Doctor Who: Birthright

Doctor Who: Birthright

Nigel Robinson / Sep 23, 2020
Doctor Who Birthright I feel like a pawn in a blasted chess game Ace I know what you mean Trouble is they keep changing the chess players The TARDIS has died Stranded in early twentieth century London Bernice can only s
  • Title: Doctor Who: Birthright
  • Author: Nigel Robinson
  • ISBN: 9780426203933
  • Page: 231
  • Format: Paperback
  • I feel like a pawn in a blasted chess game, Ace I know what you mean Trouble is, they keep changing the chess players The TARDIS has died Stranded in early twentieth century London, Bernice can only stand and watch as it slowly disintegrates.In the East End a series of grisly murders has been committed Is this the work of the ghostly Springheel Jack or, as Bernice I feel like a pawn in a blasted chess game, Ace I know what you mean Trouble is, they keep changing the chess players The TARDIS has died Stranded in early twentieth century London, Bernice can only stand and watch as it slowly disintegrates.In the East End a series of grisly murders has been committed Is this the work of the ghostly Springheel Jack or, as Bernice suspects something even sinister In a tiny shop in Bloomsbury, the master of a grand order of sorcerers is nearing the end of a seven hundred year quest for a fabled magic wand.And on a barren world in the far distant future the Queen of a dying race pleads for the help of an old hermit named Muldwych, while Ace leads a group of guerrillas in a desperate struggle against their alien oppressors These events are related Perhaps the Doctor knows how But the Doctor has gone away.
    Doctor Who Birthright by Nigel Robinson Birthright focuses on Bernice and Ace, trapped outside a broken TARDIS in Victorian England and a strange ruined planet overrun by bipedal cockroaches, respectively Bernice investigates a series of killings and Ace foments a rebellion. Birthright Robinson novel Birthright novel Tardis Fandom Doctor Who Birthright Birthright is a novel almost entirely about Bernice Summerfield a refreshing change, it has to be said, after the heavy storyline involving Ace s departure from and return to the TARDIS The first half of the novel documents Benny s wonderfully evocative exploits whilst trapped in London. Doctor Who Birthright Robinson, Nigel Free Download Jul , Doctor Who Birthright by Robinson, Nigel Publication date Publisher Doctor Who Books Collection inlibrary printdisabled internetarchivebooks china Digitizing sponsor Kahle Austin Foundation Contributor Internet Archive Language English Access restricted item true Addeddate . Boxid IA City Birthright Doctor Who Reviews Jul , Birthright, of course, is adapted from the The New Adventures novel of the same name that featured the Seventh Doctor and Ace alongside Bernice, meaning that some of Jason s actions don t quite fall in line with how he has thus far been portrayed in audio Stephen Fewell once gives a charismatic and emotional performance as Jason once finds himself in the presence of the
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        Nigel Robinson is an English author, known for such works as the First Contact series Nigel was born in Preston, Lancashire and attended St Thomas More school Robinson s first published book was The Tolkien Quiz Book in 1981, co written with Linda Wilson This was followed by a series of three Doctor Who quiz books and a crossword book between 1981 and 1985 In the late 1980s he was the editor of Target Books range of Doctor Who tie ins and novelisations, also contributing to the range as a writer.He later wrote an original Doctor Who novel, Timewyrm Apocalypse, for the New Adventures series for Virgin Publishing, which had purchased Target in 1989 shortly after Robinson had left the company He also wrote the New Adventure Birthright, published in 1993.In the 1990s, Robinson wrote novelisations of episodes of The Tomorrow People, The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles and Baywatch and the film Free Willy Between 1994 and 1995, he wrote a series of children s horror novels Remember Me, All Shook Up, Dream Lover, Rave On, Bad Moon Rising, Symphony of Terror and Demon Brood.In 1996 he continued to write the Luke Cannon Show Jumping Mysteries series,containing four books, namely The Piebald Princess, The Chestnut Chase, The Black Mare of Devils Hill and the last in the series, Decision Day for the Dapple Grey By 1997 he had also penned a trilogy science fiction novels First Contact, Second Nature and Third Degree.His most recent work was another quiz book, this time to tie in with the film The Chronicles of Narnia The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe.


    1. The rough thing about the New Adventures which continued the story after Classic Who collapsed is that it seems like every great book is followed by a sucky one Since Shadowmind was kinda sucky, Birthright had to be good, right Well, it was actually excellent This is really Benny s book and I can totally see how she s become one of the greatest companions ever without ever appearing on tv She and adult Ace carry the novel with the Doctor pulling the strings in the background The TARDIS is actual [...]

