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Galileo We learn about life through the lives of others Their experiences their trials their adventures become our schools our chapels our playgrounds Christian Encounters a series of biographies from Th
  • Title: Galileo
  • Author: Mitch Stokes
  • ISBN: 9781595550316
  • Page: 201
  • Format: Paperback
  • We learn about life through the lives of others Their experiences, their trials, their adventures become our schools, our chapels, our playgrounds Christian Encounters, a series of biographies from Thomas Nelson Publishers, highlights important lives from all ages and areas of the Church through prose as accessible and concise as it is personal and engaging Some are famWe learn about life through the lives of others Their experiences, their trials, their adventures become our schools, our chapels, our playgrounds Christian Encounters, a series of biographies from Thomas Nelson Publishers, highlights important lives from all ages and areas of the Church through prose as accessible and concise as it is personal and engaging Some are familiar faces Others are unexpected guests Whether the person is Galileo, William F Buckley, John Bunyan, or Isaac Newton, we are now living in the world that they created and understand both it and ourselves better in the light of their lives Their relationships, struggles, prayers, and desires uniquely illuminate our shared experience.HERO OR HERETIC GENIUS OR BLASPHEMER It s no mystery how profound a role Galileo played in the Scientific Revolution Less explored is the Italian innovator s sincere, guiding faith in God In this exhaustively researched biography that reads like a page turning novel, Mitch Stokes draws on his expertise in philosophy, logic, math, and science to attune modern ears with Galileo s controversial genius.Emerging from the same Florentine milieu that produced Dante, da Vinci, Machiavelli, Michelangelo, Amerigo Vespuci, Galileo questioned with a persistence that spurred his world toward an unabating era of discovery Stokes confronts the myth that Galileo s stance on heliocentricity stood astride a church vs science divide and explores his calculations for the dimensions of Dante s hell, his understanding of motion, and his invention of the pendulum clock.To read this volume is to journey through Galileo s remarkable life from his inquisitive childhood to his dying days, when, although blind and decrepit, he soldiered on, dictating mathematical thoughts and mentoring young proteges.
    Galileo Biography, Discoveries, Facts Britannica Galileo, in full Galileo Galilei, born February , , Pisa Italy died January , , Arcetri, near Florence , Italian natural philosopher, astronomer, and mathematician who made fundamental contributions to the sciences of motion, astronomy, and strength of materials and to the development of the scientific method. Galileo Telescope, Quotes Discoveries Biography Apr , Galileo was an Italian astronomer, mathematician, physicist, philosopher and professor who made pioneering observations of nature with long lasting implications for the study of physics He also Galileo Galilei HISTORY GALILEO Search GALILEO is your gateway to credible and authoritative resources a universe of full text articles, ebooks, journals, educational videos and . Galileo Telescopic discoveries Britannica Galileo was now a courtier and lived the life of a gentleman Before he left Padua he had discovered the puzzling appearance of Saturn, later to be shown as caused by a ring surrounding it, and in Florence he discovered that Venus goes through phases just as the Moon does.
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    1. This was a really fun read Quick, lively, pungent just a good job all around The take away point is that the lesson of Galileo is almost the polar opposite of what everybody thinks it is Galileo was in hot water because the Church had compromised with the best science available Aristotelianism , and when the science changed, the Church was in a jam Kind of like today when the science of microbiology makes Darwinianism at the cellular level kind of buffoonish, and yet the best brains in the Churc [...]

    2. Part of a series of books entitled Christian Encounters it falls a little short of that No real testimonial of any Christian experience given in this book, nor, I m told by a family member who read it, does the Winston Churchill book in the same series Galileo is said to be a good Catholic but even that is not defined Did he place his trust solely in Christ We are left with no answer.The author does a good job recounting the general history of Galileo and I probably would have rated the book hig [...]

    3. I thoroughly enjoyed this book The author did an excellent job of explaining the scientific concepts of Galileo s day in such a way that even those who struggle with science can grasp them This was a good overview of the life of Galileo.

    4. To say that science is not my best subject, would be an understatement I am horrible at it, but math is much worse for me to understand and deal with Science is my veritable forte compared to mathematics So parts of this book went way, way beyond my head I will say that the author, Mitch Stokes, helped to explain the issues well enough to make it clear that Galileo s supposed brave stand for secularism is an absolute myth that insults Galileo by denying his immense faith in Christ It was a battl [...]

    5. Like all the best biographies, this book opens up a real window into the period in which the subject lived Stokes does a great job of assessing Galileo according to the time he lived in rather than by our knowledge and standards It is thus a sympathetic biography.Stokes is a philosopher, and conversant in the history of science, and so he is an ideal biographer for someone like Galileo I plan to move straight on to his life of Newton, which is practically a sequel to this book.Loved it.

    6. An account of Galileo s life, work, and beliefs, with particular emphasis on his interactions with the Church his attitude toward the Church, and the Church s somewhat inconsistent reactions to his research and ideas Most notably, Stokes claims that Galileo never intended to rebel against the Church, but saw himself as a devoted Catholic and was constantly surprised by the violence with which his writings and teaching were opposed Informative, to be sure But Stokes can t seem to make up his mind [...]

