Shatter The Bones

Shatter The Bones

Stuart MacBride / Jun 01, 2020
Shatter The Bones From the author of Cold Granite and Dark Blood the new Logan McRae thriller takes a look at the terrors of reality television celebrityYou will raise money for the safe return of Alison and Jenny McG
  • Title: Shatter The Bones
  • Author: Stuart MacBride
  • ISBN: 9780007344215
  • Page: 297
  • Format: Hardcover
  • From the author of Cold Granite and Dark Blood, the new Logan McRae thriller takes a look at the terrors of reality television celebrityYou will raise money for the safe return of Alison and Jenny McGregor If you raise enough money within fourteen days they will be released If not, Jenny will be killed.Alison and Jenny McGregor Aberdeen s own mother daughter singing sensFrom the author of Cold Granite and Dark Blood, the new Logan McRae thriller takes a look at the terrors of reality television celebrityYou will raise money for the safe return of Alison and Jenny McGregor If you raise enough money within fourteen days they will be released If not, Jenny will be killed.Alison and Jenny McGregor Aberdeen s own mother daughter singing sensation are through to the semi finals of TV smash hit Britain s Next Big Star They re in all the gossip magazines, they ve got millions of YouTube hits, and everyone loves them But their reality TV dream has turned into a real life nightmare The ransom demand appears in all the papers, on the TV, and the internet, telling the nation to dig deep if they want to keep Alison and Jenny alive The media want action the public displays of grief and anger are reaching fever pitch Time is running out, but DS Logan McRae and his colleagues have nothing to go on the kidnappers haven t left a single piece of forensic evidence The investigation is going nowhere It looks as if the price of fame just got a lot higher.
    Shatter the Bones Shatter the Bones Logan McRae, Book Shatter the Bones is the seventh Logan McRae book and is in my opinion the best of the series so far MacBride has a wonderful talent in not just building up his main detective but in building up the entire station he works in McBride has managed to make Steel Logan s boss and several other members of the book be just as important and just as good a character as Logan and the books are the better for it. Shatter The Bones Logan McRae, by Stuart MacBride Shatter the bones is not as briskly paced as McBride s earlier works, neither are the sub plots as thrilling But the writing is A grade as usual He creates suspense, horror and intrigue almost effortlessly. Shatter The Bones Stuart MacBride Shatter The Bones Close to the Bone The Missing and the Dead Dead Little Bodies In the Cold Dark Ground The Blood Road All That s Dead The Oldcastle Novels Birthdays for the Dead A Song for the Dying A Dark So Deadly Standalones Halfhead Now We Are Dead Novellas Sawbones The % Hangover Short Stories Partners in Crime Shatter the Bones Logan McRae, Book Kindle edition Stuart McBride s Shatter the Bones is an excellent mystery thriller Set in the Scottish city of Aberdeen, it details the search for a mother daughter singing team who have been kidnapped I enjoyed the book very much, and particularly appreciated the author s clever Shatter the Bones on Apple Books Praise for Shatter the Bones It s gripping and gritty the tension builds layer on layer Express MacBride at his best Northern Echo Praise for Stuart MacBride MacBride is a damned fine writer no one does dark and gritty like him Peter James
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        Aka Stuart B MacBride The life and times of a bearded write ist.Stuart MacBride that s me was born in Dumbarton which is Glasgow as far as I m concerned moving up to Aberdeen at the tender age of two, when fashions were questionable Nothing much happened for years and years and years learned to play the recorder, then forgot how when they changed from little coloured dots to proper musical notes why the hell couldn t they have taught us the notes in the first bloody place I could have been performing my earth shattering rendition of Three Blind Mice at the Albert Hall by now appeared in some bizarre World War Two musical production did my best to avoid eating haggis and generally ran about the place a lot.Next up was an elongated spell in Westhill a small suburb seven miles west of Aberdeen where I embarked upon a mediocre academic career, hindered by a complete inability to spell and an attention span the length of a gnat s doodad.And so to UNIVERSITY, far too young, naive and stupid to be away from the family home, sharing a subterranean flat in one of the seedier bits of Edinburgh with a mad Irishman, and four other bizarre individuals The highlight of walking to the art school in the mornings yes we were students, but we still did mornings was trying not to tread in the fresh bloodstains outside our front door, and dodging the undercover CID officers trying to buy drugs Lovely place But university and I did not see eye to eye, so off I went to work offshore Like many all male environments, working offshore was the intellectual equivalent of Animal House, only without the clever bits Swearing, smoking, eating, swearing, pornography, swearing, drinking endless plastic cups of tea and did I mention the swearing But it was money than I d seen in my life There s something about being handed a wadge of cash as you clamber off the minibus from the heliport, having spent the last two weeks offshore and the last two hours in an orange, rubber romper suit body bag, then blowing most of it in the pubs and clubs of Aberdeen And being young enough to get away without a hangover.Then came a spell of working for myself as a graphic designer, which went the way of all flesh and into the heady world of studio management for a nation wide marketing company Then some freelance design work, a handful of voiceovers for local radio and video production companies and a bash at being an actor with a small a , giving it up when it became clear there was no way I was ever going to be good enough to earn a decent living It was about this time I fell into bad company a blonde from Fife who conned me into marrying her and started producing websites for a friend s fledgling Internet company From there it was a roller coaster ride in that it made a lot of people feel decidedly unwell from web designer to web manager, lead programmer, team lead and other assorted technical bollocks with three different companies, eventually ending up as a project manager for a global IT company.But there was always the writing well, that s not true, the writing only started two chapters above this one I fell victim to that most dreadful of things peer pressure Two friends were writing novels and I thought, why not I could do that Took a few years though