    2. An unsung triumph from the past Before post 2005 TV Doctor Who introduced us to the concept of Doctor and or Compantion lite episodes, Nigel Robinson gives us a novel that doesn t feature the Doctor until the very end of the book Yet his presence and legacy weaves through every fibre of plota plot that is surprisingly concise and compact for not one, but TWO companions Birthright is definitely worthy of far praise and attention than it currently receives

    3. This was an interesting book, but a puzzling one This may be because I m coming into the middle of things this is the first Virgin New Adventure I ve read Hooked me right off with the Thomas the Rhymer angle, which came back both through Thomas Khan and the roads at the end during the TARDIS dream sequence that s what I m calling it anyway I love that poem ballad and I ve read a few others usually put in anthologies it s in, such as the Norton Anthology of English Literature and that one Oxford [...]

    4. Fairly solid science fantasy story based around psychic links across time like a classic 3rd doctor story , but with a trippy space odyssey sequence set in the mind of the tardis.

    5. This Seventh Doctor novel is unusual for being mostly Doctor free, focused on companions Benny and Ace, who spend most of the novel separated into two different locations in space time You can see what the Doctor was up to in Doctor Who Iceberg I was looking forward to this one, based on the plot summary but unfortunately, this was one of those cases where the summary was better than the actual story The problem is the writing fine for the most part, but every once in a while something annoyed m [...]

    6. This was an early experiment in exploring how to do a Doctor Who adventure that didn t feature the Doctor Instead, we get the two main companions having their own side jaunt for a change Meanwhile, in Iceberg the Doctor has his own adventure, occurring in parallel even though, as the books note, parallel is a rather tricky term when you re dealing with time travelling In many ways, this is not a Doctor Who novel than Shadowmind but the difference is that this was meant to be that, rather than m [...]

    7. Seventh Doctor adventure from Virgin New Adventures series about alien insects invading London in 1909 a Doctor lite story mainly about Benny, featuring also Ace and Victoria Waterfield s elderly aunt Margaret.I realised a few pages into this that I had already heard an audio version one of the first Bernice Summerfield plays from Big Finish, which had had some surgery to remove the Doctor who isn t in it much anyway and Ace who I think is mainly replaced in the play by Benny s husband Jason , a [...]

    8. New Adventure NA with Benny and some Ace Worthwhile for a pleasant read, but the book s only noteworthy trait is the myriad ways John Smith influences things There were many places where I wondered how characters know what they know, and the changes of viewpoint within a scene could be rather trying The climax and its resolution essentially relies on magic, and magic is not involving and therefore not interesting the companions end up as bystanders for several chapters, for Pete s sake Because t [...]

    9. Frankly, two stars is generous, and I m only giving it those for the first bit of the book where Benny is alone in London tracking down a murder THAT would ve made a good story This story had so much potential but wasted it all I m always a fan of buggy aliens, but the Charrl have no character other than we are bugs and honor Benny and Ace do not carry the rest of the story well enough to be even slightly entertaining and the Doctor was painfully absent from the entire thing for no discernible r [...]

    10. This book basically explains what Bernice and Ace were up to while the Doctor was off fighting the Cybermen in Iceberg Bernice is stranded in victorian England with a broken Tardis and a mystery, while Ace is fighting giant bugs on an alien world.Nice to see the companions get the spotlight One of the few examples of the New Adventures line trying something different that actually works.

    11. I really loved this book The chapters are short so it s a relativly quick read Fans of the TV show will enjoy it because it is similar to the TV stories, Blink and The Deadly Assassin It s a good story and one where The Doctor is not the driving force for the plot Instead the companion characters, Ace and Professor Bernice Summerfield get a chance to shine and be the ones to solve the mystery in the plot of the novel.

    12. The first Doctor Lite novel Benny and Ace are left to piece together a puzzle in, respectively, Edwardian London and a far future planet after the TARDIS disintegrates and the Doctor disappears Benny and Ace take the lead and cooperate with each other towards a solution, without getting overly surly with each other for a change A very short, but amusing read.

    13. A solid read from the new adventures range if not the most remarkable The first real example of a modern style doctor lite story although Time s Crucible comes close with classic series freaky monsters Character work and interesting plot dynamics do leave something to be desired though.

    14. Doctor light Benny heavy Creepy bugs Victorian England Ace in a tight fitting combat suit If you can t find something to like in this, well, we re not going to get on well I ll probably revisit this when after I read Iceberg but I liked this Weird and fun and trippy Wheeeeee

    15. I get that these books were cranked out too quickly to avoid a few continuity errors from novel to novel But this one has a few within a single volume.Fortunately the story is fast paced and compelling enough for me too largely give it a pass.

    16. A great start, with a nice Benny solo that touches upon how the Doctor works with time travel on Earth and how he manipulates However, the back half of the book really lets down the first half, with its themes that have been very done in the NA and a near literal deus ex machina ending.

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