to and familiar with the life of this eccentric and captivating man.From the Hardcover edition.
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    1. This is a very atypical biographical work As the title suggests, the spotlight is on the favourite piano of Canadian pianist Glenn Gould and not on Gould himself The book outlines an impressive amount of research tracking the history of the Steinway CD 318 concert grand which Gould favoured for 20 years of his short life The reader learns about the members of the Steinweg family, founders of the well known piano builders Steinway Sons, who emigrated from Germany to New York City Also described i [...]

    2. This is an immensely well written and thoroughly reasearched book that weaves together many different stories It is not just about Glenn Gould s piano or about the eccentric pianist, but about the piano tuners, the Steinway company, and other people in Gould s life The author manages to tell all these stories and how they intersect This is not just for Glenn Gould fans or classical music experts even those with little knowledge about those topics will enjoy reading this book.

    3. Concert pianists are notoriously temperamental, but with good reason so are their pianos Why else would J.S Bach specify a well tempered clavier The modern piano is a jury rigged contraption consisting of a multitude of tiny moving parts and a lot of steel and wood that has to be twisted, warped and tortured into just the right shape and structure And it needs constant tuning, twiddling and tweaking to maintain the sound the pianist wants No wonder that Glenn Gould, who twisted, warped and tortu [...]

    4. I first learned about this book from the Barnes and Noble week in review As a child who grew up with a piano playing mother and a baby grand piano in her home, I was intrigued As noted in the title, the book is based on piano player Glenn Gould and his search for the perfect piano I enjoyed this book so much I didn t know the history of the piano and the people who tuned and played them was so interesting The Steinway piano began with a cabinet maker who built a piano in his home in Seesen Germa [...]

    5. A breezy and entertaining little book, a Glenn Gould biography and a history of Steinway pianos rolled into one I ve never been Gould s biggest fan his Beethoven interpretations generally make me cringe but there s no denying his influence and occasional moments of brilliance, particularly as a revolutionary interpreter of Bach Gould s relentless staccato style led him to search for the ideal piano to play it on, and the story of how he found it is a great story in and of itself Gould preferred [...]

    6. A most unusual biographical study, this is a book about a musician and his music, but even it is about his search for perfection The author writes of a search for a piano that is intense than anything I have experienced in my piano playing life While I have encountered several different pianos, from the old upright of my youth to the local public library grand and sturdy spinets at the University of Wisconsin School of Music, I have never obsessed the way Glenn Gould did Katie Hafner makes the [...]

    7. What a pleasure it was to read this book I was enraptured by the way the different stories were told by Katie Hafner, the way she created so much magic around the perception of the color of sound and the memory of sound the way a wine expert can summon the aromas that are released in the lingering finish of a good wine , in the detailed description of tuning an instrument beyond sound and into the realm of color, through Glenn Gould s mental music playing, and in Verne Edquist s endless efforts [...]

    8. This book has broad appeal the mark of an excellent writer But she is preaching to the choir with me as I have been interested in Glenn Gould since first hearing his first recording of the Goldberg Variations As an amateur pianist, I am in awe of his technique His eccentricities, personally and musically, make him all the fascinating I have read two biographies of Gould and was quite impressed with how well Ms Hafner captured the essence of Gould and his relationship with his piano in just a sh [...]

    9. Lots have been written about Glenn Gould But this book focused on the pianos he played, and how it affected his performances This book gives insight and background on Steinway pianos and piano tuners, as well as Mr Gould Found it informative and interesting the whole way through A must read for any Gould fan or newbie pianist yearning to learn about the instruments we ve chosen to play.

    10. Thanks to the author Katie Hafner, the book was fascinating The writing was excellent, flowed really well Her research on everything that shaped Gould his teachers, the technicians, Steinway company, the CD 318, the chair the one and only , was brilliant.A great, great book Highest recommendation

    11. Very nearly literally impossible to put down Hafner has a great creative nonfictionist s ear for just the right amount of detail to go into when writing about the worlds of piano technicians, creative geniuses of various stripes, the music industrial complex, etc I finished this book with sadness and now I m reading another by the same author.

    12. My favorite book on Glenn Gould thus far Wonderfully well researched and terrific writing I thought I d get bored with all the technicalities and googleable piano making jargon, but the writer knew how to balance that out with human conflict and drama Honestly I think that it s impossible to write an interesting book about a piano without a personality such as Gould being the subject of interest What a fascinating perspective of the artist I m so glad that I bought the paperback off book deposit [...]

    13. Glenn Gould s obsessive quest for the perfect piano.Gould,the genius of the Goldberg Variations, loses his lifelong companion,a Steinway CD318,when it is accidentally dropped from a loading dock and the obsession to replace begins Gould is a weird character far beyond his quest for the perfect piano, but his brilliance is undeniable, and his story interesting and at times, riveting.

    14. I loved this quirky little book I had no idea that every piano at least in the days before mass production has its own character, sound, touch Nor did I have any idea what s involved in the arts of tuning, voicing, adjusting the keys weight, etc Gould s story, too, is fascinating I ve never read anything else by this author, but she s a skilled researcher and story teller, worth following.

    15. Superb Very sad to finish it Greatly written, fascinating focuses Only criticism is it s not a lot longer.

    16. This book alternated between a story of a pianist, a piano technition and a piano A little disjointed, but to piano enthusiasts, this hardly matters.