    7. Galileo by MItch StokesThis is a book about Galileo Galilei and some other men of science I always thought of Galileo being an astronomer but find he was so talented in mathematics and physics His father wanted him to be in medicine but that was not where Galileo s interest was This was a very detailed book on theories and methods of experiments Math and physics are not at the top of my list so I had problems with some of the details my husband could understand the physics when I read part of th [...]

    8. Wednesday, April 27, 2011Galileo by Mitch Stokes Christian Encounters SeriesI must admit it s been numerous years since I was in school learning about the sciences and the contribution made my men such as Galileo to astronomy and the knowledge of the planets This is way I was so interested in reviewing this book from Book Sneeze, not only as a refresher but to learn about this amazing man who lived during the volatile time of the inquisition and plague.Though part of the Christian Encounters Se [...]

    9. If you re looking for a book that will give you and your child some background into the man named Galileo then you ll want to check out Galileo in the Christian Encounters series If you just want to study up on famous people or you want to know about old time astronomers this book will give you the history behind the man who was able to be both Christian and a scientist without letting go of either or of leaving behind his Christian faith.While this book isn t meaty it would be perfect for a fa [...]

    10. This was a really good book fun and to the point There s a lot of information packed in this thing Galileo is often thought of as a secular freethinker who was persecuted by the church because of his views on science, as opposed to religion But the truth is that he was a devout Catholic who wasn t pitting science against religion, but pursuing science because of his belief in God being the Creator of all things He got into trouble as he began to embrace Copernicanism and the heliocentric view of [...]

    11. I recently received Mitch Stokes Galileo, and finally got a chance to read through it Overall, it was definitely a good read, and was presented clearly and honestly Stokes does a great job of recounting Galileo s life and pursuits in an easy to understand manner He could have easily taken a couple of different stances, either that of Galileo was just, pure awesome, or that of the church was just trying their best Stokes did neither, and I appreciated it immensely.Disclaimer Recently, I signed up [...]

    12. This was an enjoyable and approachable survey of Galileo s life and his conflict with the inquisition over Copernicanism Mr Stokes give us much background into the Aristotelian cosmology in vogue during the early renaissance period, and shows that in many ways, Galileo s trouble were caused by his unseating of a pagan philosophy than his questioning of historical interpretations of scripture Mr Stokes also does a good job of chronicling Galileo s scientific discoveries and methodologies which w [...]

    13. A good book by Mitch Stokes He communicates well, keeping the research, endnotes, and prose on the level of an academic tome, while adding a bit of dry wit every now and again to tickle the funny bone After all, even academics have funny bones.His treatment of the strained relationship between Galileo and the Roman Catholic church seemed well considered neither one s hat being all white or all black Culturally based plausibility structures of the period were considered concerning the successes a [...]

    14. Picked this book up on s.99 2.99 sale, and did not know it was a Christian based view of the great Galileo Given his lifelong encounters with the church and how the organization affected his life, it hopefully will provide an interesting perspective UPDATE A very interesting, humorous at times, and well written overview of Galileo s life I didn t learn much new in the broader story, but many of the fine details that Stokes reveals paint an interesting story of the man s life I wished there was [...]

    15. I was not overly impressed with this work as the information presented had nothing to add to the hundreds of books about Galileo This seemed to me to be just a regurgitation of the same story with maybe a little introspective of how Galileo lived his life as a religious scientific person I found nothing in the book that would make it unique and thought that it was a little pointless However, if you are in need of a cliff note version of Galileo and his life you may want to pick this up Could do [...]

    16. Most bios these days aim to get close to the personality of their subject and, while some work brilliantly, it has become tiresome While I feel like I know Galileo, I still feel like this is something I could have read from a very well informed reporter philosopher It is the philosophy bit that separates this biography from others Galileo s case is very important for discussions of the philosophy of science and scientific inquiry and nobody can approach these questions neutrally and the book doe [...]

    17. This highly entertaining and informative book helps rewrite the conventional wisdom the it was the church that stood in the way of Galileo and others as they pushed forward the idea that the earth was Not the center of the universe The geocentric view was in fact widely adhered to by secular scientists, and the threat to their reputations and ability to earn a living were at the center of the opposition to Galileo This is the same problem we face today with global warning, evolution, and many ot [...]

    18. This concise biography of Galileo won t take long for you to read, but you will pick up a surprisingly good understanding of the political forces that set off the Catholic Church s trial of Galileo for heresy toward the end of his life It is fascinating that many of the problems that Galileo faced were just a clash of egos instead of ideas.Galileo was one of the most brilliant scientists of any era He completely changed the world s ideas of how the universe operated It was not an easy job howeve [...]

    19. I really did like this These short 200 pages biographies have been excellently delivered and this has been just great.Mitch Stokes does a great job of explaining the scientific background, ancient cosmology, the Aristotelian worldview etc He dispells the myths, giving us the authentic Galileo, who was neither the radical free thinker , nor lone voice of Science against the Church.

    20. A ton of fun and counter popular thought Galileo was a churchman and faithful Christian working against Greek natural philosophy that had taken hold in parts of the Roman church Stokes writing is punchy, engaging and witty.

    21. In this intriguing account of Galileo s life and works, Stokes carefully examines the complex issues between Galileo s discoveries and the Catholic church, between science and faith.

    22. Dryly humorous and snappy Dr Stokes does a great job of introducing Galileo as a personality and also thoroughly explains the controversy surrounding his life.Also read in Spring of 2012

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