    1. Another entertaining outing with Logan McRae and the Aberdeen police force I really enjoy the way Stuart MacBride writes These books are all action packed, full of blood and gore and yet frequently really funny Logan and Steel always get the best lines Steel is the most amazing character A lot is going on with Logan in this book He thinks he is going to get fired and is promoted instead He seems to be settling down with Samantha but events get in the way And then he feels that he has had enough [...]

    2. I remember enjoying this than the previous novel but also thinking to myself 2 things One Logan really should be expired as the ideas are getting too similar and predictable And two, I dont understand but I feel comfortable when reading these I found the conclusion of this to be so so The dialogue becomes the attraction but even that is becoming a little repetitive.

    3. Here s the thing You hoard a book because it s a favourite series, and there s no sign of the next one yet But then there are noises about the next one, but that s not out for ages, but you can t wait any longer so you read the one you ve had tucked away Then you ve not got that little thing of joy hidden away in the bookcases any So now you re stuck in that horrible no man s land, because the next book s not out for ages, and you ve given into temptation It s a nightmare.Mind you, that s about [...]

    4. Not really sure I liked this one, but the end was fast and furious with retribution doled out to the bad guys.The first half of the book was very slow, and the Aberdeen police looked like the Keystone Kops, running around trying to find clues to the missing singing sensation and her daughter It got worse when a higher up gets involved About halfway through, though, things got better and started falling into place, and lots of bad guys get their comeuppance, all through the work of DS Logan McRa [...]

    5. Whilst I enjoyed book six, Dark Blood, I wasn t overly crazy about it I m not quite sure what my issue was, but I didn t quite enjoy it as much as I d enjoyed the prior books Fortunately, Shatter The Bones is back to the wonderful standard of the other Logan McRae novels Not that the standard had dropped by much in Dark Blood, but I certainly enjoyed Shatter The Bones a lot .Things start off with a real bang, pulling us into the action instantly In fact, we re pulled into the action before we re [...]

    6. So much fun to read, the pages just fly by Do wish McBride would give poor Logan a bit of a break though Still, great story, good twist at the end with plenty of funny interludes, especially from Steel, who I ve grown to like and over the series Looking forward to the next installment already.

    7. I love how MacBride is constantly raising the stakes for his main character DS Logan McRae.The case this time is truly insane a mother daughter duo who are leading a televised American Idol style reality show are kidnaped and the public is being extorted for the ransom To goose the pot the kidnapers are releasing videos and bits and pieces I.e toes of their hostages every few days.Meanwhile Logan is making VERY bad decisions as he works on other cases that eventually ends up producing life chang [...]

    8. I had a really rough time getting into this book Really rough As in, if I hadn t been reading this as one half of a joint review, I probably would have stopped at the 15% mark But I soldiered on Or something My issues were twofold Or maybe three Let s seePart 1 I had a really hard time believing that a police force could be THAT incompetent I mean HOLY SMOKES Between the genuinely stupid mistakes some of the police dudes made err I can t remember where all the DIs and DSs get applied, so I m jus [...]

    9. Another in the Logan McRae series, including a temporary promotion to DI with a drugs raid the secondary story behind a kidnapping of a reality TV star and her daughter The Aberdonian banter is as vivid as ever and although the narrative sags a little bit around the halfway mark, this is another strong police procedural

    10. The Logan McRae books are a series which someone should make into a TV series, there must be talks ongoing already, if not it s criminal.

    11. Seventh in the series I thoroughly enjoyed it, with all the misgivings and delights offered by the previous 6.As ever with series, I would strongly recommend reading them in order By the time you get to Number 7, you shouldn t need a review from me to make up your mind whether or not to go for it This acts as a commentary on the false instant fame afforded by TV talent shows, where the talent is less important than the sobby back story.

    12. Poor Logan He gets beat up on such a regular basis, I m surprised he can still move He does give as good as he gets most of the time, but still On the next after a cuppa and a Tunnock s tea cake.