    17. I loved this book for a few reasons The first being that I am a pianist no where near Glenn Gould s level, but I have played classical music for the bulk of my life and even attended college pursuing a piano performance degree Unlike Glenn Gould, however, I was a fan of the romantics and really didn t get Bach Until I heard him play it.If you have never listened to Glenn Gould play Bach I encourage you to go and find a recordingright now It s nothing like you will have heard before There is a m [...]

    18. Working class heroDa questo libro dovremmo aspettarci, in base a quanto promesso nella quarta di copertina, la narrazione dello struggente rapporto fra Gould e il CD 318 raccontata sul registro della grande storia d a quanto basta insomma per spingere alla lettura i cultori del grande e charmant pianista canadese.E invece no e questo il bello.La storia vera che, secondo me, si legge in questo libro quella della fabbrica di pianforti Steinway Sons impiantata in America da immigrati tedeschi, rico [...]

    19. Though I probably have no ear for music and little to know musical talent save some occasional screeching I do for my church choir I am nevertheless fascinated by the lives of those who do, hence my attraction to this book This is not a Glenn Gould biography, to be sure, but it does a good job of opening up a window to the man and his musical madness that so permeated his life The author might have done a better job of weaving the individual vignettes into the entire framework of the book rather [...]

    20. This book is not a definitive biography of Glenn Gould, nor does it claim to be It is just what the title implies It is the story of the relationship Glenn Gould had with Steinway CD318 All the amazing because for years and years Gould wrote letters to Steinway complaining that they had no piano that could satisfy him Until of course he found CD318 Unfortunately, they did not live happily ever after because, well, you ll just have to read the book I ll say this It was the fault of neither Gould [...]

    21. Recommended by my friend Charlie Vander Horst this book will tell you everything you wanted to know about the complexities of making and tuning a piano if you are a none pianist that is I had no idea it was so complicated and variable, that you can voice a piano and change it s action, that tuners can insert needles in the felt hammers to change the tone, etc, etc We get glimpses in the making of pianos by Steinway and the way they catered to and coddled great pianists like Glenn Gould One story [...]

    22. A book about great Glen Gould and his love of Steinway CD318 Gould performed best on his Steinway CD318, which was built during the second world war He admired its extremely light action, which he found most suitable for Bach s music When this piano was damaged during transport in 1971 he was unconsolable Despite many attempts they never managed to restore it to its original glory At the end Gould switched to Yamaha and used it to record his Goldberg variations in 1981.Gould adored the spare, re [...]

    23. I will preface this review by saying that I am a pianist and completely in love with the piano I can relate to Gould s search as I am currently trying to modify my own instrument to make the sound of it perfect for me Someday I hope to be on my own quest for a new piano that will be the acquisition of a lifetime For Gould, who had very particular tastes and an unusual way of playing the piano, the search was very difficult and arduous He was fortunate to have the services of Verne Edquist, an am [...]

    24. Katie Hafner has charmed me into a Glenn Gould obsession I ve read this book, watched two documentaries, listened to the few Gould CDs I own, have a Glenn Gould station on Pandora, and am lining up YouTube videos to watch Oh, the felicity of it listening to GG means listening to J.S Bach But this book is focused on the piano, Steinway CD 318, that Gould played Gould has been called the greatest living pianist when he was alive One recording executive put it this way You are one of the few authen [...]

    25. Having seen the documentary Note by Note about building Steinway pianos, I loved reading this book I saw in my mind pieces of the documentary as I read I hope that other readers enjoyed the book without having seen the documentary, because it was delightfully enlightening There were so many insights into the process.Glenn Gould became a real person to me as I read this biography He obviously had OCD because of his many tics and obsessions, yet they seemed to add to his genius as a musician inst [...]

    26. Like the three legs of a piano, the author braids three separate strands to form a fascinating story a biography of the eccentric pianist Glenn Gould, the story of his blind piano technician, and an excellent history of the Steinway piano he loved and the company that produced it I couldn t resist supplementing the story by listening to Gould s Bach performances on YouTube This is a great read for anyone who loves the piano and you will come away with a deeper knowledge of the intricacies of its [...]

    27. I enjoyed reading the Piano Shop on the Left Bank, so I thought I d try this one as well Had second thoughts when I picked it up because I thought it would be a dry read I m glad I tried it Hafner has a conversational writing style and she s a good story teller I m amazed at how much she researched about Gould and his perfect Steinway piano in order to write this book She got to know the history of both and then told how their paths crossed Her writing is precise and very illustrative Easy to re [...]

    28. A delightful read This book is not only about Glenn Gould, it s about pianos and how the best pianists approach the instrument It s about how pianos are made, particularly Steinway pianos It s about how they are tuned It s about how Glenn Gould obsessed over finding the right piano for his style of playing I had no idea that pianos from the same manufacturer could be so different I also didn t know how obsessive some of the great pianists could be about playing the right piano in concert or in r [...]

    29. I read this book in an arts bookclub which is to say it is not a book I would have encountered on my own I found it quite engaging and felt that I learned some things about a world that was quite foreign to me, always a measure of a book s value in enlarging my world It is part bio of Glenn Gould, part bio of his favorite piano and a perspective on the important role of the piano tuner in the world of concert pianists I also found it an interesting perspective on the relative values of performin [...]

    30. I scarcely imagined I would be absorbed by this richly wrought study of Glenn Gould s obsession to find the perfect piano Gould, brilliant and eccentric, gradually discovered that he wanted a piano that was feather light to the touch, had a certain tone, and with keys that struck swiftly He had a longstanding relationship with Steinway, and it was Steinway that supplied him, at last, with the piano he was looking for Alas, the piano he loved was eventually damaged in shipping, and could never be [...]

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