    13. I could not wait for this to come out and although it is available in hardback, I prefer to wait for the paperback So, I was delighted to see it sitting on the shelf of my local library this week I love Stuart McBride books, and in particular, the Logan McRae series Once again, he has produced the goods Logan is involved in a kidnapping case, a mother and daughter, who are rising stars in a talent show, similar to Britain s Got Talent, and are on course to win the show, when they are kidnapped T [...]

    14. Book 7 of the Logan McRae series and the author is back to his best How do you solve a crime when there doesn t seem to be any evidence The main plot line revolve around Aberdeen s mother and daughter singing sensations Alison and Jenny McGregor They have made it through to the final stages of the reality TV show Britiain s Next Big Star, but before the finals they get kidnapped Video demands come in stating that unless a substantial sum is raised they will both be killed, to prove that they mea [...]

    15. Another offering from my Mother in Law, and whilst the characters, in particular DI Steel, sparkle and have some dimension to them, the story here was a little flat.A potentially nice satire on the prevalence of reality tv and frankly piss poor talent shows, limps into a manhunt tale, which tries to twist and turn, but ultimately plods unrelentlingly onwards.I ve enjoyed previous DC Logan McRae stories, but this was fairly insipid The trademark humour is there, but without a real plot this doesn [...]

    16. One of the better entries in the Logan Macrae series so far Very enjoyable, but I have to wonder how much torment the author can put his hero through Soon people will avoid being his friend like they avoid getting too close to Angela Landsbury Anyway, thoroughly entertaining, riveting and full of suspense.I started reading this series due to the setting, Aberdeen, as I was curious to see the streets I walk each day through the eyes of a crime writer I was not disappointed.While much of what I h [...]

    17. This is another one of those series that I savour and only allow myself to read a book now and then as a treat so that I don t suddenly find myself at the end, craving another book.MacBride writes edgy, cutting books The dialogue is witty and smoothiceless humour often to be found amidst a lot of violence and brutality Every installment in this series seems to get better and better.In this book, DS Logan McRae and the rest of the team fight against time to keep Alison and her daughter Jenny aliv [...]

    18. This got such rave reviews that I was looking forward to reading it, but it just never really got going for me The plot was great, and the scenes were as gritty as the blurb described, but I never got any sense of tension or urgency Can there be too much talking in a novel There were so many conversations between the characters, that I thought description and atmosphere was lacking I did finish this book, and I would say that I enjoyed it, but I m not tempted to read another of this author s nov [...]

    19. This is the 7th Logan McRae book I ve read I m reading the whole series in a row I thought this one was very confusing The plot, really murky at times There were sooo many characters and suspects that in the end I felt like I was confused on who did what to whom I also miss, the regular characters of Logan s former lover, the coroner her newspaper significant other Hopefully, the next one in the series will be better It was nice that Logan finally made Inspector though He really deserved it a st [...]

    20. Shatter the bones is not as briskly paced as McBride s earlier works, neither are the sub plots as thrilling But the writing is A grade as usual He creates suspense, horror and intrigue almost effortlessly My only gripe is that the plot was not meaty enough The story lags in between before it picks up again.This book is emotionally heavier failure, guilt, rage are all very extensively and very successfully explored The end is satisfying, even if slightly predictable.

    21. Awful Really, really boring It took me almost 3 weeks to finish This book just draaaaags along If I weren t the type of person to always finish what I start, I would have put this book down after the second chapter I didn t enjoy the Scottish dialect, and the main character is exceptionally bland I know this book is part of a series, but I m definitely not going to bother reading the rest of them.

    22. Yet another Logan adventure where nothing seems to go right.Violence, laughter, murder, love all mixed into one story.Alison and her daughter are deemed to be the next big reality series winners, only they go missing, kidnapped for a ransom.Will they be found before they are murdered Will the Police find the kidnappers before it is too late or will they make ma mess of the investigation yet again

    23. MacBride just keeps getting better and better Although I managed to work out part of it I pride myself on usually being able to do this I m very observant , it still managed to surprise me, which is exactly what I want from crime thrillers This latest installment taps into the reality TV talent show phenomenon and is really quite gruesome in parts, but never gratuitously so Love it

    24. A very troubled Logan McRae at the end of his tether made for an exciting story, we also see a slightly softer side to the wrinkly Inspector Steel

    25. a bit of a disappointment Kept on reading to find out who did it , but in the end neither the characters nor the plot could keep my interest.

    26. no suspects no clues no rest for the wicked aberdeen s new singing sensation, alison and jenny, have been kidnapped and they give 14 days to raise money for their safe return or they will be killed but logan and his colleagues have been given nothing to go on as the demands rise they must try and get to the bottom of this puzzle before it is too late, but they r continually thwarted in their efforts by a soca agent who is determined to undermine them and do it to his own agenda great mix match o [...]

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